Ireland Memorial Inscriptions includes a number of publications related to memorial inscriptions across Ireland and represent different denominations. Each title was published by the Genealogical Society of Ireland. A full list of all the cemeteries represented in this collection can be found below.

There are five titles from Deansgrange Cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries in Dublin. The titles are separated into sections: North, South, Southwest, Upper North, and West.

There are two volumes from County Louth. They are organised by surname: volume 1 provides surnames from A to J, and volume 2 provides surnames from K to Y.

Memorial Inscriptions of Ireland volume 1 consists of memorial inscriptions from the following cemeteries: St. Canice’s Cemetery, Finglas, County Dublin; St. John the Baptist Cemetery, Clontarf, County Dublin; Moravian Cemetery, Whitechurch, County Dublin; St. Peter’s Churchyard, Little Bray, County Wicklow; Knockcommon, Rosnaree and Tymoole Graveyards, County Meath.

Each record is available as a PDF. A PDF search functions differently from an indexed search. Use our search tips below to learn more.

The detail you will discover depends on the publication. The Louth, Tombstone Inscription Index Volumes 1 and 2 provide you with the individual’s name and burial place, as well as the source. The publications for Deansgrange Cemetery in Dublin and the Memorial Inscriptions of Ireland Volume 1 may provide you with your ancestor’s name, death date, and age at the time of death, as well as the names of other family members (such as parents, siblings, spouses, and children) and their death dates.