New Tree Features

You can now upload profile pictures for each ancestor in your tree, view timelines, add detailed source material and import GEDCOM compatible family tree files that have been created elsewhere.

Upload profile pictures

  • You can add any number of facts and events to an ancestor profile.
  • Where more than one fact type exists (such as Residence), you can choose which one to define as 'preferred'.

Fact types

There are three groups of fact types which you can include for each person on your family tree.

  • The first group will appear in the timeline, and cannot be switched off. These are: Birth fact, including child birth facts, Death fact, Marriage fact and Census fact.
  • The second group will appear by default in the timeline if they have a date, but these can be switched off. These are: Baptism fact, Military service fact, Occupation fact and Divorce fact.
  • All the other fact types, including custom facts, will not appear by default in the timeline, resulting in a more manageable timeline for the person.

If you want to include other fact types in the timeline as a default for all people, we have introduced a new list style page called "fact types" in your tree. It can be found on the Tree pages menu in the top right hand corner.

  • Next to the name of the tree is a counter. This shows how many of the particular fact types there are, based on the filter.
  • You can use the search box beneath the tree name to look for a fact type, or narrow the displayed facts to ones which include in their description what you’ve typed. You can also opt to select more items on the page.
  • All columns are sortable in ascending and descending order. Click once to sort a column, then click again to reverse the sort order.