We are proud to bring you the Westminster Collection in association with City of Westminster Archives Centre. The Westminster Collection is a unique set of records which documents the history of the City of Westminster and its people. The records provide an essential resource for local and family historians. Westminster is located within central London; it encompasses much of the West End and is bordered to the south by the River Thames.

Parish registers are a vital source for tracing your family history. The practice of recording baptisms, banns, marriages and burials in the Anglican Church was introduced by Thomas Cromwell in 1538.

Below we have provided parish lists for the following records in order to assist with your family history research:

Each list give you every parish name and the years available; however, gaps may appear in the records within the year range provided

Westminster baptisms

ParishYear fromYear to
All Saints, Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge18491920
Brunswick Methodist Chapel, St Marylebone18371920
Christ Church, Down Street, Mayfair18651920
Holy Trinity, Knightsbridge16741903
Holy Trinity, Vauxhall Bridge Road18521920
Horseferry Road Wesleyan Chapel18871920
House of St Barnabas Chapel, Manette Street18751920
Savoy Chapel (Queen's Chapel of the Savoy)18411877
St Andrew, Ashley Place18501920
St Anne, Soho16861920
St Anselm, Davies Street (Hanover Chapel)18741920
St Barnabas, Pimlico18501920
St Clement Danes15581920
St Gabriel, Warwick Square, Pimlico18631920
St George's Chapel, Albemarle Street17301903
St George, Hanover Square17251920
St James17221870
St James the Less, Thorndike Street18621920
St James, Piccadilly17411920
St John18461876
St John the Baptist, Great Marlborough Street18711920
St John the Evangelist, Smith Square17281920
St Luke18301850
St Luke, Berwick Street18711933
St Margaret's Workhouse18631873
St Margaret, Westminster15381920
St Mark, North Audley Street18911911
St Martin-in-the-Fields16811920
St Mary the Virgin18471876
St Mary, Bourdon Street18821920
St Mary, Tothill Fields18371920
St Mary-le-Strand15591920
St Marylebone17821820
St Matthew, Great Peter Street18511920
St Michael, Burleigh Street18491918
St Michael, Chester Square18461913
St Paul, Covent Garden16541920
St Paul, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge18431920
St Peter18611875
St Peter, Eaton Square, Pimlico18021920
St Peter, Great Windmill Street18701920
St Peter, Palace Street18221920
St Saviour's, St George's Square, Pimlico18641920
St Stephen, Rochester Row18461901
St Thomas18541902
St Thomas, Regent Street18941920
Wells Street Scotch Church, St Marylebone17581875
Wesleyan Methodist Church19121920

Westminster banns

ParishYear fromYear to
St Anne, Soho17891902
St Clement Danes17541880
St James17541756
St James,  Piccadilly18561902
St Margaret, Westminster18601865
St Martin-in-the-Fields16991901
St Mary-le-Strand17711807

Westminster marriages

ParishYear fromYear to
Aenon Baptist Chapel, Church Street, St Marylebone18641940
All Saints, Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge18781945
All Saints, Grosvenor Road19051910
Congregational Church, Harrow Road, Kensal Town18441943
Hinde Street, Manchester Square (Wesleyan Methodist)18991945
Holy Trinity, Kensington19041945
Holy Trinity, Knightsbridge16581903
Holy Trinity, Vauxhall Bridge Road18521945
Horseferry Road Wesleyan Chapel18741927
Marylebone Presbyterian Church, Upper George Street, Bryanston Square19001945
Methodist Central Hall19131945
Percy Road Methodist Church, Paddington18271931
St Andrew, Ashley Place18961945
St Anne, Soho16861945
St Anselm, Davies Street (Hanover Chapel)18681938
St Barnabas, Pimlico18661945
St Clement Danes15581940
St Gabriel, Warwick Square, Pimlico19101945
St George's Chapel, Albemarle Street17351909
St George, Hanover Square17091945
St James17541901
St James the Less, Thorndike Street18621945
St James, Piccadilly17231945
St John the Baptist, Great Marlborough Street18601936
St John the Evangelist, Smith Square17281945
St John's Wood English Presbyterian Church, Marlborough Place18291945
St John, Great Marlborough Street18861901
St Margaret, Westminster15191945
St Mark, North Audley Street18631945
St Martin-in-the-Fields16581945
St Mary's Lutheran Church of the Savoy18391875
St Mary, Tothill Fields18411923
St Mary-le-Strand15581945
St Matthew, Great Peter Street18511938
St Michael, Burleigh Street18491905
St Michael, Chester Square18461945
St Paul, Covent Garden16531945
St Paul, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge18451904
St Peter, Eaton Square, Pimlico18441945
St Peter, Great Windmill Street18651945
St Philip, Buckingham Palace Road18901919
St Saviour's, St George's Square, Pimlico18641945
St Stephen, Rochester Row18501945
St Thomas18701902
St Thomas, Regent Street18091945
Trinity Baptist Chapel, Crawford Place, St Marylebone19321934
Westbourne Grove Baptist Chapel, Paddington19321945
Westbourne Park Baptist Chapel, Paddington19171940

Westminster burials

ParishYear fromYear to
Hanwell Cemetery18671949
St Anne, Soho16861917
St Clement Danes15581890
St George's Chapel, Albemarle Street18941903
St George, Hanover Square17291898
St James Chapel17901799
St James, Hampstead Road17891853
St James, Piccadilly17231956
St John the Baptist, Great Marlborough Street18411855
St John the Evangelist, Smith Square17311855
St Margaret, Westminster15391996
St Mark, North Audley Street18281852
St Martin-in-the-Fields16841873
St Mary-le-Strand15591853
St Paul, Covent Garden16531853