Pine Rivers District Cemeteries – Bunya, Dayboro, Lawnton, Samford & Samsonvale

The earliest inscription relates to the death in 1866 of John Charles Richards, infant son of Thomas and Elizabeth Richards, in Samford Cemetery. Bunya Cemetery is no longer in use but Dayboro, Lawnton, Samford and Samsonvale Cemeteries all have recent burials. Transcription completed June 2002.

Cemetery locations:

  • Bunya Cemetery (established 1873) - Bunya Road, Bunya

  • Dayboro Cemetery - McKenzie Street, Dayboro

  • Lawnton Cemetery - Norfolk Avenue, Lawnton 

  • Samford Cemetery - School Road, Samford Village and Samsonvale Cemetery - Golds Scrub Lane, Samsonvale