Coffs Harbour District Schools Index Part 1

This database indexes names drawn from schools in:

  • Corindi Public: 1940-1971
  • Karangi Public: 1892-1954
  • Lower Bucca Public: 1915 - 1970
  • Orara Public: 1891-1926
  • Upper Orara Public: 1926-1945, 1963-1980
  • Raleigh Public: 1894 -1961

These schools are in the Coffs Harbour District of New South Wales. Dates range from 1891 to 1981 with a 30 year exclusion period, as recommended by the Department of Education and Communities NSW. Some schools no longer exist while others are still functioning.

This index is developed from School Admission Registers, photocopies of which the Society has been able to access. The original documents provide additional information on the family which the Society is able to access.

Fields indexed:

  • Surname: Pupils name – a ? indicates the name could not be deciphered.
  • Given name: Usually the full given name - a ? indicates the name could not be deciphered.
  • School name: The name of the school at which the pupil was enrolled.
  • Date: Date of submission (if supplied) – a ? indicates the date could not be deciphered.
  • Source Document Reference: This field gives an identifier to allow location of the entry in the source document.