New Search Features

Search individual record sets

You can now search individual record sets, or your chosen combination of records in one go.
All our record categories can be accessed from the Search records tab in the menu bar at the top of every page of the website.

The search page for each category now contains search fields tailored to that specific record type.
For example, when you’re searching within Life Events you can search by mother’s maiden name, and spouse name. Likewise in military records you can filter down by soldier number, and if you’re searching in the census you can narrow your search down by occupation.

Key features

  • You can either filter by country, or include all World records in your search.
  • Filter by country, record collection and then record set to see exactly where your results are coming from.
  • You can run a single search across all these record sets, and see a single result list. This can be very useful if you’re not sure where to start, or are struggling to find someone in a specific record set.

Browse record set

You can also browse record set and choose to search in just one record set or several together.
If you're ready to narrow your search down, the filters allow you to provide more specific search criteria, such as spouse details, and more specific location information.

Search field browsing

Another important new feature is search field browsing, allowing you to see what values are available to search.

  • For every search field that has a Browse link next to it, you can browse all the possible values for this field.
  • It will also suggest values for you as you start to type.