Help & Advice

Our help and advice section aims to provide you with the information you require to begin your family history journey with confidence and the tools you need to keep you going. It’s a fantastic and sometimes challenging journey but the rewards are wonderful and definitely worth it.

To begin, read our Getting started section which is an overview of the main aspects of family history. It will make it easier for people new to family history to start researching quickly and more effectively. It covers a range of topics including where and how to start, what information certificates can provide, where to get more help and a checklist to help you keep on track.

Once you start researching read our Using the records section. This explores the different records we offer and what you can expect to find out when you search them.

Our Frequently asked questions (FAQs) section will help you answer those commonly asked questions. It is neatly broken down into categories to make it easy for you to find the information you’re looking for.

Our Full list of records are really helpful to show you what wonderful records are on This gives you an in-depth description of every record. You may be surprised at the range of records you discover!

A great way to stay in touch with us and find out all the latest news is to Connect with us on social media and through our blog. Join the community and stay up to date with new record releases, events, competitions and more!