almain-rivetsa kind of light armour
ambrya cupboard
andironfire-dogs used to support burning wood in a grate
beadrolllist of persons to be prayed for
bombrachnot in Oxford English Dictionary; some sort of armour [eg SW/5A_137]
bongracebroad-brimmed hat
branchesprobably branched candelabra for holding the tapers burnt before an altar or image
broacha spit
brochedwork with raised figures or designs
buckrama word used for two quite different cloths, one a fine linen or cotton, another, its more modern meaning, a much coarser cloth stiffened with gum, normally here probably the former
budgekind of lamb's skin fur, with the wool dressed outwards
butteretnot in OED; presumably a blacksmith's tool of some kind
calabersquirrel fur
celurea canopy covering bed or altar
chafingdish (or pot) vessel used to hold burning charcoal
chambletform of camlet, a material originally a costly eastern fabric, by the sixteenth century a light stuff usually made from goat's hair
cherchesse or churchuenot in OED; possibly a sort of ecclesiastical due levied in corn
closean enclosed piece of land, as opposed to a medieval strip of land
cobironiron on which spit turned
cock boatsmall ship's boat, very light craft
coney (or cony)rabbit
corporascloth on which the consecrated elements placed during mass
corsea silk ribbon round a girdle
diaperlinen fabric
dickerten hides [of leather]
doubletclose-fitting body garment with or without sleeves
dumbelingnot in OED; used to describe a horse
ella measure of 45 inches
fitches or fitchetfitchew, fur of the polecat
fosser, focer or forcera coffer or chest
friezecovered with nap
fusterermaker of pack-saddles
fustiancoarse cloth
gaberdinea smock frock
garbrassnot in OED; may = guard brass
garledspotted or speckled
ghostly fatherparish priest
grig wellbasket-work trap for catching grigs [eels]
hawkedspotted or streaked
helingclothing or covering
house of officelavatory
kammespossibly combs [SW/1_6]
kembinga brewing vessel
kercher or kerchiefcloth used to cover woman's head
kirtlea gown for men or women according to OED, but here used solely for women
kivera shallow wooden tub
lavera basin to wash in
mark13s 4d
maserbowl or drinking-cup
melllast sheaf of wheat, etc.
messuagethe plot of land on which a house was built, the house being the tenement
mindreminder service of death, thus month's mind and year's mind
mother churchthe cathedral of the diocese in question, in this case Winchester Cathedral also known as St Swithin Winchester
murreydark red
noblea coin for which two different values are possible; a George noble being worth 6s 8d and a Henry noble 10s
nuncupativeoral as opposed to written will
nutte or nuta cup formed from or in the likeness of a coconut shell mounted on metal
obita commemoration of the dead
palm(310) tool used by sailmakers instead of thimble; OED gives first use as 1769-76, and the occupation of this testator is leatherseller, so this identification may be incorrect
partleta ruff or band worn round the neck
polrongsnot in OED, possibly armour for head
portallportable partition between rooms
posneta small metal pot for boiling, with a handle and three feet
pottingervessel for holding liquid food
pottlea measure of two quarts
quiltornan instrument for turning a weaver's quills [eg SW/1_6]
railsometimes used for woman's gown, sometimes for neckcloth, the latter when the phrase double rail is used
rayeas of gown in 208 possibly descriptive of pattern
roodcross, thus rood light, rood screen, etc.
sarcenett or sarseneta very fine and soft silk material
shanksfur from the legs of animals
shootea young pig
stammelcoarse woollen cloth
St Swithinsee mother church
swagea joiner's gauge
tallagean early tax
tega yearling sheep
tenementa house
tippeta word which has several conflicting meanings; it can be a scarf or a cape
todd28 pounds of wool
trentala set of thirty requiem masses
tresta three-legged stool
trevell(241) not in OED, presumably a tool used by blacksmiths
trussing beda portable, packed bed suitable for travelling
twibillkind of axe used for making mortices
unwateredwater was sprinkled on some fabrics to create a lustrous finish
weaner or weanlingcalf or sheep weaned in current year
wethermale sheep, especially castrated ram