Albert Rance Serial No. 6807

by Len Rance

My Great Uncle Albert Rance Serial No. 6807 was in the First world war.

Albert Rance was born in Western Australia in January 1893 and lived with his parents James and Ellen Mary Rance in Mt. Lawley later he worked as a roof plumber with hs oldest Brother Henry before volunteering for the military He joined the Western Australian Division of 11th Battalion which departed from Fremantle on the SS Argyleshire in March 1916 originally bound for Gallipoli but the ship was diverted to England where they joined the 22nd Squadron and proceeded to France. 22 Squadron took part in the last action fought by the A.I.F. on the Western Front in the battle of Monbrehain in 1918.

Sadly Albert Rance 6807 was killed in action on the 3/6/1918 at Mont De Merris France. In May 2012 I was privileged to travel to Villers Brittoneux to find his name on the memorial wall.