Reginald Phelps Little

by Melanie Karpati

My father's father Reginald Phelps Little fought for this country with the 17th Battalion. He was to contract pneumonia in the trenches in Gallipoli and if he had not used his charms, may not have survived. He joked with his son that he would chat up the nurses in order to get more attention, he credited this with his recovery from the bout of Pneumonia that he had. Returning to his Battalion he was to relay ammunition to the front for his battalion on a horse. He was to be stabbed with a bayonet and given up for dead.

He returned to Australia with his medals, his memories and having lost many mates. He never really talked much about his experiences, I can only remember as a young child seeing his medals in the frame hanging in his room, but when we asked questions about them our grandmother would tell us we didn't need to know or it's time for your grandfather's rest. I hated her for it as an 8 year old. But today having researched much of Reginald's history, I thank my grandmother for loving me enough to not be frightened by my grandfathers stories.

We must remember all contributions that all of our service men have done to make this country what it is today. I thank my grandfather and all those who fought with him as well as those who have done so since and will continue to do to keep us all safe.

Lest We Forget