Watch videos on the wars

Watch these enthralling videos that occurred across the world, including War World One, World War Two, Vietnam War and the Korean War. It is certainly an eye opening experience to consider what these brave people endured. Some of this rare footage will really make you think about the sacrifices made by the many men and women involved in wars.

Please note that the opinions contained within these videos are not necessarily our own. We are simply sharing them with you for your information.

World War One

This presentation of WW1 film, together with voices of WW1 veterans, was produced by the Australian War Memorial's film and sound curators. The footage and original oral history recordings are part of the rich film and sound collections of the Australian War Memorial.
Australian troops and artillery have now moved up near Pozières, in the Battle of the Somme, which began three weeks earlier on 1 July 1916. The men occupy old German trenches, enjoying the sunshine and waving at the camera as they await orders to move. They house some of their horses in old shell holes made by British guns. British Field Artillery moves up behind horse teams. British 8-inch howitzers are now pounding Pozières. The shells land on a devastated horizon, where the village once stood. The need for shells is constant: troops from the West Indies work feverishly to meet the demand.
This iconic film is about 48 minutes long. What you see here is a selection of footage providing an idea of what war was like for Australians in the final year of the First World War, 90 years ago. The film was shot by Herbert Baldwin and George Wilkins.
A montage of old ANZAC photos reflecting the ANZAC spirit. Narration by Greg Williams.

World War Two

Part 1 of 2 - Published by History Feed this video discusses World War II. Only 20 years after the Great War, the War to End All Wars, the nations of Europe once more faced each other across the battlefield. This time technology had emerged and it was to be a Total War - as never seen before - on a truly global scale.
Part 2 of 2 - Published by History Feed this video discusses World War II. It looks at the Blitzkrieg tactics of the Nazis, the area bombing strategy of the Allies, and the territorial aspirations of an industrialized Japan and how that led to WWII being a Total Total War - as never seen before - on a truly global scale.
This is an extract from 'Australia Is Like This', an Australian propaganda film, produced circa 1944. It uses the narrative of an American soldier writing a letter home, to illustrate the Australian way of life for American audiences. The film is from the National Collection of the Australian War Memorial.
This video published by 'Battle for Australia' looks at the Darwin bombing that occurred in 1942.

Vietnam War

This video was published by the National Geographic. Battles like the bloody one at Ia Drang in Vietnam would spell out the story of the Vietnam War. A veteran soldier reflects.
Published by History Feed this video discusses how the US went to war in Vietnam. Before Johnson's escalation, Kennedy's military commitment, and Eisenhower's financial support, the US took its first tentative steps toward a conflict that would turn into a quagmire.

Korean War

Published by History Feed this video looks at how the Korean War was a war of firsts. The first jet war; first war where it wasn't possible to unleash full power, politically or militarily; and the first battlefield of the Cold War.
This video is published by History Feed and discusses how America's first Cold War conflict began boldly but ended in an unsatisfying stalemate that cost 54,000 US lives over three long years.

Redgum - I was only 19

Redgum - I was only 19.

This infamous song written and recorded by Australian band Redgum was released in 1983. All royalties for the song go to the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia. Lead vocalist from the group, John Schumann wrote the song based on experiences from veterans of the Vietnam War and depicts a typical Australian infantry soldier's experience in the Vietnam War, from training in Australia to first hand exposure to military operations and combat, and ultimately his return home.

This entrancing song helps us connect with the disillusionment that these poor soldiers experienced upon their return home. This song is a great expression of the hardship and sorrow that many people felt during and after enduring such a turbulent time at war.