What can I access after I cancel my Findmypast subscription?


When you cancel your Findmypast subscription, you'll still have a free account on the site.

With a free Findmypast account you can:

  • View and build your family tree - all of the people and details you’ve added to your tree are not lost when your subscription ends and you can continue to add to and edit it for free
  • Receive and view family tree hints - you’ll get some information about each hint with a free account but a paid subscription is required to make the most of them
  • Search records and view limited but useful search results - searching our records is always free
  • Search and view our extensive collection of free-to-view records

Once your Findmypast subscription ends, you’ll no longer have access to:

  • Most of our records - only free record sets will still be accessible
  • Records saved in ‘My records’ - you’ll need a valid subscription to access these. Alternatively, you can download records to your device during your subscription and keep them forever. If you viewed records using PayAsYouGo credits, they will be accessible through ‘My records’
  • Records attached to your family tree - unless they’re free records, you’ll need a paid subscription to view these fully
  • Family tree hints - only limited information is available without a paid subscription

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