Edwin Charles Brinkworth

by Pam and Morris Larkins

I did not know my Grandfather Edwin Charles Brinkworth.

My grandfather Edwin Charles Brinkworth came to Australia from Glouster England back in the 1800s, worked on the railways in South Australia in James Town, where he met my grandmother Elizabeth, (Lily) and had a family, my mother (Nell) being the eldest. I don't know the exact date he left South Australia, but he went to Guildford Western Australia where he enlisted.

He went to France via South Hampton, on his Enlistment Document it is noted his left thumb was missing.

He became ill several times whilst in France, but always returned to the front. I don't know if this was from being gassed or not.

He was discharged from Service on the 5th February 1919

This is what I found out when looking for him on the Wall of Remberance in Canberra War Memorial where I placed a poppy.

I am very proud of my Grandfather, whilst I never met him, I thank him for his help in keeping our Country safe, as well as all our people who protected our shores.

I wear his medals with the gratitude, as he passed away nine months before I was born.