Sydney University Calendar 1887

Old university calendars contain a wealth of information on people associated with the university as well as an insight into the courses of study offered and university life and culture generally.

A sample of the information included:

  • Information on numerous people associated with the University from its foundation in 1850 to 1887
  • Officers of the university
  • Professors and lecturers
  • Members of the university
  • Graduates - with degrees awarded and year of graduation
  • Undergraduates
  • Those awarded scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, prizes etc
  • Donors of prizes etc.
  • Lectureships and fellowships
  • Benefactors - private, stained glass windows, portrait and library
  • Colleges of the university with staff, fellows, undergraduates, endowments and prizes
  • Hospitals recognised by the university for study purposes
  • Courses - timetables, subjects and details, recommended books, examination subjects and fees
  • Various reports
  • Examination papers December 1886 and March 1887 - over 150 pages of detail