Jubilee History of Tasmania

Jubilee History of Tasmania (c1887) was written by Thaddeus Leavitt, a noted author worldwide, having produced books in both Australia and Canada.

This two volume set on the "Jubilee History is Tasmania" is one of his noted works. It’s full title is The Jubilee History of Tasmania: Illustrated with which is incorporated the Early History of Victoria, Biographical Sketches and Australian Representative Men. This work does indeed cover, both Tasmania and Victoria, as well as incorporating some of the author's earlier volume the Australian Representative Men.

Produced in 1887 as a Jubilee souvenir, these two volumes total almost 1000 pages, of historical information, photographs, sketches, and hundreds of biographies.

Some of the many topics are: Aborigines, Businesses, Churches, Council, Dutch East India Company, Education, Exploration, Famine, Institutions, Land Grants, Newspaper, Hospitals, Schools, Supreme Court, and Wool.