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Deleting your family tree


You can remove your entire family tree, leaving only your registration details, by contacting us using our contact us form.

Your request to completely delete your tree will be placed in a queue and deleted shortly afterwards. The deletion of your tree is not instant.

If you have made a mistake and you just want to remove a name(s) from your tree you simply need to click on "delete" which you'll see just above the relation's details when your tree is open. You can only delete a name from your tree if it is at the top or the bottom or has no other branches attached to it. For example, you can remove or delete the child of a relation. However, if you have added the wrong father, you would need to remove any children first before deleting him. You will see a message saying you cannot delete a relation if other names are attached to that person. You will need to look at your tree and either remove names from the bottom upwards or from the top down depending on where the relation is that you wish to remove.

If you just need to correct something, click on the name of the relation in your tree. You can then correct the mistake and save the changes.

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