Kelly's Handbook Glossary

Kelly’s Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes 1901 includes key events in the lives of the featured individuals, as well as basic genealogical details. The entries are arranged alphabetically by surname and then by forename, and give a fascinating snapshot of each person’s life as at 1901; notably a census year.

For reasons of space, the entries use many abbreviations. Some (such as b for born) are self-explanatory but others are less obvious for the modern reader. Here are the abbreviations used in the 1901 Directory, taken from the opening pages of the book:

A.A.G.Assistant Adjutant Generalhon.Honourable
A.A. and Q.M.G.Assistant Adjutant and Quarter-Master-Generalh.p.half pay
A.B.A.A.Associate of the British Archaeological Association(H.R.)Home Ruler
abpArchbishopH.R.H.His or Her Royal Highness
A.B. or B.A.Bachelor of ArtsI.C.S.Indian Civil Service
adjAdjutantI.S.C.Indian Staff Corps
adj.-genAdjutant-General I.S.O.Imperial Service Order
A.F.Admiral of the Fleetinsp.-gen.of hosp.Inspector-general of the hospitals
A.G.Attorney GeneralIr.Irish
A.INST.C.E.Associate of the Institution of Civil EngineersIrel.Ireland
aldmn.AldermanJ.P.Justice of the Peace for the county of.
A.M. or M.A. Master of ArtsK.C.King’s Counsel
A.Q.M.G.Assistant-Quarter-Master-GeneralK.C.B.Knight Commander of the Bath
A.R.A.Associate of the Royal Academy of the ArtsK.C.H.Knight Commander of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order
A.R.A.M.Associate of Royal Academy of MusicK.C.M.G.Knight Commander of St. Michael and St. George
A.S.CORPSArmy Service CorpsK.C.S.I.Knight Commander of the Star of India
asst.-com-miss.-gen.Assistant-Commissary-GeneralK.C.T.S.Knight Commander of the Toweer and Sword
B.A. Bachelor of ArtsK.C.V.O.Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
B.C.L. or L.L.B.Bachelor of Civil LawK.G.Knight of the Order of the Garter
B.C.S.Bengal Civil ServiceK.H.Knight of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order
Bo.C.S.Bombay Civil ServiceK.P.Knight of the Order of St. Patrick
B.D.Bachelor of Divinityknt.leg.hon.Knight of the Legion of Honor
B.M. or M.B.Bachelor of MedicineK.T.Knight of the Order of the Thistle
B.S.Bachelor of SurgeryK.T.S.Knight of the Tower and Sword
B.S.C.Bengal Staff Corpslieut. Or lt.Lieutenant
Bo.S.C.Bombay Staff Corpslt.-col.Lieutenant-Colonel
B.SCBachelor of Science(L.)Liberal
b.BornL.C.J.Lord Chief Justice Fellow Imperial Institute
bpBishopL.L.D.Doctor of the Laws
(c.)ConsesrvativeL.L.M.Master of Laws
C.A.County AldermanL.R.C.P.Lon.Licentiate of Royal College of Physicians, London
Cath.Catholic(L.U.)Liberal Unionist
chm.ChairmanM.A.Master of Arts
comm.CommanderM.B.Bachelor of Medicine
C.B.Companion of the BathM.C.S.Madras Civil Service
C.C.County CouncillorM.D.Doctor of Medicine
C.C.S.Ceylon Civil ServiceM.Inst.C.E.Member of Institute of Civil Engineers
C.I.Order of the Crown of IndiaM.P.Member of Parliament
C.I.E.Companion of the Order of the Indian EmpireM.R.A.S.Member of Royal Asiatic Society
C.J.Chief JusticeM.R.C.P.Member of Royal College of Physicians
C.M.G.Companion of St. Michael and St. GeorgeM.R.C.S.Member of Royal College of Surgeons
C.S.I.Companion of the Order of the Star of IndiaM.R.S.P.W.C.Member of Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours
comm.-genCommissary-GeneralM.S.C.Madras Staff Coprs.
C.V.O.Commanders of the Royal Victorian Ordermmarried
dep.-adv.-gen.Deputy-Advocate-Generalmil.sec.Military secretary
D.A.A.G.Deputy-assistant-Commissary-GeneralM.R.Master of the Rolls
D.A.Q.M.G.Deputy-Assistant-Quarter-Master-GeneralM.R.C.P.Lon.Member of the Royal College of Physicians, London
D.L.Deputy-Lieutenant for the County of.M.R.I.Member of Royal Institute
dow.DowagerM.R.I.A.Member of Royal Irish Academy
D.C.L.Doctor of Civil LawM.R.I.P.W.C.Member of Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours
D.D.Doctor of DivinityM.S.Master of Surgery
D.ScDoctor of ScienceMus.B.Bachelor of Music
D.C.O.Companion of the Distinguished Service OrderMus.D.Doctor of Music
Eng.EnglistM.V.O.Member Royal Victorian Order
F.C.S.Fellow of the Chemical SocietyN.I.Native Infantry
F.G.H.S.Fellow of the Genealogical and Historical SocietyO.M.Order of Merit
F.G.S.Fellow of the Geological Societypreb.prebendary
F.I.Inst.Fellow of the Imperial Institutepres.president
F.L.S.Fellow of the Linnean SocietyP.C.Privy Councillor
F.M. Field MarshallP.R.S.President of Royal Society
F.P.S.Fellow of Philosophical Society of Great BritainQ.C.Queen’s Councsel
F.R.A.S.Fellow of Royal Astronomical SocietyQ.M.G.Quartermaster-General
F.R.B.S.Fellow of the Royal Botanic SocietyQ.V.Quod vide (which see)
F.R.C.I.Fellow of the Royal College of Organists(R.)Radical
F.R.C.P.Fellow of the Royal College of PhysiciansR.A.Royal Artillery
F.R,C,S,Fellow of the Royal College of SurgeonsR.A.Royal Academician
F.R.G.S.Fellow of the Royal Geographical SocietyR.A.M.C.Royal Army Medical Corps
F.R.Hist.S.Fellow of Royal Historical SocietyR.C.Roman Catholic
F.R.Hort.S.Fellow of the Royal Horticultural SocietyR.D.Rural Dean
F.R.Inst.B.A.Fellow of the Royal Institute of British ArchitectsR.E.Royal Engineers
F.R.Met.S.Fellow of the Royal Meteorological SocietyR.F.A.Royal Field Artillery
F.R.M.S.Fellow of Royal Microscopical Soceityrec.Recorder
F.R.S.Fellow of the Royal Societyrect.Rector
F.R.S.A.IrelFellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of IrelandR.G.A.Royal Garrison Artillery
F.R.S.E.Fellow of the Royal Society of EdinburghR.H.A.Royal Horse Artillery
F.R.S.L.Fellow of the Royal Society of LiteratureR.I.M.Royal Indian Marine
F.S.A.Fellow of the Society of AntiquariesR.M.Royal Marines
F.S.S.Fellow of the Statistical SocietyR.M.A.Royal Marine Artillery
F.S.SC.A.Fellow of the Society of Science and Art, of LondonR.M.S.Royal Meteorological Society
F.Z.S.Fellow of Zoological SocietyR.N. Royal Navy
G.C.B.Knight Grand Cross of the BathR.N.R.Royal Naval Reserve
G.C.H.Knight Grand Cross of the Hanoverian Guelphic Orderr.f.p.retired on full pay
G.C.I.E.Knight Grand Commander of the Indian EmpireS.Socialist
G.C.S.I.Grand Master of the Star of IndiaSCO.Scotch
Gt.B.Great BritainU.K.United Kingdom
H.A.C.Honourable Artillery CompanyU.S. liston the unemployed supernumerary list
H.E.His Excellencyvisc.Viscount
H.E.I.C.S.Honourable East India company’s Servicevol.volunteers
H.M.I.N.His Majesty’s Indian NavyV.C.Victoria Cross
heripres.Heir presumptiveV.D.Volunteer Officers’ Decoration
(hon.)Honourable by the right of officeV.P.Vice-President