Anzac Day Stories

Honouring the brave men & women who represented their country during war.


Henry Herbert Goss

Today it is mid February 2013 and I, Dr. Patrick James Goss, sit and ponder full of humility at nearly seventy seven years old at the privilege and opportunity given me to be able to relate a story of a man I admired in his time above all others. Of course I am talking about my father Henry Herbert Goss, born at Liffey, Tasmania, Australia 24/11/1888 to Samuel and Elizabeth Goss My father after having along with his parents and nine siblings moved to Barrington, Tasmania in the early nineteen hundreds did on the ninth day of March 1916 enlisted to serve in The Great War, World War 1...

By Pat Goss
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Arthur Edmond Haggar

My great uncle, Arthur Edmond Haggar was born in Hackney, London on 5th November 1888. He was the 5th of 8 children of Charles Joseph Haggar and Eliza Ann Hooker. By the 1911 census he was a barman; prospects were not great and he found work as a crewman on the SS Omrah, travelling between England and Australia. The ship docked in Sydney on 16th January 1913...

By David Harbott
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In Memory of George William Coles

George William Coles was born 20th July 1895, the son of George and Elizabeth Ann Coles. He was the fifth child and only son in a family of 10 children (9 girls & 1 boy). World War 1 had begun and on 14th January 1915, George, aged 19 enlisted in the A.I.F. at Victoria Barracks. He was drafted to Liverpool encampment that same day and there was given 3 months training....

By Carole Head
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Arthur Ashley Fowles

This is the story as recorded in the letters home from Arthur Ashley Fowles. The second photo of a soldier with his hat off beside a tree in the bush of his home before leaving in 1915 to fight in WW1. This soldier is Archibald George Stanhope FOWLESS (as enlisted), Arch was killed in action at Bullemore, France in April 1917. Arthur survived the war unhurt and enlisted again for WW11...

By Lyn Boddy
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