Prerogative & Exchequer Courts of York Probate Index – Abbreviations

The table below includes abbreviations which may appear in the original, manuscript indexes or in the present computerised, online index.

Abbreviation in original indexesMeaningAbbreviation in online index
“T” “W” [rare]Testament (will)Will
“T & C”Testament plus one or more CodicilsWill
“T & Cod”  
“T & Codl”  
“T & Cods”  
“T & 2 Cs”  
“T & 2 Cods”  
“T & 3 Cods” etc  
“A”, “Ad” or “Admon”AdministrationAdmon
“A cu T”Administration with will attached (granted when a legal defect rendered the will invalid)Admon & will
“A c T.”  
“A de bon non ad”Administration of goods not administered under a previous grant of administrationAdmon 2
“A.d.b.n.c.T”As previous but with will attachedAdmon 2 & will
“A d.b.n.cum Test”  
“A d b n cum Test & Codicil” [image 2882]  
“Tuo” or “Tuon”Tuition agreement; granted when the children of the deceased are under 21Tuition
“Curon”Curation; granted when the children of the deceased are under 21Curation
“2nd Probate” 2nd probate
“Prog” or “Prerog”probate granted in Prerogative CourtP
“Ren” or “Renunc”Renunciation: A document from one or more of the executors, or prospective administrators, renouncing their executorship or right to administer. 
rptrespited (delay allowed before the production of an inventory or statement of estate) 
inf[ra] .. libelow £ .. (refers only to personal estate) 
ul[tra] .. liabove £ .. (refers only to personal estate)