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We understand that researching your family history is a rewarding yet challenging process. That is why we aim to make it as easy as possible to get the information you need. There are so many ways in which findmypast Australasia will help you get the most out of your research.

Millions of historical records to help you learn about your past...and yourself

With over 135 million historical Australian and New Zealand records you are sure to discover some invaluable information about your past on Here's a brief list of some of our key records and how you'll benefit from using them:

  • See where your ancestors lived: search useful directories and electoral rolls, which are a particularly great resource as an alternate to census records.
  • Learn about the endeavours of your ancestors and about the events of the time: government gazettes are an invaluable resource as they provide information on a wide range of topics.
  • Discover military information on your ancestors: our military records contain photographic and biographical information
  • Our other great records that are available to help shape your family history journey include: religious, immigration, probate, land, court records and more! 

Discovering this information paints a vivid picture of your past. Learning about the choices your ancestors made can give you a sense of how you came to be the person you are today.

Over a billion records in our World Collection

Our World Collection contains over a billion records from Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the United States. This huge collection of wonderful records will greatly enhance family history research. 

Coming soon - more records and new tools to make discovering your family history easier

These great records are available now but are just the beginning of the story. Over the coming months we’ll be increasing the number of records we have available, providing you with so much information to aid your family history search. We will also be adding exciting new tools to help you grow your family story further and make your search more enjoyable. We look forward to helping you make a fantastic voyage of discovery. Find out more about the huge amount of fantastic records on their way.

Build your family tree

Building your family tree online is the perfect way to bring your past to life. Our free online findmypast family tree is very easy to use. Whether you’re a novice family historian or an experienced genealogist, our free software stores all the names in your tree securely in one place, allowing you access from any computer at any time.

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"Today I used for the first time and found it extremely useful. The family I am trying to trace came to Australia in 1955 and 1957. They are sisters and travelled to Australia two years apart. Until today I had only managed to find one sister and her husband, and the other sister and the two children on a passenger manifest. Today through your site I located them all on the census of 1959 living 2 doors away from each other. I even managed to find the missing husband of one of the sisters."

- Linda Wolski