Find out if your British ancestors were baptised, married or buried in the county of Surrey.

A full list of parishes/places covered by the records and the dates the records are available for is given below. The date ranges are those derived from the earliest and latest records and do not necessarily reflect a complete run of years.




Surrey Baptisms

PlaceYear fromYear toRecord countNew
Abinger, St James155919084,552 
Addington St Mary18521876349 
Addington, Chelsham & Warlingham156018532,534 
Addington, St Mary155819123,047 
Addiscombe, St Mary Magdalene187819121,362 
Addlestone, St Paul183819127,552 
Albury, SS Peter & Paul155918814,658 
Alford, St Nicholas165819123,328 
Ash Vale, St Mary18851912754 
Ash, St Peter154819127,785 
Ashtead St Giles18411876697 
Ashtead, St George19061912147 
Ashtead, St Giles166219124,507 
Badshot Lea, St George19031912243 
Bagshot, St Anne183719122,535 
Balham St Mary18551876816 
Banstead, All Saints156019127,056 
Barnes, Holy Trinity187619121,337 
Barnes, St Mary1538191214,001 
Barnes, St Michael189419121,849 
Battersea Bridge Independent1866187698 
Battersea Bridge Wesleyan18461877173 
Battersea Christ Church186118762,159 
Battersea St George106918773,870 
Battersea St John186318761,207 
Battersea St Luke1874187624 
Battersea St Mark18681875596 
Battersea St Mary1559180211,640 
Battersea St Paul18691876263 
Battersea St Peter18741876200 
Battersea St Philip186918761,048 
Battersea St Saviour18681876835 
Beddington & Morden156118122,456 
Benhilton All Saints18651876505 
Bermondsey Christchurch1845187610,503 
Bermondsey St James184918764,622 
Bermondsey St Mary Magdalen1610179246,243 
Bermondsey    1861    1876    4979New
Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalene154816093,212 
Betchworth, St Michael155818856,041 
Bisley, St John the Baptist156119122,618 
Bletchingley St Mary1689168915 
Bletchingley, St Mary1535191210,519 
Blindley Heath, St John184219121,572 
Botleys and Lyne, Holy Trinity18491912871 
Bourne St Thomas on the Bourne1874187635 
Bramley, Holy Trinity156319126,415 
Brixton St John the Evangelist185318762,299 
Brixton St Jude18681876573 
Brixton St Matthew184618754,795 
Brockham Green, Christ Church184819121,594 
Buckland, St Mary156018902,144 
Burgh Heath, St Mary1909191274 
Burpham St Mary18591876152 
Burpham, St Luke18591912523 
Burstow, St Bartholomew154719125,563 
Busbridge St John the Baptist18651876201 
Busbridge, St John186519121,147 
Byfleet, St Mary169819124,136 
Camberley Royal Military College18131876554 
Camberley, St George19021912451 
Camberley, St Michael, York Town185119123,522 
Camberley, St Paul19031912149 
Camberwell Christchurch183818784,781 
Camberwell Emmanuel184318924,072 
Camberwell Hamilton Presbyterian18671881156 
Camberwell St George1826187510,854 
Camberwell St Giles1558180211,143 
Camberwell St John the Evangelist184818751,065 
Camberwell St Luke187418744 
Camberwell, St Giles185318768,929 
Capel, St John165318883,729 
Caterham Independent18661880112 
Caterham St John18721876106 
Caterham, St Mary154319124,409 
Chaldon St Peter and St Paul18411877186 
Chaldon, SS Peter & Paul156419121,217 
Charlwood, St Nicholas159518866,031 
Cheam St Dunstan153818763,544 
Chelsham, St Leonard168019121,575 
Chertsey, All Saints19011912470 
Chertsey, St Peter1621191220,932 
Chessington, St Mary165619122,217 
Chiddingfold St Mary1573191213,049 
Chipstead & Titsey157918122,198 
Chipstead, St Margaret165619123,145 
Chobham St Lawrence1587158719 
Chobham Valley End St Saviour18671876120 
Chobham West End Holy Trinity18421881798 
Chobham, St Lawrence165419129,843 
Churt, St John18681912735 
Clapham All Saints185918761,130 
Clapham Christ Church186218762,136 
Clapham Holy Trinity18741875525 
Clapham St James185318761,239 
Clapham St John184318761,880 
Clapham St Paul18611876552 
Clapham St Stephen1868187756 
Claygate, Holy Trinity184119121,445 
Cobham Independent1854191588 
Cobham, St Andrew1562191210,538 
Coldharbour, Christ Church18481912673 
Compton, St Nicholas163919122,540 
Coulsdon St John the Evangelist18571876471 
Coulsdon, St Andrew19061912308 
Coulsdon, St John165319124,514 
Coulson & Haslemere159418784,180 
Cranleigh, St Nicholas1566191211,493 
Crowhurst, St George156718901,826 
Croydon (Woodside), St Luke187219122,754 
Croydon Common, St James1829191211,102 
Croydon North End Methodist1824183860 
Croydon St John the Baptist176517995,369 
Croydon, Holy Saviour1864191210,422 
Croydon, St Andrew185719123,390 
Croydon, St John1538191260,950 
Croydon, St Martin19021912596 
Croydon, St Matthew186619121,910 
Croydon, St Michael187119123,786 
Croydon, St Peter185119124,985 
Cuddington, St Mary1884191277 
Dockenfield, Church of the Good Shepherd1910191219 
Dorking, St Martin1538191225,697 
Dorking, St Paul185819122,276 
Dormansland, St John18821912854 
Dulwich St Peter18691875137 
Dulwich St Stephen18691897800 
Dunsfold, St Mary & All Saints162819124,083 
East Clandon, St Thomas of Canterbury155919092,123 
East Horsley, St Martin166619121,678 
East Molesey Methodist1861187726 
East Molesey, St Mary166819125,404 
East Molesey, St Paul185619122,293 
East Sheen, Christ Church186419121,708 
Effingham, St Lawrence156519124,357 
Egham, St John1560191218,254 
Elstead, St James153819123,946 
Englefield Green, St Jude186619122,600 
Epsom Independent1839184644 
Epsom St Martin185118762,525 
Epsom, All Saints Chapel1888189742 
Epsom, Christ Church187419122,640 
Epsom, St Barnabas19031912498 
Epsom, St Martin1686191215,096 
Esher, St George (later Christchurch)168219127,074 
Ewell St Mary184118762,061 
Ewell, St Mary1597191210,996 
Ewhurst, SS Peter & Paul161419124,747 
Farleigh, St Mary16631812354 
Farncombe, St John184919124,283 
Farnham Bible Christian18361874655 
Farnham, St Andrew1539191238,915 
Felbridge, St John18641912657 
Fetcham, St Mary155919122,623 
Frensham, St Mary165019126,248 
Frimley, St Peter159019126,366 
Gatton & Sunderstead156518121,357 
Gatton, St Andrew160019121,034 
Godalming, SS Peter & Paul1582191224,699 
Godstone, St Nicholas166219126,889 
Grafham, St Andrew18551912575 
Grayswood, All Saints19021912142 
Great Bookham, St Nicolas163219125,200 
Guildford, Christ Church18951912360 
Guildford, Holy Trinity155819129,814 
Guildford, St Luke18981912290 
Guildford, St Mary1540191210,783 
Guildford, St Nicholas156119129,759 
Guildford, St Saviour189519121,075 
Hale, St John the Evangelist184419124,794 
Ham, St Andrew183219122,702 
Hambledon, St Peter161719122,967 
Hascombe, St Peter164619122,614 
Haslemere Independent18471898125 
Haslemere, St Bartholomew159419129,263 
Hatcham All Saints18691876472 
Hatcham St James184518763,433 
Hatchford, St Matthew18651912670 
Headley, St Mary the Virgin166619121,793 
Herne Hill St Paul18501876597 
Hersham Independent18391881127 
Hersham, St Peter185119123,859 
Hindhead, St Alban19051912118 
Holmwood, St Mary183819122,303 
Hook, St Paul183819121,517 
Horley, St Bartholomew1578191210,497 
Horne, St Mary161419123,865 
Horsell, St Mary165319124,851 
Kenley, All Saints18721912814 
Kennington All Saints18741876144 
Kennington Emanuel18691876408 
Kennington St James the Apostle18701876160 
Kennington St John the Divine186818762,031 
Kew, St Anne171419123,793 
Kingston Hill, St Paul187719123,304 
Kingston St John18701876310 
Kingston upon Thames, All Saints1542191241,206 New
Kingston upon Thames, Church of the Good Shepherd19071912136 
Kingston upon Thames, St John185719125,478 
Kingston upon Thames, St Luke188919125,668 
Kingston Vale, St John18471912722 
Kingswood, St Andrew183619122,153 
Knaphill, Holy Trinity18851912784 
Lambeth All Saints Leake Street184718761,843 
Lambeth China Terrace18591876446 
Lambeth Congregational Chapel18471882880 
Lambeth Knights Hill Chapel18531875111 
Lambeth Mostyn Road Wesleyan18691876107 
Lambeth Renfrew Road Workhouse Births1875188334 
Lambeth St Andrew Coin St.185218762,258 
Lambeth St John1838185316,013 
Lambeth St Mary1538177730,212 
Lambeth St Mary the Less184618767,217 
Lambeth St Saviour18671876601 
Lambeth St Silas18751876104 
Lambeth St Stephen186118761,543 
Lambeth St Thomas184718761,390 
Lambeth Verulam Scotch Church1831183539 
Lambeth    1777    1799    13048New
Lambeth: Stockwell Chapel    1797    1803    253New
Leatherhead, All Saints18891911789 
Leatherhead, SS Mary & Nicholas1626191215,506 
Leigh, St Bartholomew157919123,411 
Lightwater, All Saints19031912110 
Limpsfield, St Peter153919128,729 
Lingfield, SS Peter & Paul1559191214,511 
Little Bookham, All Saints163119121,226 
Long Ditton, St Mary156419126,288 
Longcross, Christ Church18471912655 
Lowfield Heath18691876105 
Loxwood, St John the Baptist18731912483 
Malden, St John167719122,004 
Merrow, St John152919122,357 
Merstham, St Katharine153019127,185 
Merton St Mary1679169430 
Merton, St Mary155919128,028 
Mickleham, St Michael154919124,399 
Milford, St John the Evangelist185219121,528 
Mitcham Zion Chapel186318633 
Mitcham, Christ Church187519123,776 
Mitcham, SS Peter & Paul1563191226,292 
Mitcham, St Barnabas19061912494 
Morden, St Lawrence163419124,697 
Mortlake Independent1870189018 
Mortlake, St Mary1599191216,531 
New Malden and Coombe, Christ Church186719123,233 
Newdigate, St Peter156018964,866 
Norbiton, St Peter184219128,883 
Norbury and Thornton Heath, St Stephen18891912890 
Norbury, St Philip19021912311 
North Brixton Christ Church185518762,067 
North Holmwood, St John18741912679 
North Sheen, St Peter19101912128 
Nunhead St Antholin18651876493 
Nutfield, SS Peter & Paul155819065,459 
Oatlands Park St Mary18621876374 
Oatlands, St Mary186219121,580 
Ockham, All Saints156819125,094 
Ockley, St Margaret153819125,638 
Okewood, St John the Baptist170019122,912 
Ottershaw, Christ Church186519121,002 
Outwood St John the Baptist18701877216 
Oxted, St Mary161319125,952 
Peaslake, St Mark18891912287 
Peckham St Andrew18661875787 
Peckham St Chrysostom18651876439 
Peckham St Jude186518761,045 
Peckham St Luke18741876159 
Peckham St Mary Magdalen184218762,661 
Penge St John18501876886 
Peper Harow, St Nicholas169719121,265 
Petersham, St Peter157019123,583 
Pirbright, St Michael157419124,590 
Purley, Christ Church187819121,077 
Purley, St Mark, Woodcote19051912227 
Putney St Mary183318754,932 
Puttenham, St John the Baptist156219123,304 
Pyrford, St Nicholas166519121,905 
Ranmore, St Barnabus18591912702 
Raynes Park, St Saviour190119121,034 
Redhill Independent18631877144 
Redhill Primitive Methodist18631920248 
Redhill, Holy Trinity19071912218 
Redhill, Royal Philanthropic Farm School Chapel18861912602 
Redhill, St John184319126,814 
Redhill, St Matthew186619124,875 
Reigate Independent18351876262 
Reigate St Luke18711876104 
Reigate Workhouse18481877216 
Reigate, St Mark180919123,212 
Reigate, St Mary1556191226,293 
Reigate, St Philip187419121,055 
Richmond Hill Methodist18501877119 
Richmond Holy Trinity18701876393 
Richmond Kew Road Methodist18681878114 
Richmond Methodist1838187651 
Richmond, Christ Church189219121,005 
Richmond, Holy Trinity187019122,860 
Richmond, St John183919126,881 
Richmond, St Luke188319121,262 
Richmond, St Mary Magdalene1583191236,822 
Richmond, St Matthias185819121,678 
Ripley, St Mary179419123,089 
Roehampton Holy Trinity18421868358 
Rotherhithe Christ Church184018762,038 
Rotherhithe St Mary1556187538,167 
Rotherhithe St Paul Beatson Road18501876393 
Rowledge St James18711876120 
Saint Martha, Chilworth17791912715 
Salfords, Christ the King18871912419 
Sanderstead, All Saints140419121,801 
Seale, St Lawrence153919123,335 
Selhurst, Holy Trinity186719123,933 
Send and Ripley, St Mary165318122,541 
Send, St Mary179219122,432 
Shackleford, St Mary18661912857 
Shalford, St Mary the Virgin156419126,017 
Shamley Green, Christ Church18821912809 
Shere Gomshall Chapel1840186760 
Shere, St James154719128,316 
Shirley, St John the Evangelist183619121,902 
Shottermill, St Stephen184619121,808 
Sidlow Bridge Emmanuel18621876233 
South Croydon Congregational1869187634 
South Croydon, Emmanuel18971912948 
South Croydon, St Augustine188519122,612 
South Merstham, All Saints18981912603 
South Norwood St Mark185218761,182 
South Norwood Wesleyan18671898394 
South Norwood, Holy Innocents18951912691 
South Nutfield, Christ Church18891912405 
South Wimbledon, All Saints188719124,952 
South Wimbledon, Holy Trinity1872191210,601 
South Wimbledon, St Andrew19071912278 
South Wimbledon, St Peter19011912971 
Southwark Christ Church1710186621,402 
Southwark Presbyterian1825183029 
Southwark St Alphege18731876752 
Southwark St George1665183132,657 
Southwark St John Horsleydown1733187520,886 
Southwark St Mary Magdalen Massinger Road184318794,457 
Southwark St Peter18461876814 
Southwark St Saviour1538184036,690 
Southwark St Stephen118518862,209 
Southwark St Thomas161418987,288 
Southwark, St Olave1859162715,301 
Stockwell Chapel1768177795 
Stockwell St Andrew18681876744 
Stockwell St Michael184518853,203 
Stoke D'Abernon & Haslemere161918122,556 
Stoke D'Abernon, St Mary161919122,562 
Stoke next Guildford, St John the Evangelist1662191214,472 
Stoughton, Emmanuel, Guildford19021912477 
Streatham Christ Church C184418762,116 
Streatham St Leonard153718765,545 
Streatham St Peter and St Paul18671876215 
Surbiton Christ Church18641876928 
Surbiton Hill Methodist1863187754 
Surbiton Hill, Christ Church186419124,073 
Surbiton St Andrew18721876105 
Surbiton St Mark186518791,475 
Surbiton St Matthew1875187624 
Surbiton, St Andrew188719121,530 
Surbiton, St Mark184519124,690 
Surbiton, St Matthew187519121,830 
Sutton Methodist1868187656 
Sutton St Nicholas185918761,216 
Tandridge, St Peter167019121,900 
Tatsfield, St Mary167419121,123 
Thames Ditton, St Nicholas166319127,695 
The Bourne, St Thomas18741904812 
Thornton Heath, St Paul170119125,380 
Thorpe, St Mary165319123,127 
Thursley, St Michael & All Angels161319124,651 
Titsey, St James15791812810 
Tongham St Paul18661877249 
Tongham, St Paul186619121,161 
Tooting Graveney St Nicholas184518751,341 
Tooting Holy Trinity18531876760 
Tulse Hill Holy Trinity18561876730 
Upper Norwood All Saints184218762,490 
Upper Norwood Congregational Church18651894145 
Upper Norwood, All Saints183019126,062 
Upper Norwood, St John187519122,267 
Valley End, St Saviour, Chobham18671912564 
Vauxhall St Peter186118764,065 
Virginia Water, Christ Church183819122,518 
Wallington Holy Trinity18681879260 
Walton on Thames, St Mary1593191212,363 
Walton on the Hill, St Peter158119123,464 
Walworth St Peter    1849    1862    5383New
Wanborough, St Bartholomew15611912617 
Wandsworth All Saints1823189710,385 
Wandsworth East Hill18501877360 
Wandsworth Holy Trinity1874187632 
Wandsworth Presbyterian1872187622 
Wandsworth St Anne185019018,007 
Wandsworth St Mary184619002,360 
Warlingham, All Saints165319123,442 
West Clandon, SS Peter & Paul153618782,309 
West Croydon, Christ Church, Broad Green185219126,585 
West Dulwich Emanuel18721876104 
West End, Holy Trinity184219121,682 
West Horsley, St Mary160519124,413 
West Molesey, St Peter172919011,939 
West Norwood Christ Church Gypsy Hill18671876694 
West Norwood St Luke184518752,738 
West Wimbledon, Christ Church19031912223 
Westcott, Holy Trinity185219121,610 
Weston Green Chapel1816186459 
Weybridge, St James162519129,036 
Whyteleaf, St Luke18661903799 
Whyteleafe St Luke18661876134 
Wimbledon Park, St Luke19081912230 
Wimbledon, St John the Baptist19031912210 
Wimbledon, St Mary1538191214,549 
Windlesham, St John the Baptist167718765,131 
Witley, All Saints165319129,374 
Woking, Christ Church187719122,421 
Woking, St John184219123,144 
Woking, St Mary of Bethany19071912144 
Woking, St Paul18941912749 
Woking, St Peter1653191210,821 
Woking, St Saviour, Brookwood19021912105 
Woldingham, SS Paul & Agatha18131912355 
Wonersh, St John the Baptist1538191213,471 
Woodham, All Saints18941912303 
Woodmansterne, St Peter156819121,451 
Worplesdon, St Mary157019128,527 
Wotton, St John the Evangelist159618702,499 
Wrecclesham, St Peter184019122,756 
Wyke, St Mark184719121,014

Surrey Marriages

PlaceYear fromYear to Record count New
Abinger15591837 1,733  
Abinger, St James15591933 2,927  
Addington15611835 455  
Addington, Chelsham & Warlingham15611812 1,002  
Addington, St Mary15611933 1,455  
Addiscombe, St Mary Magdalene18741933 3,120  
Addiscombe, St Mildred19321933 132 New
Addlestone, St Paul18381933 4,820  
Albury15591841 1,384  
Albury, SS Peter & Paul15591933 2,891 New
Alfold15871837 726  
Alford, St Nicholas16591933 1,298  
Ash15501837 2,254  
Ash Vale, St Mary19141933 288 New
Ash, St Peter15501933 4,294 New
Ashtead16631837 972  
Ashtead, St Giles16631933 2,756 New
Badshot Lea, St George19041925 214  
Bagshot, St Anne18741933 1,082 New
Banstead15471837 1,575  
Banstead, All Saints15591933 3,641 New
Barnes15401837 2,116  
Barnes, Holy Trinity18881933 1,344  
Barnes, St Mary15401933 8,979 New
Barnes, St Michael19191933 576  
Battersea15591837 5,697  
Beddington15381837 1,557  
Beddington & Morden15381812 1,056  
Bermondsey Roman Catholic17461837 2,110  
Bermondsey St James18131837 1,140  
Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalene15481837 40,170  
Betchworth15621837 1,788  
Betchworth, St Michael15621933 3,166 New
Bisley15611837 1,109  
Bisley, St John the Baptist15611933 1,576 New
Blechingley15381837 2,632  
Bletchingley, St Mary15381933 4,919  
Blindley Heath, St John18441933 768  
Botleys and Lyne, Holy Trinity18491933 568 New
Bramley15671837 1,566  
Bramley, Holy Trinity15671933 2,723 New
Brixton18251837 1,406  
Brockham Green, Christ Church18481933 866  
Buckland15601836 819  
Buckland, St Mary15601836 820  
Burgh Heath, St Mary19151933 134  
Burpham, St Luke19221933 52 New
Burstow15471839 1,569  
Burstow, St Bartholomew15471933 3,302 New
Busbridge, St John18671933 902 New
Byfleet17171837 1,024  
Byfleet, St Mary17291933 2,546 New
Camberley, St George19061933 534 New
Camberley, St Michael, York Town18521933 2,412 New
Camberley, St Paul19141920 40  
Camberwell Dulwich College Chapel16341734 168  
Camberwell Roman Catholic18291837 18  
Camberwell St George18261837 1,530  
Camberwell St Giles15571837 20,162  
Capel16531841 1,347  
Capel, St John16531933 2,119  
Carshalton15381837 2,033  
Caterham15431837 1,406  
Caterham, St Mary15431933 3,451  
Chaldon16511836 286  
Chaldon, SS Peter & Paul15601933 692  
Charlwood15961840 2,200  
Charlwood, St Nicholas15961909 3,257 New
Cheam15381837 1,280  
Chelsham16781837 433  
Chelsham, St Leonard16811933 906 New
Chertsey16071837 4,917  
Chertsey, St Peter16061933 8,658 New
Chessington16561835 397  
Chessington, St Mary16501933 954  
Chiddingfold15631837 2,406  
Chiddingfold, St Mary15631933 4,112 New
Chipstead16631837 722  
Chipstead & Titsey15811811 833  
Chipstead, St Margaret16631933 1,591 New
Chobham15871837 1,786  
Chobham, St Lawrence16551933 3,960 New
Churt, St John18681933 436  
Clapham15511837 4,737  
Claygate, Holy Trinity18441933 994 New
Cobham15621837 1,788  
Cobham, St Andrew15621928 4,224 New
Coldharbour, Christ Church18491933 374 New
Compton16341838 797  
Compton, St Nicholas16381933 1,380 New
Coulsdon16551837 644  
Coulsdon, St Andrew19151933 502  
Coulsdon, St John16541933 2,382 New
Coulson & Haslemere15731812 1,100  
Cranleigh16091837 2,360  
Cranleigh, St Nicholas16091933 4,743 New
Crowhurst15731836 597  
Crowhurst, St George15731836 590 New
Croydon (Woodside), St Luke18731933 3,370  
Croydon Common, St James18531933 7,308 New
Croydon St John15001837 12,380  
Croydon, Holy Saviour18671933 6,626 New
Croydon, St Andrew18611917 994  
Croydon, St John15381929 38,917 New
Croydon, St Martin19231933 372  
Croydon, St Matthew18671933 4,482 New
Croydon, St Peter18531933 5,040 New
Cuddington, St Mary18971933 198  
Dorking15391837 7,018  
Dorking, St Martin15391933 10,487 New
Dorking, St Paul18581933 2,058 New
Dormansland, St John18821933 668  
Dunsfold15881837 1,324  
Dunsfold, St Mary & All Saints16281933 2,054 New
East Clandon15601838 555  
East Clandon, St Thomas of Canterbury15601933 881 New
East Horsley16671837 264  
East Horsley, St Martin16671933 706 New
East Molesey16951837 928  
East Molesey, St Mary16951933 2,897 New
East Molesey, St Paul18571933 1,446 New
East Sheen, All Saints19291933 66 New
East Sheen, Christ Church18651933 2,316 New
Effingham15651835 1,285  
Effingham, St Lawrence15651933 2,034 New
Egham15601837 5,153  
Egham Hythe, St Paul19311933 92  
Egham, St John15601933 10,676 New
Elstead15441837 1,237  
Elstead, St James15421933 2,403  
Englefield Green, St Jude18601933 1,714 New
Epsom16951838 2,205  
Epsom St Martins17391739 2  
Epsom, Christ Church18751933 2,060 New
Epsom, St Barnabas19121933 640 New
Epsom, St Martin16951933 6,997  
Esher16881837 1,230  
Esher, St George (later Christchurch)16881933 3,575 New
Ewell16081837 2,061  
Ewell, St Mary16081933 4,883 New
Ewhurst16141838 1,682  
Ewhurst, SS Peter & Paul16141933 2,640 New
Farleigh15611832 520  
Farleigh, St Mary16791933 212 New
Farncombe, St John18491933 2,836 New
Farnham15391837 11,585  
Farnham, St Andrew15391933 20,314 New
Felbridge, St John18661933 530  
Fetcham15601837 728  
Fetcham, St Mary15601933 1,275 New
Frensham16491837 2,260  
Frensham, St Mary16491933 4,469 New
Frimley16061837 798  
Frimley, St Peter16061933 4,168 New
Gatton15991836 516  
Gatton & Sunderstead15641812 1,060  
Gatton, St Andrew15991930 772 New
Godalming15831837 11,475  
Godalming, SS Peter & Paul15831933 14,400 New
Godstone16551837 1,993  
Godstone, St Nicholas16621907 3,334 New
Grafham, St Andrew18621933 324 New
Grayswood, All Saints19021933 296 New
Great Bookham16321837 1,200  
Great Bookham, St Nicolas16321933 2,343 New
Guildford Holy Trinity15581837 3,032  
Guildford Quakers16591837 900  
Guildford St Mary15401837 5,070  
Guildford St Nicolas15611837 3,005  
Guildford, Christ Church19021933 582 New
Guildford, Holy Trinity15581933 5,394 New
Guildford, St Mary15401933 6,984 New
Guildford, St Nicholas15381933 6,209 New
Guildford, St Saviour18991919 900 New
Hale, St John the Evangelist18451933 2,882 New
Ham18351837 58  
Ham House18331833 2  
Ham, St Andrew18351933 2,472 New
Hambledon15861837 1,044  
Hambledon, St Peter16171933 1,624 New
Hascombe16581837 712  
Hascombe, St Peter16581837 692  
Haslemere15731837 2,065  
Haslemere, St Bartholomew15731933 4,273 New
Hatchford, St Matthew18751933 56 New
Headley16051836 1,325  
Headley, St Mary the Virgin16661933 1,882  
Hersham, St Peter18511933 2,790 New
Hindhead, St Alban19081933 240  
Holmwood, St Mary18291933 1,460  
Hook, St Paul18381933 1,160  
Horley15781840 2,616  
Horley, St Bartholomew15781933 6,317 New
Horne16421837 1,544  
Horne, St Mary16431933 3,856 New
Horsell16541837 1,288  
Horsell, St Mary16541933 4,708 New
Hurst Green, St John19241933 118  
Kenley, All Saints18751933 642  
Kennington St Mark18211837 4,373  
Kew17141837 384  
Kew, St Anne17141933 2,660  
Kingston Hill, St Paul18801933 3,192  
Kingston upon Thames15431837 10,122  
Kingston upon Thames, All Saints15431933 15,273 New
Kingston upon Thames, St John18731933 2,288 New
Kingston upon Thames, St Luke18901933 5,290  
Kingston Vale, St John18511933 1,020 New
Kingston Wandsworth Croydon Quakers18131836 54  
Kingswood, St Andrew18411933 1,264  
Lambeth St John Waterloo18251837 6,682  
Lambeth St John, Waterloo Road18301831 1,014  
Lambeth St Mark Kennington181837 4,374  
Lambeth St Mary15381837 88,358  
Leatherhead16561840 1,672  
Leatherhead, SS Mary & Nicholas16561933 5,245  
Leigh15811838 872  
Leigh, St Bartholomew15821913 1,931 New
Lightwater, All Saints19281933 34  
Limpsfield15401837 1,699  
Limpsfield, St Peter15401933 3,034 New
Lingfield15611837 4,390  
Lingfield, SS Peter & Paul15521933 6,646 New
Little Bookham16701835 413  
Little Bookham, All Saints16321933 967 New
Long Ditton15641837 2,290  
Long Ditton, St Mary15641933 5,431  
Longcross, Christ Church18491933 246  
Loxwood, St John the Baptist18741933 352 New
Malden16761837 445  
Malden, St John16761933 1,234 New
Marriage Licences15241800 22,561  
Merrow15411836 763  
Merrow, St John15071933 1,802 New
Merstham15411837 1,226  
Merstham, St Katharine15321933 2,562 New
Merton15601837 1,427  
Merton, St Mary15601933 7,206 New
Mickleham15491837 867  
Mickleham, St Michael15491933 1,800  
Milford, St John the Evangelist18451933 1,290 New
Mitcham St Peter & St Paul15631837 3,721  
Mitcham, Christ Church18761933 5,544 New
Mitcham, SS Peter & Paul15631933 10,971 New
Mitcham, St Barnabas19151933 992 New
Mitcham, St Olave19311933 92 New
Morden16341836 610  
Morden, St Lawrence16341933 2,120 New
Mortlake15991837 2,979  
Mortlake, St Mary15991933 9,314 New
New Malden and Coombe, Christ Church18671933 3,840  
New Malden, St James19331933 8  
Newdigate15651836 1,450  
Newdigate, St Peter15651933 2,406 New
Newington Holy Trinity18251837 2,566  
Newington St Mary15611837 79,257  
Newington St Peter Walworth18251837 2,102  
Norbiton, St Peter18421933 7,394 New
Norbury and Thornton Heath, St Stephen19091933 2,128 New
Norbury, St Philip19031915 200  
Nork, St Paul19321933 14 New
North Holmwood, St John18751933 488  
North Sheen, St Philip & All Saints19301933 132 New
Norwood18251837 670  
Nutfield15581837 1,581  
Nutfield, SS Peter & Paul15581924 2,936 New
Oatlands, St Mary18691933 1,314  
Ockham15681840 1,196  
Ockham, All Saints15681933 2,264 New
Ockley15391837 1,570  
Ockley, St Margaret15381933 3,083 New
Okewood16971751 34  
Okewood, St John the Baptist16971933 676 New
Ottershaw, Christ Church18661933 726  
Oxshott, St Andrew19131933 224 New
Oxted16551837 1,078  
Oxted, St Mary16551933 3,301 New
Peaslake, St Mark18981933 210 New
Peper Harow16991833 366  
Peper Harow, St Nicholas16991930 576 New
Petersham15751837 4,113  
Petersham, All Saints19111933 76 New
Petersham, St Peter15751933 5,216 New
Pirbright15741837 1,161  
Pirbright, St Michael15741933 2,501 New
Purley, Christ Church18841933 1,050 New
Purley, St Barnabas19331933 6  
Purley, St Mark, Woodcote19111933 546  
Putney16201870 8,273  
Puttenham15621837 1,093  
Puttenham, St John the Baptist15621933 1,736 New
Pyrford16661837 566  
Pyrford, St Nicholas16661933 1,182 New
Quaker Capel16691837 12  
Quaker Charlwood16651676 8  
Quaker Dorking18101832 4  
Quaker Horley16751675 4  
Quaker Newdigate16651665 2  
Quakers181837 64  
Ranmore, St Barnabus18611933 228 New
Raynes Park, St Saviour19071933 1,576 New
Redhill, Holy Trinity19071933 426  
Redhill, Holy Trinity19181925 198 New
Redhill, St John18071933 3,882 New
Redhill, St Matthew18671933 3,424 New
Reigate15551837 6,398  
Reigate, St Luke18731875 8  
Reigate, St Mark18601933 1,664  
Reigate, St Mary15591933 16,020 New
Richmond15661837 8,655  
Richmond, Christ Church18941933 1,690 New
Richmond, Holy Trinity18701933 4,334 New
Richmond, St John18391933 3,540 New
Richmond, St Luke18901933 1,722  
Richmond, St Mary Magdalene15831933 9,880 New
Richmond, St Matthias18591933 2,708  
Riddlesdown, St James19081933 480  
Ripley18131836 90  
Ripley, St Mary18401933 926 New
Rotherhithe15551837 16,478  
Saint Martha, Chilworth17941932 312 New
Salfords, Christ the King19251933 72  
Sanderstead15641835 651  
Sanderstead, All Saints15641933 1,490  
Sanderstead, St Mary19261933 68  
Seale15391837 1,049  
Seale, St Lawrence15391933 1,660 New
Selhurst, Holy Trinity18671933 3,984 New
Send16541837 2,209  
Send and Ripley, St Mary16541836 1,637 New
Send, St Mary17731933 1,872 New
Shackleford, St Mary18661933 506  
Shalford15811837 1,987  
Shalford, St Mary the Virgin15811933 4,073 New
Shamley Green, Christ Church18821933 506 New
Shere15471837 2,947  
Shere, St James15471933 4,929 New
Shirley, St John the Evangelist18491933 1,079  
Shottermill, St Stephen18461933 1,142 New
South Croydon, Emmanuel18991933 1,124 New
South Croydon, St Augustine18851933 2,028 New
South Merstham, All Saints19001933 442  
South Norwood, Holy Innocents18961933 2,068  
South Nutfield, Christ Church18891933 480  
South Wimbledon, All Saints18921933 3,290 New
South Wimbledon, Holy Trinity18221933 7,168 New
South Wimbledon, St Andrew19101933 1,284 New
South Wimbledon, St Peter19121933 690  
Southwark17221722 2  
Southwark Christ Church17271837 10,282  
Southwark Quakers16651836 1,508  
Southwark St George16991701 6  
Southwark St George Roman Catholic18231837 734  
Southwark St George the Martyr16021837 79,127  
Southwark St John H Goat Yd Pass Cong16601699 38  
Southwark St John Horsleydown17331837 12,400  
Southwark St John Horsleydown, Goat Yard Passage Congregation16601699 38  
Southwark St Olave15831837 32,745  
Southwark St Saviour15381837 66,030  
Southwark St Thomas16141837 9,677  
Southwark, St Saviour16051625 6,024  
St Helier, St Peter, Morden19331933 30  
St Martha17941835 128  
Stoke Dabernon16201835 495  
Stoke D'Abernon & Haslemere16201812 1,661  
Stoke D'Abernon, St Mary16201933 1,386 New
Stoke next Guildford16621837 1,886  
Stoke next Guildford, St John the Evangelist16621933 8,656 New
Stoughton, Emmanuel, Guildford19031933 866  
Streatham15381837 3,787  
Surbiton Hill, Christ Church18641894 982  
Surbiton Hill, Christ Church18941933 1,380 New
Surbiton, St Andrew19131921 198 New
Surbiton, St Mark18451923 4,000 New
Surbiton, St Matthew18761933 2,593  
Sutton16371837 2,110  
Sutton Green, All Souls19241933 22  
Tadworth, Church of the Good Shepherd19121933 126  
Tandridge16951837 522  
Tandridge, St Peter16951933 1,041  
Tatsfield16891837 254  
Tatsfield, St Mary16891933 915 New
Thames Ditton16631837 2,254  
Thames Ditton, St Nicholas16641933 6,313 New
The Bourne, St Thomas18751933 1,322  
Thornton Heath, St Paul18721933 5,171 New
Thorpe16541837 813  
Thorpe, St Mary16531933 1,798 New
Thursley16131837 1,226  
Thursley, St Michael & All Angels16131933 2,230 New
Titsey15811836 357  
Titsey, St James15811932 658 New
Tongham, St Paul18661933 804  
Tooting16491837 1,553  
unknown17221736 4  
Upper Norwood, All Saints18391933 11,834  
Upper Norwood, St John18871933 896 New
Upper Norwood, St Margaret19021933 350 New
Valley End, St Saviour, Chobham18681932 298 New
Virginia Water, Christ Church18391933 1,410 New
Walton on Thames16391837 2,540  
Walton on Thames, St Mary16391933 5,676 New
Walton on the Hill16311837 602  
Walton on the Hill, St Peter16311933 1,543 New
Wanborough15611668 122  
Wanborough, St Bartholomew15611658 118 New
Wandsworth16031837 6,911  
Warlingham16671836 436  
Warlingham, All Saints16671933 1,650 New
West Byfleet, St John19121933 361 New
West Clandon15371837 781  
West Clandon, SS Peter & Paul15371933 1,319 New
West Croydon, Christ Church, Broad Green18531933 7,989 New
West End, Holy Trinity18951933 554 New
West Horsley16001839 1,324  
West Horsley, St Mary16001933 2,017 New
West Molesey17291837 438  
West Molesey, St Peter17291931 977  
West Norwood18251837 638  
Westcott, Holy Trinity18521933 1,056 New
Weybridge16251836 1,006  
Weybridge, St James16251933 5,208  
Whyteleaf, St Luke18661933 932  
Wimbledon15941837 3,612  
Wimbledon Park, St Luke19101933 826  
Wimbledon, St Mary15941933 12,272 New
Windlesham16951837 1,608  
Windlesham, St John the Baptist16951879 2,879 New
Wisley16661833 343  
Wisley16661933 500 New
Witley16531837 2,293  
Witley, All Saints16531933 4,276 New
Woking16531837 3,016  
Woking, Christ Church18931933 2,598 New
Woking, St John18491933 3,964 New
Woking, St Mary of Bethany19231933 258  
Woking, St Paul19021933 984  
Woking, St Peter16541933 5,690 New
Woldingham17691837 32  
Woldingham, SS Paul & Agatha18191933 224  
Wonersh15391837 2,782  
Wonersh, St John the Baptist15391933 4,078 New
Woodham, All Saints19031933 274 New
Woodmansterne15681836 330  
Woodmansterne, St Peter15641843 382  
Worplesdon15701837 3,000  
Worplesdon, St Mary15701933 4,830 New
Wotton16031837 1,461  
Wotton, St John the Evangelist16031911 2,171 New
Wrecclesham, St Peter18411933 1,816 New
Wyke, St Mark18471933 646 New

Surrey Burials

PlaceYear fromYear to Record count New
Abinger, St James15591876 3,009  
Addington, Chelsham & Warlingham15591812 1,861  
Addington, St Mary15591987 4,213  
Addlestone, St Paul18381963 2,595  
Albury, SS Peter & Paul15591934 3,912  
Alford, St Nicholas16581901 1,794  
Ash, St Peter15491971 7,363 New
Ashtead, St Giles16621963 5,461 New
Bagshot, St Anne18371935 1,917  
Banstead, All Saints15821987 9,469  
Barnes, St Mary15381964 13,644 New
Beddington & Morden15381812 2,094  
Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalene15481609 5,249  
Betchworth, St Michael15581931 5,204 New
Bisley, St John the Baptist15611941 1,677  
Bletchingley, St Mary15351978 10,312 New
Blindley Heath, St John18431928 795  
Botleys and Lyne, Holy Trinity18491935 737  
Bramley, Holy Trinity16761967 3,878  
Buckland, St Mary15601967 1,767  
Burpham, St Luke18591987 665  
Burstow, St Bartholomew15471901 3,008  
Busbridge, St John18671987 1,205  
Byfleet, St Mary17281961 3,963  
Camberley, St Michael, York Town18511966 5,600 New
Capel, St John16531931 3,095  
Caterham15431837 1,280  
Caterham, St Mary15431979 8,574  
Chaldon, SS Peter & Paul15681857 455 New
Charlwood, St Nicholas15951912 3,827 New
Chelsham, St Leonard16801958 1,176 New
Chertsey, St Peter16071935 18,008 New
Chessington, St Mary16561941 1,404  
Chiddingfold, St Mary15631987 7,557 New
Chipstead & Titsey15861812 1,607  
Chipstead, St Margaret16561959 2,638 New
Chobham, St Lawrence16491982 7,681 New
Churt, St John18681957 799 New
Claygate, Holy Trinity18411953 1,601  
Cobham, St Andrew15621963 7,765 New
Compton, St Nicholas16391967 1,896 New
Coulsdon, St John16101947 3,794 New
Coulson & Haslemere15731812 2,157  
Cranleigh, St Nicholas16091956 7,556 New
Crowhurst, St George15671812 585 New
Croydon Common, St James18291927 3,594  
Croydon, St John15381963 39,132  
Croydon, St Peter18521876 1,599  
Dorking, St Martin15381965 24,001 New
Dormansland, St John19061951 799  
Dunsfold, St Mary & All Saints16281987 3,127 New
East Clandon, St Thomas of Canterbury15581987 1,562 New
East Horsley, St Martin16661960 1,447 New
East Molesey, St Mary16811892 1,899  
East Molesey, St Paul19061971 787  
Effingham, St Lawrence15651987 3,403 New
Egham, St John15921987 19,834 New
Elstead, St James15411953 3,072 New
Epsom, St Martin16951913 11,891  
Esher, St George (later Christchurch)16781944 6,398  
Ewell, St Mary16081903 7,646 New
Ewhurst, SS Peter & Paul16141945 3,645 New
Farleigh15911812 488  
Farleigh, St Mary16781812 221 New
Farncombe, St John18501926 2,355 New
Farnham, St Andrew15391907 29,441 New
Felbridge, St John18661960 801  
Fetcham, St Mary15621940 1,838 New
Frensham, St Mary16481964 4,905  
Frimley, St Peter16061987 7,748  
Gatton & Sunderstead15671812 1,165  
Gatton, St Andrew16001981 550 New
Godalming15831686 5,329  
Godalming, SS Peter & Paul15831948 15,966 New
Godstone, St Nicholas16621884 3,748 New
Grayswood, All Saints19021987 580 New
Great Bookham, St Nicolas16321974 5,252  
Guildford, All Saints19291965 347 New
Guildford, Holy Trinity15581967 8,939 New
Guildford, St Mary15401971 9,826 New
Guildford, St Nicholas15631925 6,913 New
Guildford, St Saviour19071939 1,226 New
Hale, St John the Evangelist18451987 2,335 New
Ham, St Andrew18381971 3,304  
Hambledon, St Peter16171915 1,646 New
Hascombe, St Peter16591956 1,575  
Haslemere, St Bartholomew15731957 7,560 New
Hatchford, St Matthew18621987 159  
Headley, St Mary the Virgin16661953 1,346  
Hersham, St Peter18511959 4,794  
Hindhead, St Alban19091963 799 New
Holmwood, St Mary18381987 2,622 New
Hook, St Paul18391912 800  
Horley, St Bartholomew15781987 10,558 New
Horne, St Mary16141888 3,240 New
Horsell, St Mary16531973 5,528 New
Kew, St Anne17141931 1,793  
Kingston upon Thames, All Saints15421951 59,762 New
Kingswood, St Andrew18531985 3,144  
Leatherhead, SS Mary & Nicholas16561908 6,738 New
Leigh, St Bartholomew15791906 1,906 New
Limpsfield, St Peter15401883 5,544 New
Lingfield, SS Peter & Paul15131983 11,149  
Little Bookham, All Saints16311987 1,193  
Long Ditton, St Mary15661963 6,888  
Loxwood, St John the Baptist19021987 628  
Malden, St John16781985 2,075  
Merrow, St John15311987 3,083 New
Merstham, Netherne Hospital Chapel19091960 1,337  
Merstham, St Katharine15301937 4,728 New
Merton, St Mary15591987 8,385  
Mickleham, St Michael15491891 2,491 New
Milford, St John the Evangelist18551913 799 New
Mitcham, SS Peter & Paul15631886 18,310 New
Mitcham, St Olave19421982 80 New
Morden, St Lawrence16341987 3,571 New
Mortlake, St Mary15991963 16,139 New
Newdigate, St Peter15591891 2,666 New
North Sheen, St Philip & All Saints19261985 44 New
Nutfield, SS Peter & Paul15581869 3,846 New
Ockham, All Saints15681982 4,107 New
Ockley, St Margaret15391883 3,261 New
Okewood, St John the Baptist16961907 1,219 New
Oxted, St Mary16031933 4,632 New
Peaslake, St Mark18981987 793  
Peper Harow, St Nicholas16981812 163 New
Petersham, St Peter15771958 3,540 New
Pirbright, St Michael15741987 3,331 New
Putney16201812 10,512  
Puttenham, St John the Baptist15621917 1,837 New
Pyrford, St Nicholas16651987 1,798 New
Ranmore, St Barnabus18611987 356 New
Redhill, St John18431905 4,615 New
Reigate, St Mary15601974 31,171 New
Richmond15831780 12,584  
Richmond, St Mary Magdalene15831896 31,516 New
Ripley, St Mary17941987 2,556 New
Saint Martha, Chilworth17801987 519 New
Sanderstead, All Saints15671963 4,066  
Seale, St Lawrence15381964 2,250 New
Send and Ripley, St Mary16531812 2,104 New
Send, St Mary17831962 2,544 New
Shackleford, St Mary18651981 800  
Shalford, St Mary the Virgin15651936 5,196 New
Shamley Green, Christ Church18821987 1,300 New
Shere, St James15461924 5,575 New
Shirley, St John the Evangelist19061974 5,607 New
Shottermill, St Stephen18461966 1,565 New
Stoke D'Abernon & Haslemere16191812 2,335  
Stoke D'Abernon, St Mary16191948 1,482 New
Stoke next Guildford, St John the Evangelist16621939 11,742 New
Sutton16361837 2,302  
Tandridge, St Peter16951987 1,617 New
Tatsfield, St Mary16911976 1,202 New
Thames Ditton, St Nicholas16631956 8,567 New
The Bourne, St Thomas18751967 868  
Thorpe, St Mary16531978 2,155 New
Thursley, St Michael & All Angels16131963 3,465 New
Titsey, St James15861812 546 New
Tongham, St Paul18661962 798 New
Upper Norwood, All Saints18301960 3,296 New
Upper Norwood, St John19341987 749 New
Virginia Water, Christ Church18391955 2,103 New
Walton on Thames, St Mary16391942 11,776 New
Walton on the Hill, St Peter16311955 2,651 New
Wanborough, St Bartholomew15911786 78 New
Wandsworth16031787 12,385  
Warlingham, All Saints16661973 3,955 New
West Clandon, SS Peter & Paul15361930 1,609 New
West Croydon, Christ Church, Broad Green18531939 1,302  
West End, Holy Trinity18421910 800 New
West Horsley, St Mary16001987 3,663 New
West Molesey, St Peter17291987 2,239 New
Westcott, Holy Trinity18521956 1,617 New
Weybridge, St James16251930 7,035  
Whyteleaf, St Luke18291987 2,354 New
Wimbledon15931883 4,778  
Wimbledon, St Mary15931987 12,894 New
Windlesham, St John the Baptist16951881 3,222 New
Wisley16571987 589 New
Witley, All Saints16531987 6,270 New
Woking, St John18421981 5,839 New
Woking, St Peter16531932 7,243 New
Woldingham, SS Paul & Agatha18141987 631  
Wonersh, St John the Baptist15391987 6,736 New
Woodmansterne, St Peter15661942 1,292  
Worplesdon, St Mary15701976 7,064 New
Wotton, St John the Evangelist15531898 2,196 New
Wrecclesham, St Peter18401961 2,401 New
Wyke, St Mark18481941 818 New