My War Memories

by Arthur Bensley

It is a fact that true knowledge is only learnt by experience.

I was ten years old during the summer of 1940 & living in a village on the Dorset Coast, close to Weymouth I witnessed most of the air combat, fought above our heads during the Battle of Britain, including German Stuka's dive bombing Portland Harbour.

On one day alone, the air raid sirens were sounding every few minutes from dawn to dusk & beyond.

Our school was closed right through that summer, as we had no access to air raid shelters. As an observant boy I witnessed many dog fights in the clear blue skies above the coast of Dorset, which I have never forgotten.

Since my retirement I have contributed to web sites & local papers in the U.K. As I realise that before we are gone, we should put down on paper small cameos which if not, will be lost forever. With this in mind, I have written over two hundred poems covering all aspects of life, as I have experienced it..

Transcription of below picture of a poem which reflects true Anzac Spirit

I have written a small poem, which makes it very clear how I am sure all Australians feel. I was born in 1929 and I can assure you true knowledge is only gained from experience.

Anzac Day

How wonderful it was on V.E. night
The joyful faces, what a sight!
We stood and watched them, every one
For these, a new world had begun.
Just a few of the many passed recall
For we had fallen in the fight
To justify, to make things right.
We wondered if across the years, could memories,
Like morning mist, which slowly disappears,
Would leave us forgotten in the vale of tears.
Decades now have passed away, but I am very pleased to say
Australia always remembers us, on this, our Anzac Day.