Find your ancestors in Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills Vols. VI 1620-1629

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills Vols. VI 1620-1629

British Record Society volume 44

Introduction to Original Volume

In coming before the Society as the editor of this important work of reference, I have to beg the kind indulgence of all serious readers for the many mistakes and omissions which have had to be put right in the Notes, Additions, and Corrections For these corrections, and for much generous help, I am greatly indebted to the kindness of Miss Ethel Stokes, especially in lightening the labours of proof-reading and identifying numberless items as the work proceeded. The Index Locorum is also her work, with the exception of the entries under London and Middlesex and the last seven headings from "Ships" to the end, which were contributed by me.

I can heartily endorse, from my own small experience, Mr. E. A. Fry's remarks in the preface to Volume IV, as to the work involved in an Index Locorum; and the sincerest thanks of the Society as well as myself are due to Miss Stokes for all the hard work she has bestowed upon this Volume, only possible to be done by one possessed of her patience and expert knowledge.

The thanks of the Society are also due to the various workers by whose joint labours this Volume has been compiled. I have not had the pleasure of working with them, as their finished MS. was handed over to me when I became Hon. Secretary in 1908, and I had no opportunity of meeting them personally.

It would not befitting to close these remarks without reference to the great loss sustained by the Society in 1911 - by the lamented decease of Mr. G. E. Cokayne, Clarenccux King of Arms. To his ready and generous help the production of these volumes of the P.C.C. Calendar is mainly due, and all students of genealogy will ever owe him a deep debt of gratitude for enabling the Society to publish this great and important work.

It only remains to add that the present Volume supersedes the old official Calendar, comprising the following books: Soame (1620), Dale (1621), Savilc (1622), Swann (1623), Kyrde (1624), Clarke (1625), Hele (1626), Skynner (1627), Barrington (1628), Ridley (1629).

R. H. Ernest Hill.