Is there more information available for the Napoleonic Wars?


The Napoleonic War records( 17775 - 1817) include information from the Army Of the Reserve (1803), regimental indexes (1806) and Foot Guards attestation papers (1775 - 1817)

These records provide valuable information about your military ancestors. Due to the nature of the records however, the information provided varies greatly from soldier to soldier. These records were kindly supplied to us by a third party provider.

To expand your search further, you can explore :

Prisoner Of War Records (1715 - 1945) at this link

In these records, you will find lists of those captured by the British during the Napoleonic Wars including Danish, French, Prussian and American prisoners. The records not only include military personnel, but also civilians, diplomats, missionaries and merchant seamen.

Many of the POW records only recorded last names and not all would have included regiments or ranks. Start your search with your ancestor's surname then narrow your results. Use the keyword search to search by Nationality, Birthplace or the name of a vessel (s)


Army List (1798) can be found at this link

The 1798 list includes the names of over 15,700 servicemen.These records contain details of light dragoons, dragoons, foot regiments, foot guards, life guards, horse guards, major generals and lieutenant colonels.

The document is organised by regiment. It also contains lists of military departments, garrisons, invalids, lieutenant colonels and majors amongst others.


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