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At findmypast, we strive to be the best online genealogy tool available - so it's important that we provide the most comprehensive set of records to help you discover your family history. Many of the records we provide are online exclusives, and include digitised treasures that would otherwise be buried in the past. They offer wonderful glimpses into the people responsible for who we are today.

Below is a list of categories, and all the record sets available within them. If you click any of the links you will be taken through to a description of what these record sets contain and what detailed information you can expect to find in them. We are continually adding new records to the site - so check back regularly to stay up to date!

Full list of United States records

Birth, Marriage & Death

New York, St Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Marriages
West Virginia Deaths
Alabama Deaths, 1908-1974
Alabama Marriages, 1816-1957
Archdiocese of Philadelphia sacramental registers parish list
Arizona Births and Christenings, 1909-1917
Arizona deaths
Arizona deaths & burials, 1881-1917
Arizona marriages, 1865-1949
Boston Births, 1630-1849
Boston Deaths, 1630-1825
Boston Deaths, 1700-1799
Boston Marriages, 1630-1809
California Births and Christenings, 1812-1988
California Births, 1970-1995
California Marriages, 1850-1945
California, County Marriages, 1850-1952
California, San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records 1835-1931
Chicago Roman Catholic cemetery records, 1864-1989
Chicago Roman Catholic parish baptism records
Chicago Roman Catholic parish baptisms
Chicago Roman Catholic parish burial records
Chicago Roman Catholic parish burials
Chicago Roman Catholic parish congregational records
Chicago Roman Catholic parish marriage records
Chicago Roman Catholic parish marriages
Cincinnati Roman Catholic parish baptisms
Cincinnati Roman Catholic Parish Burials
Cincinnati Roman Catholic parish congregational records
Cincinnati Roman Catholic Parish Marriages
Connecticut baptisms, 1600s-1800s
Connecticut burials, 1600s-1800s
Connecticut church records, 1600s-1800s
Connecticut Deaths, 1949-2010
Connecticut Divorces, 1960-1990
Connecticut Marriages, 1959-2010
Connecticut, Stonington Cemetery Records
Connecticut, Town of Sharon Cemetery Indexes
District of Columbia births & baptisms, 1830-1955
District of Columbia deaths & burials, 1840-1964
District of Columbia marriages, 1830-1921
Georgia births and christenings 1754-1940
Gorgas Hospital Panama Canal Mortuary Registers, 1906-1991
Historical Society of Pennsylvania Births & Baptisms
Idaho births & baptisms, 1856-1965
Idaho County Marriages 1864-1950
Idaho death certificates 1911-1937
Indiana Births and Christenings, 1773-1933
Indiana marriages 1811-1959
Indiana Marriages, 1780-1992
Iowa deaths & burials, 1850-1990
Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992
Kentucky Births, 1911-1999
Kentucky Deaths, 1911-1999
Kentucky Marriages, 1973-1999
Louisiana, Orleans Parish Estate Files 1804-1846
Massachusetts deaths, 1969-2010
Massachusetts marriages 1841-1915
Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850
Missouri, Moniteau County Roman Catholic Marriages
Montana County Marriages 1865-1950
Montana Deaths, 1954-2011
Montana marriages 1863-1960
Montserrat, Methodist Marriages 1820-1841
Nebraska, Omaha births 1874-1887
New Jersey baptisms 1746-1795
New Jersey church records 1747-1794
New York City Death Notices, 1835-1880
New York City Marriage Notices, 1835-1880
New York Roman Catholic parish baptisms
New York Roman Catholic parish list
New York Roman Catholic parish marriages
New York, St Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baptisms
New York, St Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Deaths and Burials
North Carolina deaths 1906-1930
North Carolina Deaths, 1931-1994
Ohio Deaths, 1959-2012
Ohio Divorces, 1962-2011
Ohio Marriages, 1970, 1972-2011
Ohio Obituary Index, 1814-2013
Oklahoma marriages 1842-1912
Oregon births & baptisms, 1868-1929
Pennsylvania baptisms 1709-1760
Pennsylvania births & baptisms
Pennsylvania burials 1816-1849
Pennsylvania congregational records
Pennsylvania deaths & burials
Pennsylvania marriages
Philadelphia Roman Catholic parish baptisms
Philadelphia Roman Catholic parish marriages
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, vital records 1706-1895
Rhode Island births & baptisms 1600-1935
Rhode Island church records 1671-1899
Rhode Island deaths & burials 1628-1930
Social Security Death Index
South Carolina deaths 1915-1943
South Carolina, will transcripts 1782-1866
Texas Divorces, 1968-2010
Texas Marriages, 1968-2010
Texas, Bexar County burials 1855-2007
U.S. Veteran's Gravesites
United States BillionGraves Index
United States births & christenings 1817-1961
United States deaths & burials 1833-1970
United States marriages
United States Obituary Notices
United States, Connecticut Town Vitals, The Barbour Collection indexes
United States, Early American vital records indexes
United States, Philadelphia Genealogy Abstracts
United States, West Virginia births
Utah births & christenings, 1892-1941
Utah deaths & burials, 1848-1960
Utah divorces
Utah marriages, 1845-1935
Utah, Salt Lake County Birth Records 1890-1908
Utah, Salt Lake County Death Records 1908-1949
Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940
Virginia, Winchester, Evening Star obituaries 1899-1909
Washington, County Deaths, 1891-1907
Washington, County Marriages, 1855-2008
Washington, King County Delayed Births 1941-1942
Wyoming marriages 1867-1941

Census, Land & Substitutes

1840 United States census, Revolutionary War veterans
1890 U.S. Census, Civil War Union Veterans and Widows
Alabama State Census 1855
Alabama State Census 1866
California Great Registers 1866-1910
California State Census 1852
Colorado State Census 1885
Florida State Census 1935
Florida State Census 1945
Minnesota State Census 1865
Minnesota State Census 1875
Minnesota State Census 1885
Minnesota State Census 1895
Minnesota State Census 1905
Minnesota Territorial Census 1857
South Carolina, legislative papers 1782-1929
South Carolina, plats for state land grants 1784-1868
South Dakota State Census 1905
South Dakota State Census 1915
South Dakota State Census 1925
South Dakota State Census 1935
South Dakota State Census 1945
US Census 1790
US Census 1800
US Census 1810
US Census 1820
US Census 1830
US Census 1840
US Census 1850
US Census 1850 Mortality Schedule
US Census 1850 Slave Schedule
US Census 1860
US Census 1870
US Census 1880
US Census 1890
US Census 1900
US Census 1910
US Census 1920
US Census 1930
US Census 1930 Merchant Seamen schedule
US Census 1940

Immigration & Travel

Winthrop Fleet Passenger List, 1630
Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1846-1851
Boston Passenger Lists, 1846-1851
British & Irish Roots Collection
California Northern District Naturalizations, 1850-1989
California, Los Angeles, San Pedro, and Wilmington Passenger Lists, 1900-1948
California, San Francisco Passenger Lists, 1893-1953
Emigrant Ministers to America, 1690-1811
Florida, Key West Passenger Lists, 1898-1945
Florida, Tampa Passenger Lists, 1898-1945
Germans to America, 1850-1897
Hawaii, Honolulu Passenger Lists, 1900-1953
Idaho, Eastport Arrivals, 1900-1962
Illinois Northern District Naturalizations, 1850-1950
Illinois, Northern District, naturalization index
Irish Famine Immigrants, 1846-1851
Italians to America, 1855-1900
Japanese-Americans WWII Relocation Files
Louisiana, New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1903-1945
Maryland, Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Massachusetts, Boston Crew Lists, 1917-1943
Massachusetts, Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1943
Massachusetts, Mayflower Passengers 1620
Michigan, Detroit Passenger Lists, 1900-1965
Minnesota naturalizations 1930-1988
New England passenger and crew lists
New England passenger and crew lists
New England, naturalizations 1791-1906
New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1846-1851
New York City Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
New York passenger lists & arrivals
New York Passenger Lists, 1846-1890
New York, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Rochester Arrivals, 1902-1954
North Carolina, Wilmington and Morehead City Passenger Lists, 1908-1958
Ohio County naturalizations 1800-1977
Passenger Lists Leaving UK 1890-1960
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1800-1948
Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1846-1851
Russians to America, 1834-1897
Swiss Emigrants To The American Colonies, 1734-1744
Texas, Eagle Pass arrivals, 1905-1953
United States naturalization petitions
United States passport applications
United States, Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ports Passenger Lists, 1820-1874
United States, Canadian border crossings
United States, Transatlantic migration indexes
Washington, Seattle Passenger Lists, 1890-1957
West Virginia naturalizations 1814-1991

Institutes & Organizations

Book of Deeds of Manumissions of Slaves, 1774-1792 (Kent, Pennsylvania)
New England, Register of Seaman's Protection Certificates
Pennsylvania, Register of Mine Accidents
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, expenses of the poor 1817-1838
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, warnings out 1722-1769
South Carolina, criminal court records
United States, New York, Emigrant Savings Bank Registers

Military Service & Conflict

Arkansas Second Registration draft cards 1948-1959
Duty locations, Naval Group China, World War II, 1942-1945
General Correspondence of the Record and Pension Office, 1889-1904
Georgia World War II Draft Registration Cards 1940-1942
Korean War Casualty File
Korean War Deaths, 1950-1954
Korean War Pows
Korean War Pows [Repatriated]
Louisiana draft cards 1940-1959
Muster Rolls of the Marine Corps
Pennsylvania, American Revolution Patriot Militia Index
Pennsylvania, Oaths Of Allegiance Lists
Pennsylvania, World War II casualty cards
South Carolina, records of Confederate veterans 1909-1973
U.S. Army Casualties, 1961-1981
U.S. Civil War Medal of Honor, 1861-1865
U.S. Civil War Prisoners, 1861-1865
U.S. Civil War Sailors, 1861-1865
U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
United States Army Enlistments 1798-1914
United States Civil War Pension Files Index 1861-1934
United States Naval Enlistment Rendezvous 1855-1891
United States, Revolutionary War, Pensions
United States, World War I draft registration cards
Vermont, enrolled militia 1861-1867
Veterans Administration pension payment cards, 1907-1933
Veterans with Federal Service Buried in Utah, Territorial to 1966
Vietnam War Casualties
Vietnam War Casualties Returned Alive
Vietnam War Deaths
World War II Army Enlistment Records
World War II POWs

Newspapers & Periodicals

PERiodical Source Index (PERSI)
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, newspaper abstracts 1776-1800
United States, Early American families indexes

Full list of United Kingdom records

Armed Forces & Conflict

1st Sportsman's Battalion, Royal Fusiliers 1914-1918
British Army, Coldstream Guards 1800-1981
1861 Worldwide Army Index
Afghan War, Fallen Officers & Victoria Cross Recipients 1878-1880
Airmen Died in the Great War, 1914-1919
Airmen Died In The Second World War, 1939-1946
Anglo-Boer War Records 1899-1902
Army Deserters 1828-1840
Army List August 1878
Army Roll of Honour 1939-1945
Birmingham City Battalions 1914-1918
Birmingham Employers Roll of Honour 1914-1918
Bradford Pals 1914-1918
Britain, First World War Campaign Medals
Britain, Gestapo Invasion Arrest List 1940
British Armed Forces Soldiers' Wills 1850-1986
British Armed Forces, First World War Soldiers' Medical Records
British Armed Forces, First World War Widows' Pensions Forms
British Armed Forces, Roman Catholic Registers Baptisms
British Army Casualty Lists 1939-1945
British Army Discharges, 60th Foot 1854-1880
British Army Officers' Widows' Pension Forms 1755-1908
British Army Service Records - WO 363 & WO 364
British Army Service Records WO 22 & WO 23
British Army Service Records WO 96 & WO 97
British Army, Bond Of Sacrifice: Officers Died In The Great War 1914-1916
British Army, British Red Cross Society volunteers 1914-1918
British Army, East Surrey Regiment 1899-1919
British Army, East Surrey Regiment 1899-1919
British Army, East Surrey Regiment 1899-1919
British Army, Honourable Artillery Company
British Army, Honourable Artillery Company, Cardew-Rendle roll of members 1537-1908
British Army, Imperial War Museum Bond of Sacrifice 1914-1918
British Army, Indian Volunteer Force Medal Awards 1915-1939
British Army, Irish regimental enlistment registers 1877-1924
British Army, List Of Half-Pay Officers 1714
British Army, Lloyds Of London Memorial Roll 1914-1919
British Army, London Regiment, Surrey Battalions 1914-1940
British Army, Northumberland Fusiliers 1881-1920
British Army, Queen's Royal West Regiment 1901-1918
British Army, Queen's Royal West Regiment 1901-1918
British Army, Queen's Royal West Regiment 1901-1918
British Army, Railwaymen Died in the Great War
British Army, Royal Artillery Officer Deaths 1850-2011
British Army, Royal Artillery Officers 1716-1899
British Army, Royal Artillery War Commemoration Book, 1914-1918
British Army, Royal Artillery, 80th Field Regiment, WW2
British Army, Royal Welch Fusiliers
British Army, War of 1812 Casualties
British Army, Women's Army Auxiliary Corps 1917-1920
British Army, worldwide index 1851
British Casualties, Aden 1955-1967
British Casualties, Indian Mutiny 1857-1859
British Casualties, Korean War 1950 – 1953
British Casualties, Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939
British in Argentina 1914-1919
British India Office Army & Navy pensions
British Officers Taken Prisoner of War 1914-1918
British Red Cross & Order Of St John Enquiry List, Wounded & Missing, 1914-1919
British Red Cross Register of Overseas Volunteers, 1914-1918
British Royal Air Force, Airmen's Service Records 1912-1939
British Royal Air Force, Gallantry Awards 1914-1919
British Royal Air Force, Officers’ Service Records 1912 - 1920
British Royal Naval Reserve 1899-1930 ADM240
British Royal Naval Reserve 1899-1930 ADM337
British Royal Navy & Royal Marines service and pension records, 1704-1939
British Royal Navy & Royal Marines service and pension records, 1704-1939
British Royal Navy & Royal Marines, Battle of Jutland 1916 servicemen
British Royal Navy Allotment Declarations 1795-1852
British Royal Navy personnel 1831
British Royal Navy Seamen 1899-1924
British Royal Navy, Foreign Awards To Officers Index 1914-1922
British Royal Navy, Ships' Musters
British subjects who died in the service of the Indian Empire
British Women's Royal Air Force Service Records 1918-1920
Chelsea: documents of soldiers awarded deferred pensions 1838-1896 - WO 131
Chelsea: pensioners' discharge documents 1760-1887 - WO 121
Chelsea: pensioners' discharge documents, foreign regiments 1816-1817 - WO 122
City of York militia & muster rolls 1509-1829
Coastguards 1801-1952
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Debt of Honour, 1914-1921
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Debt of Honour, 1938-1947
Crimean War casualties 1853-1856
Cyprus Emergency Deaths 1955-1960
De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour 1914-1918
Edinburgh Pals 1914-1918
England & Wales, Women's Land Army Service Cards 1939-1950
Essex, Clacton Roll Of Honour 1914-1918
Glasgow Pals 1914-1918
Hampshire, Portsmouth Military Tribunals 1916-1919
Harold Gillles Plastic Surgery Archives from WWI
Harts Army List 1840
Harts Army List 1888
Honourable Women of the Great War, 1914-1918
Imperial Yeomanry, soldiers' documents, South African War 1899-1902 - WO 128
Irish Officers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919
Jersey, 1815 Militia Survey
Kempston Servicemen 1914-1920
Kilmainham Pensioners British Army service records, 1771-1821
Leicestershire and Rutland, Soldiers Died 1914-1920
Lincolnshire, Kesteven Militia Ballot List 1824
Liverpool Pals 1914-1918
London County Council Record Of War Service 1914-1918
London Stock Exchange Memorial Roll 1914-1918
London volunteer soldiers, 1859-1955
Manchester Employers' Roll Of Honour 1914-1916
Manchester Regiment city battalions 1914-1916
Middlesex War Memorials
Middlesex, Poplar, Military Tribunals 1916-1918
Military Nurses (Royal Red Cross)
Military Nurses 1856-1994
Napoleonic War Records
Napoleonic War Records
Napoleonic War Records 1775 - 1817
National Roll of the Great War 1914-1918
Northamptonshire Military Tribunals 1916-1918
Northamptonshire militia lists 1771
Officers' services, First World War - WO 339 & WO 374
Oldham Pals 1914-1920
Oldham Pals Roll of Honour
Palestine Conflict British Deaths 1945-1948
Peninsular Medal Roll 1793-1814
Plymouth Militia records 1625-1831
Plymouth Rolls Of Honour 1914-1919
Plymouth Second World War records 1939-1945
Plymouth Subscribers For Redemption Of Captives In Turkey and Algiers 1680
Prisoners of War - Second World War (1939-1945) - Europe
Prisoners of War - Second World War (1939-1945) - Far East
Prisoners Of War 1715-1945 - Napoleonic
Prisoners of war 1745-1945: Crimean War to Boer Wars
Prisoners Of War 1914-1920
Prisoners of War sound recordings 1916-1918
Prisoners of War, General Correspondence, 1915
Regimental records of officers' services 1775-1914 - WO 76
Royal Air Force Muster Roll 1918
Royal Artillery Attestations 1883-1942
Royal Artillery Honors & Awards
Royal Artillery Military Medal Awards
Royal Artillery Other Ranks: casualty cards 1939-1947
Royal Fusiliers Collection 1863-1905
Royal Fusiliers, Stockbrokers' Battalion 1914-1918
Royal Marine Medal Roll
Royal Marines 1899-1919
Royal Naval Division Casualties, 1914-1919
Royal Naval Division Service Records, 1914-1920
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve medal roll
Royal Navy Officers 1899-1919
Royal Navy Officers Medal Roll, 1914-1920
Royal Navy Registers of Seaman's Services, 1925-1929
Royal Navy Seamen's Services Continuous Record cards, 1925-1939
Royal Sussex Regiment Southdown Battalions 1914-1918
Royal Tank Corps enlistment records, 1919-1934
Salford Pals 1914-1918
Second World War civilian casualties in Britain 1940-1945
Silver War Badge roll 1914-1920
Soldiers died in the Great War 1914-1919
South Africa Roll Of Honour 1914-1918
South Lancashire Regiment Prisoners of War 1914-1918
South Wales Borderers 1890s
South Wales Borderers Special Reserve enlistments 1915
Surrey Recruitment Records
Surrey, Military Tribunals 1915-1918
Swansea Pals (14th Welsh Regt)
The Household Cavalry 1801-1919 - WO 400
Warwickshire, Coventry, bomb damage schedules 1940-1941
Waterloo Roll Call 1815
Welsh Guards 1915-1918
Wills of Royal Navy & Royal Marines personnel, 1786-1882
Wiltshire WW1 Hospital Records
World War One British Army Medal Index Cards
WW1 Ships Lost at Sea, 1914-1919
WWI Distinguished Conduct Medal Citations
WWII Escapers and Evaders

Britain, marriage licences

Census, Land & Surveys

Gibraltar Census 1871-1921
Scotland, Return of Owners of Land 1873
1790 Corfe Castle & District Census
1801 Kent, Dartford census
1821 Kent, Dartford census
1841 England, Wales & Scotland Census
1851 England, Wales & Scotland Census
1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census
1871 England, Wales & Scotland Census
1881 England, Wales & Scotland Census
1891 England, Wales & Scotland Census
1901 England, Wales & Scotland Census
1911 England & Wales Census
1921 Census Of England & Wales Official Reports
1939 Register
1939 Register Original Forms
Boyd's inhabitants of London & family units, 1200-1946
Caribbean Association Oath Rolls, 1696
Cheshire Electoral Registers
Cheshire Land Tax Assessments 1786-1832
City of York deeds registers 1718-1866
Devon, Plymouth & West Devon Electoral Registers 1780-1973
Devon, Plymouth & West Devon Land Tax and Valuation Records 1897-1949
England & Wales, Return of Owners of Land 1873
England, Pollbooks and Directories 1830-1837
Jersey, 1788 St Lawrence Parish Inhabitants
Kent, Bromley Absent Voters List 1918
Known missing places from 1939 Register
London, Lambeth Electoral Registers 1832-1886
London, Westminster Marylebone Census 1821 & 1831
Middlesex Protestation Returns 1641-42
Norfolk Electoral Registers 1832-1915
Northamptonshire Freeholders 1795-1797
Northamptonshire Hearth Tax, 1674
Rate Books
Scotland, Berwickshire, Ladykirk Heads of Household 1811
Scotland, Edinburgh St Cuthbert's Census 1790
Scotland, Forfarshire (Angus), Dundee Poor Relief Assessments 1822-1839
Scotland, Perthshire, Inhabitants of the Burgh of Perth 1766
Scotland, Shetland, Tingwall List of Inhabitants 1785
Scotland, Wigtownshire & Minnigaff Parish Lists 1684
UK Electoral Registers & Companies House Directors 2002-2020
Wales, Monmouthshire Electoral Registers 1832-1889
Wales, Monmouthshire Electoral Registers 1839-1889
Westminster Roman Catholic Census 1893
Wiltshire Tithe Award Register 1813-1882

Education and Work Records

Army Schoolmasters - Punishment Ledgers
Army Schoolmasters - Punishment Ledgers
Army Schoolmasters 1847-1876
Army Schoolmasters 1847-1876
Army Schoolmasters 1847-1876
Berkshire, Eton College Register, 1441-1698
Britain, Business Indexes 1892-1987
Britain, Business Indexes 1892-1987
Britain, Children's Employment Commission Part 2, 1842
Britain, Merchant Seamen, 1835-1857
Britain, Merchant Seamen, 1918-1941
Britain, Merchant Seamen, 1918-1941
Britain, school and university register books 1264-1930
Britain, Trade Union Membership Registers
Britain, Trade Union Membership Registers, Browse
British India Office Assistant Surgeons
City of London, Haberdashers, Apprentices and Freemen 1526-1933
City of London, Ironmongers, Apprentices and Freemen 1511-1923
City of York apprentices and freemen 1272-1930
Civil Service Commission appointments, promotions and transfers 1871-1942
Clergy List 1896
Dental Surgeons Directory 1925
Devon, Plymouth & West Devon Apprentices 1570-1910
East India Company & Civil Service pensions
Electrical Engineering Apprentices & Trainees, 1902-1934
England, Cheshire school records, 1782-1950
Gloucester Apprentices 1595-1700
Lancashire, Barrow-In-Furness Shipbuilding & Engineering Employees
Lloyd's Register Of Merchant Ships Index 1843
London Apprentices from Dorset 1605-1799
London Apprentices from Somerset 1575-1800
London, Dulwich College Register 1619-1926
London, Watermen In Royal Navy, 1803-1809
London, Watermen, Admiralty Muster Of The Port Of London, 1628
London, Watermen, Birth Register Of Contracted Men, 1865-1921
London, Watermen, List Of Free Watermen, 1827
London, Watermen's Petition For The King Charles I, 1648
Manchester Apprentices 1700-1849
Manchester Industrial School Registers1866-1912
Manchester Police Index 1858-1941
Match workers strike, Bow 1888
Merchant Navy Seamen [Merchant Marines]
National School Admission Registers & Log-Books 1870-1914
Royal Hibernian Military School admissions 1847-1932
Royal Hibernian Military School Staff List 1864
Royal Household Staff 1526-1924
Royal Military Asylum apprentice ledgers 1803-1840 / Royal Military Asylum (Chelsea) admissions 1803-1901
Scotland, Edinburgh Apprentices 1583-1800
Surrey, Southwark Congregational Registers
Surrey, Southwark, Newington Apprentice Register 1891
Sussex, Lancing College Register 1901-1954
Teachers Registration Council Registers
Trinity House Calendars, 1787-1854
Warwickshire, Coventry, company directories and publications 1908-1966
White Star Line Officers' books

Institutions & Organisations

Britain, Executions 1606-1955
Bury Union Workhouse (Jericho Institution) Admission Registers
Bury Workhouse Creed Registers
Bury Workhouse Discharge Registers
Chertsey Poor Law Union Admission and Discharge Books post-1900
Chertsey Poor Law Union Admission and Discharge Books pre-1900
Cheshire Workhouse Records (Baptisms)
Cheshire Workhouse Records (Births)
Cheshire Workhouse Records (Burials)
Cheshire Workhouse Records (Deaths)
Cheshire Workhouse Records, Admissions and Discharges
Cheshire Workhouse Records, Religious Creeds
City of York calendars of prisoners 1739-1851
City of York hearth & window tax 1665-1778
Cobham, Reed’s School Annual Reports 1818-1901
Derbyshire hospital admissions and deaths 1892-1913
Derbyshire hospital admissions and deaths 1892-1913
Derbyshire Workhouse Reports
Devon, Plymouth Prison Records 1832-1919
Devon, Tavistock Borough Court Luxton Manuscripts, 1839-1896
Dorking Poor Law Union Application and Report Books 1837-1847
England & Wales, paupers in workhouses 1860
England and Wales, Crime, Prisons and Punishment 1770-1935
Farnham Board of Guardians Minute Books 1872-1910
Godstone Poor Law Union Application and Report Books 1869-1915
Guildford Infirmary Deaths 1933-1939
Guildford Workhouse Births 1866-1910
Guildford Workhouse Deaths 1887-1914
Hambledon Board of Guardians Minute Books 1836-1910
Hampshire, Portsmouth Hospital Records
Hampshire, Portsmouth Workhouse Registers
Hampshire, Portsmouth, Portsea Island Rate Books
Ireland, Licences to Keep Arms 1832-1836
Ireland, Ulster Covenant 1912
Irish Tontines Annuitants 1766-1789 - Annuities
Irish Tontines Annuitants 1766-1789 - Deaths
Irish Tontines Annuitants 1766-1789 - Marriages
Kent, Bexley Asylum Minute Books, 1901-1939
Lancashire, Manchester cholera victims 1832
Lincolnshire Poor Law Removals 1665 - 1865
Lincolnshire Settlement Certificates 1675 - 1860
Lincolnshire Settlement Examinations 1721 - 1861
Lincolnshire, Workhouse Guardians' Minutes
Liverpool Workhouse Registers
London, Bethlem Hospital Patient Admission Registers and Casebooks 1683-1932
Mayford Industrial School Admissions 1895-1907
Middlesex, Harrow School photographs of pupils & masters 1869-1925
Middlesex, London, Old Bailey Court records 1674-1913
National School Admission Registers & Log-Books 1870-1914
Princess Mary Village Homes Pupils 1870-1890s
Prison ship (Hulk) Registers 1811-1843
Redhill, Royal Philanthropic School Admission Registers 1788-1906
Richmond Poor Law Union Application and Report Books 1870-1911
Roxburghshire, Kelso Dispensary Patient Registers 1777-1781
Scotland prison registers index 1828-1884
Scotland, Buchanan Society Members 1725-1948
Scotland, Edinburgh Temperance Pledges 1886-1908
Scotland, Linlithgowshire (West Lothian), poorhouse records 1859-1912
South Yorkshire Asylum, Admission Records
Surrey County Gaol Deaths 1798-1878
Surrey feet of fines 1558-1760
Surrey feet of fines place list
Surrey Quarter Sessions 1780 -1820
Surrey, Southwark, St Saviour Poor Relief 1818-1821
Warlingham Military Hospital Chaplain's Department baptisms, confirmations and deaths 1917-1919
Warwickshire bastardy index
Warwickshire, Coventry workhouse admission and discharge registers 1853-1946
Warwickshire, Coventry, Vehicle Registrations 1921-1944
Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Admissions
Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Apprentices
Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Bastardy
Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Examinations
Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Land tax
Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Paupers
Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Poor law and workhouse records
Westminster, poor law and parish administration - Valuations
Wiltshire Asylum Registers, 1789-1921
Woking, St Peter’s Memorial Home Patients 1885-1908
Women’s Suffrage Petition 1866
Yorkshire, Sheffield Crime Courts and Convicts 1737-1938
Yorkshire, Sheffield Crime Courts And Convicts 1769-1931
Yorkshire, Sheffield social and institutional records 1558-1939
Yorkshire, Sheffield, asylum & hospital admissions & subscriptions 1748-1937
Yorkshire, Sheffield, Workhouse Admissions 1700-1915

Life Events (BMDs)

Ireland, Genealogical Office Manuscripts, Marriages
Lancashire, Oldham Inquisitions 1905-1917
Shropshire, Kinnerley & West Felton Bishop's Transcripts, Marriages 1630-1692
Aberdeenshire, Banffshire & Kincardineshire Monumental Inscriptions
Anglesey Banns
Anglesey Baptisms
Anglesey Burials
Anglesey Marriages
Bank Of England Wills Extracts 1717-1845
Baptisms of Frant, Sussex
Bedfordshire Baptisms
Bedfordshire Burials
Bedfordshire Marriages
Berkshire baptisms
Berkshire Burial Index
Berkshire Marriages
Berkshire Probate Index
Billingshurst Baptisms
Billingshurst Burials and Probate
Billingshurst Marriages
Boyd's 1st Misc
Boyd's London Burials
Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1840
Bradford burial index
Bradford Parish Church Burials, Yorkshire
Brayton St Wilfred Burials
Britain, wills of famous persons 1552-1849
British India Office births & baptisms
British India Office deaths & burials
British India Office marriages
British India Office wills & probate
British nationals death overseas 1818-2005
British Overseas and Armed Forces Deaths
British Overseas Marriages
British Royal Marines, marriage registers 1813 - 1920
Buckinghamshire banns index
Buckinghamshire baptisms index
Buckinghamshire burials index
Buckinghamshire Marriages
Buckinghamshire marriages index
Burials of Frant, Sussex
Caernarvonshire Banns
Caernarvonshire Baptisms
Caernarvonshire Burials
Caernarvonshire Marriages
Cambridgeshire banns
Cambridgeshire Baptisms
Cambridgeshire Burials
Cambridgeshire Marriages
Cambridgeshire, Ely Diocese Marriage Licences 1684-1811
Cardigan Banns
Cardigan Baptisms
Cardigan Burials
Cardigan Marriage
Cardiganshire burials parish list
Cardiganshire, Llanwenog monumental inscriptions 1768-1996
Carmarthen Banns
Carmarthen Baptisms
Carmarthen Burials
Carmarthen Marriages
Chepstow Non-Conformists Registers
Cheshire Marriage licence bonds and allegations 1606-1905
Cheshire Monumental Inscriptions
Cheshire Non-conformist & Roman Catholic Registers (Baptism) 17th Century-1910
Cheshire Non-conformist & Roman Catholic Registers (Burials) 17th Century-1910
Cheshire Non-conformist & Roman Catholic Registers (Marriages) 17th Century-1910
Cheshire Vital Records Browse 1500-1991
Cheshire Wills and Probate
Cheshire Workhouse Records (Baptisms)
Cheshire Workhouse Records (Births)
Cheshire Workhouse Records (Burials)
Cheshire Workhouse Records (Deaths)
City of London Burials 1754-1855
Civil Service Evidence of Age
Cleveland Baptisms
Cleveland Marriages
Cleveland Memorial Inscriptions
Clifton Road Cemetery Memorial Inscriptions (Rugby)
Cornwall Baptisms
Cornwall Burials
Cornwall burials parish list
Cornwall Marriages
Cornwall Memorial Inscriptions
Cornwall, Falmouth and Penryn Dissenters' Burying Ground Registers 1808-1928
Denbigh Banns
Denbigh Baptisms
Denbigh Burials
Denbigh Marriages
Derbyshire Baptisms
Derbyshire Burials
Derbyshire Marriages
Derbyshire Registrars Birth Index
Derbyshire Registrars Death Index
Derbyshire Registrars Marriage Index
Devon Baptisms
Devon Baptisms - Transcripts
Devon Burials
Devon Burials - Transcripts
Devon Marriages
Devon Marriages - Transcripts
Devon, Plymouth & West Devon Parish Chest Records 1556-1950
Devon, Plymouth Borough Records 1519-1905
Diocese of Chester Bishop's Transcripts of Baptisms c1600-1910
Diocese of Chester Bishop's Transcripts of Burials c1600-1910
Diocese of Chester Bishop's Transcripts of Marriages c1600-1910
Diocese of Chester parish registers of Baptisms c1538-1910
Diocese of Chester parish registers of Burials c1538-1910
Diocese of Chester parish registers of Marriages c1538-1910
Divorce index
Doncaster Baptisms
Doncaster Burials
Doncaster Cemetery
Dorset Baptisms
Dorset Burials
Dorset Burials
Dorset Marriages
Dorset Marriages
Dorset Memorial Inscriptions
Dorset Monumental Inscriptions
Dunchurch Baptisms
Dunchurch Burials
Dunchurch Marriages
Durham Baptisms
Durham Baptisms part 2
East Kent Burial Index
Eastbourne Baptisms, Bodle Street Green
Eastbourne Burials, Bodle Street Green
Eastbourne Marriages, Bodle Street Green
Edge Designs Burials
Elland St Mary Baptisms
Elland St Mary Burials
Elland St Mary Marriages
Elmton, Derbyshire Baptisms
Elmton, Derbyshire Burials
Elmton, Derbyshire Marriages
England & Wales births 1837-2006
England & Wales deaths 1837-2007
England & Wales marriages 1837-2008
England & Wales Non-Conformist Births and Baptisms
England & Wales Non-conformist burials 1640 - 1898
England & Wales Non-conformist marriages 1641 - 1852
England BillionGraves Cemetery Index
England Caterbury parish Baptisms
England Roman Catholic parish baptisms - Archdiocese of Birmingham
England Roman Catholic parish baptisms - Archdiocese of Northampton
England Roman Catholic parish baptisms - Diocese of Westminster
England Roman Catholic parish burials - Archdiocese of Birmingham
England Roman Catholic parish burials - Archdiocese of Northampton
England Roman Catholic parish burials - Diocese of Westminster
England Roman Catholic Parish congregational records - Archdiocese of Birmingham
England Roman Catholic Parish congregational records - Archdiocese of Northampton
England Roman Catholic parish marriages - Archdiocese of Brimingham
England Roman Catholic parish marriages - Diocese of Westminster
England Roman Catholic Parish marriages records - Archdiocese of Northampton
England, Clandestine marriages
England, Greater Manchester baptisms 1571-1910
England, Greater Manchester burials 1570-1990
England, Greater Manchester marriages 1570-1936
England, Greater Manchester parish lists
England: Sowerby, Yorkshire Baptisms 1668-1982
England: Sowerby, Yorkshire Burials 1643-1954
England: Sowerby, Yorkshire Marriages 1712-1907
Essex Baptism Index 1538-1917
Essex Baptism Index 1538-1917
Essex Burial Index 1530-1950
Essex Burial Index 1530-1950
Essex Memorial Inscriptions
Establishment Lists for Master of the Household's Department 1835-1924
Establishment Lists for Royal Mews 1717-1924
Faculty Office Marriage Licences
Flint Banns
Flint Baptisms
Flint Burials
Flint Marriages
Furness Burials
Gibraltar Military Deaths 1869-1914
Gibraltar, St Andrew's Kirk Baptisms
Gibraltar, St Andrew's Kirk Burials
Gibraltar, St Andrew's Kirk Congregation Records 1840-1947
Gibraltar, St Andrew's Kirk Marriages
Glamorgan Banns
Glamorgan Baptisms
Glamorgan Burial Index
Glamorgan Burials
Glamorgan Marriage Index pre-1837
Glamorgan Marriages
Glamorgan Marriages and Banns
Glamorgan Monumental Inscription index
Gloucestershire Baptisms
Gloucestershire Burials
Gloucestershire Marriages
Gloucestershire Parish Lists
Gloucestershire Wills & Administrations, 1801-1858
Gloucestershire, Bristol Baptism Index
Gloucestershire, Bristol Baptism Index 1660-1914
Gloucestershire, Bristol Burial Index
Gloucestershire, Bristol Burial Index 1625-1950
Gloucestershire, Bristol Marriage Index
Gloucestershire, Bristol Marriage Index 1644-1939
Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Probate Abstracts, 1660-1740
Great Western Railway Shareholders 1835-1932
Greater London Burial Index
GRO Air Births Indices (1947-1965)
GRO Air Death Indices (1947 to 1965)
GRO Air Death Missing Persons Indices (1947 to 1965)
GRO Army Birth Indices (1881 to 1965)
GRO Army Chaplains Birth Indices (1796 to 1880)
GRO Army Marriages within British Lines (1914-1925)
GRO Article 6/ Article 18 Marriages (1956 to 1965)
GRO Article 6/ Article 18 Marriages (up to 1955)
GRO Births Abroad Indices (1966 to 1978)
GRO Births Abroad Indices (1979 to 1994)
GRO Births Abroad Indices (1995 to 2005)
GRO Chaplains Returns Marriages (1796 to 1880)
GRO Consular Marriages (1849-1965)
GRO Index Army Marriages (1881 to 1955)
GRO Ionian Islands Chaplains Returns Births (1818-1864)
GRO Ionian Islands Chaplains Returns Marriages (1818 to 1864)
GRO Ionian Islands Civil Registration Births (1818-1864)
GRO Ionian Islands Civil Registration Marriages (1818 to 1864)
GRO Ionian Islands Military Registration Births (1818-1864)
GRO Ionian Islands Military Registration Deaths (1818 to 1864)
GRO Ionian Islands Military Registration Marriages (1818 to 1864)
GRO Marine Births Indices (1837 to 1965)
GRO Marine Births Indices (Informal Certs 1-41)
GRO Marriages Abroad (1966 to 1994)
GRO Marriages Abroad Indices (1995 to 2005)
GRO Regimental Birth Indices (1761 to 1924)
GRO Regimental Birth Indices Supplement (1761 to 1924)
GRO Service Department Marriages (1956 to 1965)
GRO U.K. High Commission Birth Indices (PRE 1956)
GRO U.K. High Commission Birth Indices (up to 1981)
GRO U.K. High Commission Marriages (1961 to 1965)
GRO U.K. High Commission Marriages (up to 1960)
GRO War Death Army Officers Indices (1914 to 1921)
GRO War Death Army Officers Indices (1939 to 1948)
Gwent FHS Baptisms
Gwent FHS Baptisms - Blackwood
Gwent FHS Baptisms - Blackwood Branch
Gwent FHS Baptisms - Chepstow
Gwent FHS Baptisms - Chepstow Branch
Gwent FHS Baptisms - Ebbvale
Gwent FHS Baptisms - Pontypool Branch
Gwent FHS Burials
Gwent FHS Burials - Abergavenny
Gwent FHS Burials - Blackwood
Gwent FHS Burials - Blackwood Branch
Gwent FHS Burials - Chepstow
Gwent FHS Burials - Chepstow Branch
Gwent FHS Burials - Ebbvale
Gwent FHS Burials - Pontypool
Gwent FHS Marriage - Ebbvale
Gwent FHS Marriages
Gwent FHS Marriages - Blackwood
Gwent FHS Marriages - Blackwood Branch
Gwent FHS Marriages - Chepstow Branch
Gwent Non-conformist Baptisms
Gwent Non-conformist marriages
Halifax St John baptisms
Halifax St John burials
Halifax St John marriages
Hampshire Baptisms
Hampshire Burials
Hampshire Marriages
Hampshire, Portsmouth baptisms
Hampshire, Portsmouth burials
Hampshire, Portsmouth marriages
Herefordshire Baptisms
Herefordshire burials
Herefordshire Marriages
Hertfordshire banns
Hertfordshire baptisms
Hertfordshire burials
Hertfordshire marriages
Hertfordshire parish lists
Hertfordshire Probate Records, Index, 1415-1858
Huddersfield Baptisms
Huntingdonshire Burials
Illingworth Marriages
Index to Death Duty Registers 1796-1903
Ireland, Genealogical Office Manuscripts, Wills
Isle of Man Births & Baptisms 1600-2010
Isle of Man Births 1878-2010
Isle of Man Marriages 1849-1911
Isle of Man Marriages 1849-1979
Isle Of Man, Births and Baptisms 1600-2010
Jersey Baptisms 1540-1915
Jersey Burials 1541-1940
Jersey Marriages 1542-1940
Jersey wills 1564-2000
Kent Banns
Kent Baptisms
Kent Burials
Kent Marriages
Kent parish lists
Kent Wills & Probate Indexes 1328-1890
Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry banns
Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry banns - Chilham, Stalisfield, & Staple
Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry baptisms
Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry baptisms - Chilham, Stalisfield, & Staple
Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry burials
Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry burials - Chilham, Stalisfield, & Staple
Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry marriages
Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry marriages - Chilham, Stalisfield, & Staple
Kent, Canterbury Archdeaconry parish list
Kent, Folkestone Cemetery memorial inscriptions
Kent, Lydd midwife's birth register 1757-1815
Lancashire Archives
Lancashire banns & marriages
Lancashire baptisms
Lancashire burials
Lancashire parish list
Lancashire Wills & Probate 1457-1858
Lancashire Wills proved at Richmond, 1457-1812
Lancashire, Manchester cremation records 1818-2001
Leicestershire banns
Leicestershire baptisms
Leicestershire baptisms provided by Julie Gerring
Leicestershire burials
Leicestershire burials provided by Julie Gerring
Leicestershire marriage licences, 1604-1891
Leicestershire marriages
Leicestershire parish list
Lichfield Consistory Court Wills, 1650-1700
Lincolnshire banns
Lincolnshire baptisms
Lincolnshire burials
Lincolnshire burials
Lincolnshire Cemetery Registers
Lincolnshire Marriage Index
Lincolnshire Marriage Licence Bonds and Allegations
Lincolnshire monumental inscriptions
Lincolnshire Monumental Inscriptions
Lincolnshire monumental inscriptions parish list
Lincolnshire Parish Bastardy Cases
Lincolnshire Workhouse Deaths
Liverpool baptisms
Liverpool burials
Liverpool marriages
London & Middlesex Will Abstracts, 1700-1704
London Consistory Court Depositions Index, 1700-1713
London Probate Index 1750-1858
London, Archdeaconry Court Of London Wills Index, 1700-1807
London, Court Of Husting Will Abstracts, 1258-1688
London, Docklands and East End Baptisms, 1558-1933
Luddenden St Mary - Baptisms
Luddenden St Mary - Burials
Luddenden St Mary - Marriages
Malta, Monumental Inscriptions
Manchester and Oldham Burials
Manchester Baptism Register
Manchester Birth Register
Manchester Cemetery Records
Manchester Death Register
Manchester Marriage Register
Marriages of Frant, Sussex
Marriages Prestwich, Lancashire
Merionethshire Banns
Merionethshire Baptisms
Merionethshire burials
Merionethshire burials
Merionethshire Burials
Merionethshire Marriages
Merionethshire marriages & banns
Merionethshire marriages and banns
Mid Norfolk Baptisms
Mid Norfolk Monumental Inscriptions
Middlesex Baptisms 1543-1876
Middlesex monumental inscriptions 1485-2014
Middlesex monumental inscriptions 1485-2014
Middlesex, Brompton Cemetery Records
Monmouth Workhouse Baptisms
Monmouth Workhouse Burials
Monmouthshire Banns
Monmouthshire baptisms
Monmouthshire Baptisms
Monmouthshire Burials
Monmouthshire Marriages
Monmouthshire marriages and banns
Montgomeryshire Baptisms
Montgomeryshire Burials
Montgomeryshire Marriages
Montgomeryshire marriages & banns
Montgomeryshire marriages and banns
Montgomeryshire memorial inscriptions
N Cheshire Burials of Non-residents
N Cheshire Memorial Inscriptions
National Burial Index for England & Wales
National Burial Index for England & Wales parish list
Norfolk Banns
Norfolk Baptisms
Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts Burials
Norfolk Burials
Norfolk Marriages & Banns
Norfolk Wills & Probate
Norfolk, Churchyard Graves and Memorial Transcriptions
North West Kent Baptisms
North West Kent Baptisms
North West Kent Baptisms
North West Kent Baptisms
North West Kent Burials
North West Kent Burials
North West Kent Burials
North West Kent Burials
North West Kent Burials
North West Kent FHS Marriages
North Yorkshire Baptisms
North Yorkshire Non-Conformist Baptisms
Northamptonshire and Rutland Probate Index
Northamptonshire Burials
Northamptonshire Marriages
Northamptonshire Memorial Inscriptions
Northowram Independent Chapel baptisms
Northumberland and Durham Baptisms
Northumberland and Durham Burials
Northumberland and Durham Marriages
Northumberland and Durham Memorial Inscriptions
Nottinghamshire baptisms index 1538-1917
Nottinghamshire Burials Index 1596-1905
Nottinghamshire marriages Index 1528-1929
Oxfordshire marriage bonds 1634-1849
Oxfordshire Parish Lists
Pembroke Banns
Pembroke Baptisms
Pembroke Burials
Pembroke Marriages
Pembrokeshire baptisms
Pembrokeshire burials
Pembrokeshire marriages and banns
Pleasington Priory Burials
Plymouth Baptism Register
Plymouth Deaths & Burials
Plymouth Marriage Register
Pontefract District Baptisms
Pontefract District Burials
Pontefract District Marriages
Pontypool Marriage Announcements
Portsmouth, Hampshire parish registers parish list
Powys Banns
Powys Baptisms
Powys Burials
Powys Marriages
Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations 1660-1700
Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills Index 1750-1800
Radnorshire baptisms
Radnorshire burials
Radnorshire marriages and banns
Royal Household Establishment Books 1526-1920
Royal Household Establishment Lists 1854-1924
Royal Household Index 1660-1901
Rugby Baptisms
Rugby Burials
Rugby Marriages
Rutland banns
Rutland baptisms
Rutland burials
Rutland marriages
Rutland parish list
Ryedale Baptisms
Ryedale Burials
Ryedale Marriages
Sarum Marriage Licence Bonds
Scotland BillionGraves Cemetery Index
Scotland Deeds Index 1769
Scotland Monumental Inscriptions Index
Scotland Non-Old Parish Registers Vital Records 1647-1875
Scotland Pre-1841 Censuses and Population Lists
Scotland, Edinburgh & Lothian Birth and Baptism Index
Scotland, Edinburgh & Lothian Death and Burial Index
Scotland, Fife death index, 1549-1877
Scotland, Glasgow & Lanarkshire Death & Burial Index
Scotland, Highland Free Church Birth & Baptism Index
Scotland, Linlithgowshire (West Lothian), burials 1860-1975
Scotland, Midlothian, Roslin Communion Rolls 1829-1855
Scotland, Paternity Decrees 1750-1922
Scotland, People of Nairnshire
Scotland, Will and Testament Index 1481-1807
Selby Cemetery
Sheffield Baptisms
Sheffield Burials
Sheffield burials - Sheffield, St Thomas Brightside
Sheffield Marriages
Shropshire Banns
Shropshire baptisms
Shropshire burials
Shropshire marriages
Shropshire, Kinnerley & West Felton Bishop's Transcripts, Baptisms 1630-1685
Shropshire, Kinnerley & West Felton Bishop's Transcripts, Burials 1630-1692
Shropshire, Non-Conformist Membership Lists 1819-1906
Somerset Banns Index
Somerset Baptism Index
Somerset burial index
Somerset Marriage Index
Somerset Marriages (post-1754)
Somerset Marriages (pre-1754)
Somerset Monumental Inscriptions
Somerset Monumental Inscriptions (Full)
Somerset parish lists
Southam Away Banns
Southam Baptisms
Southam Burials
Southam Marriages
Sowerby Bridge & Illingworth Baptisms
Sowerby Bridge & Illingworth Burials
Sowerby Bridge Marriages
St Andrew's Holborn Marriage Index 1754-1812
St Leonard Shoreditch Burials
St Mary, Lambeth Burials 1777-1838
Staff Lists for Lord Chamberlain's Dept 1837-1924
Staffordshire banns
Staffordshire baptisms
Staffordshire burials
Staffordshire marriages
Staffordshire Monumental Inscriptions
Staffordshire, Diocese of Lichfield & Coventry marriage allegations and bonds, 1636-1893
Staffordshire, Dioceses of Lichfield and Coventry wills and probate 1521-1860
Suffolk Baptism Index 1538-1911
Suffolk Baptism Index 1538-1911
Suffolk Baptism Index 1538-1911
Suffolk Baptism Index 1538-1911
Suffolk Beneficiary Index
Suffolk Early Burials Index
Suffolk Marriage Index
Suffolk Marriage Index (1813-37)
Suffolk testator index 1847-1857
Surrey & South London Will Abstracts, 1470-1856
Surrey baptisms
Surrey baptisms parish list
Surrey Peculiars Probate index, 1660-1751
Surrey, Southwark Baptisms
Surrey, Southwark Burials
Surrey, Southwark Marriages
Surrey, Southwark, St George the Martyr Mortuary Register 1880-1891
Sussex Burials
Sussex Burials
Sussex monumental inscriptions, Herstmonceux & Friston
Sussex, Chichester Consistory Court Wills Index, 1482-1800
Sussex, Eastbourne Monumental Inscriptions
Thames & Medway baptisms
Thames & Medway Burials
Thames & Medway Marriages
Tunbridge Wells Baptisms
Tunbridge Wells Congregational Baptisms
Tunbridge Wells Congregational Marriages
Tunbridge Wells Marriages
United Kingdom deaths
Vicar General Marriage Licences
Wakefield district Baptisms
Wakefield district Burials
Wakefield district Marriages
Wales BillionGraves Cemetery Index
Wales Deaths & Burials 1586-1885
Wales Marriages 1541-1900
Wales, Monmouthshire, Pontypool workhouse deaths 1869-1894
Warwickshire Baptism Index 1538-1900
Warwickshire Burial Index 1538-1900
Warwickshire Burials
Warwickshire Marriage Index 1538-1900
Warwickshire Monumental Inscriptions
West Kent Probate Index 1750-1858
West Middlesex Marriage Index
Westminster Banns
Westminster Baptisms
Westminster Baptisms
Westminster Burials
Westminster Burials
Westminster Marriages
Westminster Marriages
Wiltshire Baptisms
Wiltshire Baptisms Index 1530-1917
Wiltshire Burials Index 1538-1990
Wiltshire Memorial Inscription Index
Wiltshire Parish Banns Index 1538-1933
Wiltshire parish marriages index 1538-1933
Wiltshire, Salisbury Wills Index, 1464-1858
Withington Workhouse Cemetery Records
Withington Workhouse Death Register
Worcestershire Baptisms
Worcestershire Burials
Worcestershire Marriages
Worcestershire monumental inscriptions
Worcestershire probate index 1600-1858
Worcestershire probate index 1660-1858
Wrightington banns
Wrightington Baptisms
Wrightington Deaths
Wrightington Marriages
Yorkshire & Derbyshire Methodist Baptisms
Yorkshire & Derbyshire Methodist Marriages
Yorkshire banns
Yorkshire baptisms
Yorkshire burial records
Yorkshire burials
Yorkshire burials
Yorkshire marriages
Yorkshire, Leeds burials 1895 - 1921
Yorkshire, Leeds, cremations 1938 - 1969
Luddenden St Mary - Baptisms
Luddenden St Mary - Marriages
Luddenden St Mary - Burials
Sowerby Bridge & Illingworth Baptisms
Sowerby Bridge Marriages
Sowerby Bridge & Illingworth Burials

Newspapers, Directories & Social History

Britain, Jewish Commercial Directory 1894
Britain, Knights of the Realm & Commonwealth Abbreviations
Britain, Knights of the Realm & Commonwealth Chronologies
Britain, Knights of the Realm & Commonwealth index
Britain, Knights of the Realm & Commonwealth Select Bibliography
Britain, Newgate Prison Calendar Vols 1 & 2, 1780-1841
Challenges and Duels
City Of York Trade Directories 1781-1955
Enhanced Genealogical Data from Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Findmypast Photo Collection
Kelly's Handbook 1901
London, Black Poor, 1786
Quaker Women's Petition, 1659
Scotland Registers & Records
Scottish Covenanters 1679-1688
Suffolk, Lambert's Family Almanack 1858-1917
Sussex, Eastbourne Gazette Newspaper Notices
The Treble Almanac 1818
United Kingdom, Commemorative Plaques
United Kingdom, Commemorative Plaques Locations

Travel & Migration

Bengal Civil Service Gradation List 1869
Britain & Ireland, Naturalisations 1603-1700
Britain, early emigration to Barbados
Britain, Naturalisations 1844-1990
Britain, Registers of licences to pass beyond the seas, 1573-1677
Early emigration from Britain 1636-1815
East India Company Pensions 1793-1833
East India Register & Army List, 1855
Great Western Railway Shareholders 1835-1932
India Office List, 1933
Indian Army & Civil Service List, 1873
Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960
Sierra Leone Resettlement Scheme, 1787

Full list of the Irish family history records

Using the Irish records

Census, Land & Substitutes

Ireland, Census of Protestant Householders 1740
1831 Tithe Defaulters
Cork, Pobble O'Keefe census 1830-1852
Dublin City Census 1901: Rotunda Ward
Dublin electoral rolls
Estate Commissioners Offices, Applications from Evicted Tenants, 1907
Griffith's Survey Maps & Plans, 1847-1864
Griffith's Valuation
Ireland Census 1821-1851
Ireland Census 1911
Ireland Down Ballyroney Presbyterian burial plots, 1895
Ireland Valuation Office books
Ireland, 1775 Dissenters' Petitions
Ireland, Belfast & Ulster directories list
Ireland, Clare Electoral Registers
Ireland, Land Commission Advances, 1891-1920
Irish Army Census 1922
Irish Census Search Forms 1841 & 1851
Landed Estates Court Rentals 1850-1885
Reports from Committees, Fictitious Votes (Ireland), Select Committee on Fictitious Votes, 1837-1838
The Census of Elphin 1749
The Index to the Dublin City Census 1851
Waterford registers and records

Churches & Religion

Ireland Down Ballyroney Presbyterian communicants 1866-1913
Ireland Down Anaghlone Presbyterian communicants 1868-1913
Ireland, Catholic qualification and convert rolls 1701-1845
Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) congregational records
Irish Catholic Church Directories 1836-37

Education & Work

Alumni Dublinenses 1924
Freemen of Dublin City 1774-1824
Ireland Medical Directory 1852
Ireland Merchant Navy Crew Lists 1857-1922
Ireland, Children's Employment Commission Part 2, 1842
Ireland, Irish Revenue Police 1830-1857
Ireland, Royal Hibernian Military School staff list 1864
Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary History & Directories
Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary Pensions 1826-1925
Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary Service Records 1816-1922
Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) school records
Medical Directory for Ireland 1858
Registers of Queen's Colleges Ireland 1849-1858

Immigration & Travel

Canadian Emigration: 1826 Parliamentary papers
Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) migration records
Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960
Transatlantic Migration from North America to Britain & Ireland 1858-1870

Institutions & Organisations

Clare Poor Law Unions Board Of Guardians Minute Books
Deserted Children, Dublin
Dublin Poor Law Union Board of Guardians Minute Books browse
Dublin Poor Law unions Board of Guardians minute books
Dublin Workhouses Admission & Discharge registers 1840 – 1919
Ireland Dog Licence Registers
Ireland, Dublin Metropolitan Police general register 1837-1925
Ireland, Dublin Metropolitan Police prisoners books 1905-1908 and 1911-1918
Ireland, Legal Administration
Ireland, Outrage Reports 1836-1840
Ireland, Poverty Relief Loans 1821-1874
Ireland, Waterford, Dungarvan Town Commissioners Records 1851-1922
Irish Prison registers 1790-1924
Petty Sessions order books 1842-1913
Sligo Workhouse Admission and Discharge Registers 1848-1859

Irish Newspaper Collection

The Belfast Morning News
The Belfast Newsletter
The Cork Examiner
The Dublin Evening Mail
The Freeman's Journal
The Sligo Champion

Life Events (Birth, Marriage, Death)

Ardagh Wills 1690-1857
Betham Prerogative Marriage Licences Abstracts, 1629-1810
Cantwell's Memorials of the Dead
Clonfert Marriage Bonds 1663-1857
Clonfert Wills and Administrations 1663-1857
Crossle Genealogical Abstracts
Deputy Keeper of Ireland, Index to the Act or Grant Books, and to Original Wills, of the Diocese of Dublin 1272-1858 (26th, 30th and 31st Reports, 1894, 1899)
Donegal cemetery records
Farrar's Index to Irish Marriages 1771-1812
Fermanagh cemetery records
Fermanagh parish registers baptisms
Fermanagh parish registers burials
Fermanagh parish registers marriages
Index of Irish Wills 1484-1858
Ireland BillionGraves Cemetery Index
Ireland Calendars Of Wills & Administrations 1858-1965
Ireland civil birth registers index
Ireland civil marriage registers index
Ireland Deaths 1864-1870
Ireland Down Anaghlone Presbyterian baptisms 1839-1913
Ireland Down Anaghlone Presbyterian marriages 1845-1913
Ireland Down Annaclone (COI) baptisms 1877-1900
Ireland Down Annaclone (COI) burials 1877-1900
Ireland Down Annaclone (COI) marriages 1845-1900
Ireland Down Ballyroney Presbyterian baptisms 1819-1913
Ireland Down Ballyroney Presbyterian marriages 1831-1906
Ireland Down St Colmans Annaclone (RC) baptisms 1834-1913
Ireland Down St Colmans Annaclone (RC) burials 1851-1913
Ireland Down St Colmans Annaclone (RC) marriages 1851-1913
Ireland memorial and burial register, 1618-2005
Ireland Memorial Inscriptions
Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms
Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Burials
Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records
Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Marriages
Ireland Roscommon Kiltullagh cemeteries
Ireland, Dublin Church of Ireland Baptisms
Ireland, Dublin Church of Ireland burials
Ireland, Dublin Church of Ireland marriages
Ireland, Gravestone Records
Ireland, Inland Revenue Wills & Administrations 1828-1879
Ireland, Non-conformist marriages
Ireland, original will registers 1858-1920
Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) births
Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) deaths
Ireland, Society of Friends (Quaker) marriages
Irish Births 1864-1958
Irish Death Notices In American Newspapers
Irish Deaths 1864-1958
Irish Marriage Notices in American Newspapers
Irish Marriages 1845-1958
Kiltullagh Parish (RC) Baptisms
Kiltullagh Parish (RC) Marriages
Leighlin Administrations 1700-1857
Limerick non-conformist baptisms
Limerick non-conformist congregational records 1911-1945
Lincolnshire marriages
Marriage Licence Bonds; Diocese of Cloyne 1630-1800
Memorials of the Dead: Galway & Mayo
Quakers Annual Monitor 1849
Raphoe Marriage Bonds 1710-55 and 1817-30
Register of Derry Cathedral Baptisms 1642-1703
Registers of the French Non-Conformist Churches Dublin 1701-1831
Registers of the French non-conformist churches Dublin 1702-1731
Sir Arthur Vicars, Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland, 1536 - 1810
The Parish Register Society of Dublin, The Registers of St. Patrick, Dublin, 1677-1800, 1907
The Register of Derry Cathedral Burials 1642-1703
The Register of Derry Cathedral Marriages 1642-1703
Thomas Philip Le Fanu, Registers of the French Church of Portarlington, Ireland, 1694-1816
Thrift Genealogical Abstracts
Tipperary Clans Archive
Tyrone Cemetery Records
W.P.W. Phillimore & Gertrude Thrift, Indexes to Irish Wills 1536-1858
Wicklow cemetery records
WW1 Irish Soldiers Wills, 1914-1920

Military Service & Conflict

1798 Claimants and Surrenders
Easter Rising & Ireland under martial law 1916-1921
Ireland Military Pensions and Medals 1916-1922
Ireland Military Pensions and Medals 1916-1922
Ireland Military Records
Ireland, American Fenian Brotherhood 1864-1897
Ireland, British Army Officers 1914-1918
Ireland, Londonderry (Derry) War Memorial 1914-1918
Ireland, Royal Hibernian Military School History
Ireland: National Roll of Honour 1914-1921
Ireland's Memorial Record: World War 1
Kilmainham Pensioners - British Army Service Records 1783-1822
Sinn Féin 1916 Rebellion Handbook ( Irish Times Weekly Supplement 1917 )
William Smith O'Brien Petition 1848

Newspapers, Directories & Social History

Alumni Dublinenses 1924
Ashe's Limerick and Clare Directory 1891-92
Betham Genealogical Abstracts
Burke’s Landed Gentry of Ireland, 1899
Deserted Children, Dublin
Dublin Registers & Records
George Bassett, County Down Guide and Directory (1886)
George Bassett, Kilkenny City and County Guide and Directory (1884)
George Bassett, Limerick City and County and Principal Towns in the Counties of Clare, Tipperary, and Kerry (1881)
George Bassett, Louth County Guide and Directory (1886)
George Bassett, The Book of Antrim (1888)
George Bassett, The Book of County Armagh (1888)
George Bassett, Wexford County Guide and Directory (1885)
Guy's Directory of Munster 1893
Guy's Limerick Directory, 1912
Harvey's Waterford Almanac and Directory for 1866
Henderson's Belfast Directory 1850
Henry & Coughlan's General Directory of Cork and Munster for 1867
Ireland 1820 Wilson’s Directory
Ireland 1931 Trade Directory
Ireland Surnames & Family Histories
Ireland, Directories 1636 - 1799 Browse
Ireland, Histories & Reference Guides
James Alexander Henderson, The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory for 1856
John Watson Stewart, The Gentleman's and Citizen's Almamack for the Year 1814
Kilkenny Registers & Records
Leet's Directory (2nd ed., 1814)
Macloskie Directory of Fermanagh 1848
Matier's Belfast Directory for 1835-6
Pettigrew & Oulton, Dublin Almanac & General Register of Ireland (1845)
Pettigrew and Oulton, The Dublin Almanac and General Register of Ireland, 1835
Pigot & Co., City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory (1824)
Registers of Queen's Colleges Ireland 1849-1858
Shearman's Directory of Waterford, Kilkenny & the southeast 1839
Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland (1846)
Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland (1870)
Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland 1881
Slater's Royal National Directory of Ireland (1894)
Sligo Independent Newspaper Almanac Guide, 1889
Tempest's Jubilee Annual 1909
The King's County Directory, 1890
The Post Office Annual Directory and Calendar, 1843
The Post Office Dublin Directory and Calendar, 1858
The Sligo Chronicle Almanac and Directory for 1878
Thom’s Irish Almanac 1880
Thom's Directories
Thom's Irish Who's Who 1923
Treble Almanacs (1783,1812,1818,1824)
Wicklow Registers & Records

Full list of Australia and New Zealand records

Using the Australia and New Zealand records

Armed Forces & Conflict

Anzac Memorial Records
Australian Contingent: History of the Patriotic Movement in New South Wales
Australian Contingents to South Africa
Australian Imperial Force Embarkation Roll 1914-1918
Australian Imperial Force Nominal Roll 1914-1918
Australian Imperial Force Roll of Honour 1914-1919
Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire (NSW, QLD, WA)
Bank of New South Wales (Roll of Honour)
Book of Remembrance of the University of Sydney, 1914-1918
British Garrison Deserters in South Australia
Defenders of New Zealand and Maori History
Education Department War Service, 1914-1917
New South Wales Roll of Honour
New South Wales, Government railways and tramways Roll of Honour, 1914-1919
New Zealand Boer War Servicemen
New Zealand Division, 1916-1919
New Zealand military pensions 1900-1902
New Zealand War Medal Roll
New Zealand Wars officers and men killed 1860-1870
New Zealand Wars: The Maori Campaigns
New Zealand WW1 Soldiers
New Zealanders and the Boer War
Queensland, Tuberculosis Home Applications 1923-1932
Queenslanders Who Fought in the Great War
South Australia Boer War Contingents
South Australia Boxer Rebellion Contingent
South Australia, Heroes of the Great War Chronicle Newspaper 1915-1919
Tasmania’s War Record 1914-1918
Tasmanians in the Boer War
War Services - 'Old Melburnians Society'

Census, Land & Survey Records

Australia electoral rolls
New South Wales 1841 census
New South Wales 1891 census
New South Wales 1901 census
New South Wales, Electoral Rolls 1903-1935
New South Wales, Index to Ratepayers & Occupiers 1885-1958
New South Wales, Pastoral Possessions 1889
New South Wales, Return of Crown Lands 1854
New South Wales, Yewens Directory Landholders 1900
New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1925
New Zealand Land Records
New Zealand, Electoral Rolls 1853-1935
Northern Territory, Census 1881-1921
Northern Territory, Electoral Rolls 1895-1940
Queensland, Crown Land Sales 1842-1911
Queensland, Electoral Roll 1939
Queensland, Electoral Rolls 1860-1959
Queensland, Land Records 1856-1859
Queensland, register of land sold 1842-1859
South Australia Landowners 1835-1841
South Australia rate books
South Australia, Census 1841
South Australia, Commonwealth Electoral Rolls 1939-1943
Tasmania, Commonwealth Electoral Rolls 1934 &1943
Victoria, Bendigo Electoral Roll 1922
Victoria, Crown Land Licences 1853-1856
Victoria, Electoral Rolls 1939 - 1946
Victoria, Land Tax Register & Valuation 1888
Victoria, World War One Soldier Settlers
Western Australia, Electoral Rolls 1939-1949

Churches & Religion

Australian Lutheran 1913-1966
Queensland Freeman 1881-1888
Salem Messenger 1891-1913
Sydney Diocesan Directory 1881-1920
Truth & Progress 1868-1894

Education & Work

Australasian Medical Directory & Handbook 1883-1900
Australian Pastoral Directory 1913-1954
Brands Directory of South Australia / Sheep Brands 1936-1938
Brands Directory South Australia / Sheep, Cattle, Horse Brands 1901
Calendar University of Tasmania 1916-1917
Centenary Catalogue of Farms and Stations for Sale in Western Australia
Classification List of the Queensland Loco Enginemen, Firemen & Cleaners 1912
Coffs Harbour District Schools
Commonwealth Public Service List 1904-1920
Loxton's Medical Directory 1911
Medical Directory 1915
New South Wales Public Service List 1934
New South Wales, Junior and Senior Public Examinations 1867-1916
New South Wales, Medical Directory 1903
New South Wales, Railway Employment Records
New Zealand Civil Establishment Nominal Roll 1871
New Zealand civil service examinations 1906-1907
New Zealand Lands & Surveys Department Nominal Roll Of Officers 1901
New Zealand officiating ministers 1882
New Zealand Railway Employees 1896
New Zealand registered teachers 1906
New Zealand Return Of Officers In Provincial Governments 1866
New Zealand University Graduates 1870-1963
New Zealand, teachers’ examinations 1906-1907
New Zealand: Sheep-Farmers 1881-1918
Queensland Blue Book 1870-1911
Queensland Brands Directory 1920-1952
Queensland Education Gazette 1899-1959
Queensland Horse and Cattle Brands Index 1872-1899
Queensland Public Service 1864-1948
Queensland Railway Appointments and Removals 1890
Queensland Railway Dismissals 1879: Ipswich and Rockhampton Railway Workshops
Queensland Railway Employees 1889-1940
Queensland School Pupils Index, Parts 1-4
Queensland Sheep Brands 1877-1900
Queensland State School Committee Members 1876-1899
Queensland Teachers Index 1907-1920
Queensland, Nurses examinations 1914-1925
Queensland, Reformatory School for Boys admission registers 1871-1906
Queensland, registered teachers 1860-1905
Queensland, Seamen 1882-1919
Queensland, Toowoomba Girls Reformatory admissions & discharges 1881-1903
South Australia cultivators 1840
South Australian Education Gazette 1911
Sydney University Calendar 1887
The Grazier's Review 1930-1934
Western Australia Blue Book 1871-1905

Institutions & Organisations

Brisbane Hospital patient index, 1887-1902
Civic record of South Australia 1921-1923
Croydon Hospital admissions index, 1888-1925
Moreton Bay Miscellaneous Records 1855-1859
Moreton Bay Supreme Court Records 1857-1859
New South Wales Gaol Photographic Description Books 1871-1969
New South Wales Police Gazette 1862 -1900
New Zealand Jury Rolls 1842-1862
New Zealand Pensions Granted 1868
New Zealand Prisoners Pardoned 1860-1862
New Zealand, Nelson, petition after the Wairau incident 1843
Northern Territory Parliamentary Index 1884-1890
Parliamentary Papers for the Colony of Victoria, 1852-1879
Queensland Criminal Reports 1860-1907
Queensland Miner’s Rights and Business Licences 1870-1884
Queensland Miscellaneous Licences 1860-1899
Queensland Police Gazette 1864-1900
Queensland Police Gazette Index 1864-1874
Queensland Timber Licences 1860-1901
Queensland, Australia, Unclaimed Letters 1859-1874
Queensland, Inquests 1859-1897
Queensland, Justices of the Peace 1857-1957
Queensland, Old Age Pension Applicants 1908-1909
Queensland, Toowoomba Prison records 1864-1906
Queensland, Trustee Files 1889-1929
South Australia destitute women 1855-1860
South Australian Police Gazette 1862-1900
Supreme Court Brisbane Originating Summons 1901-1906
Tasmania convict records 1800-1893
Tasmania Police Gazette 1884-1900
Tasmania Reports of Crime 1861-1883
Victoria Petty Sessions Registers
Victoria Police Gazette 1855-1900
Victoria Prison Registers 1871-1960
Victoria, Mental Health Institutions
Wallangarra Quarantine Admission Registers 1918-1919

Life Events (BDMs)

Australia BillionGraves Cemetery Index
Australia Births and Baptisms 1792-1981
Australia Deaths and Burials 1816-1980
Australia Marriages 1788-1935
Australian Capital Territory Deaths 1930-1983
Australian Capital Territory Marriages
New South Wales Will Books 1800-1952
New South Wales, deceased estate files 1880-1923
New South Wales, Newcastle, Lost Cemeteries 1842-1902
New South Wales, Rookwood Cemetery
New South Wales, Stroud baptismal register 1892-1925
New South Wales, Tea Gardens Cemetery inscriptions 1898-2014
New South Wales, Waverley & South Head Cemetery Inscriptions
New Zealand birth index
New Zealand marriage index
New Zealand Waikaraka Cemetery memorial 1902-1940
New Zealand, Hillsborough Cemetery
New Zealand, Hillsborough Cemetery Plan
New Zealand, Purewa Cemetery Burials
New Zealand, Purewa Cemetery Cremations
Northern Territory Deaths 1824-2012
Northern Territory, Anglican Baptisms and Confirmations 1900-1947
Northern Territory, Anglican Church Burials 1900-1968
Northern Territory, Anglican Marriages 1902-1953
Pitcairn Islands Marriages 1824-1854
Queensland births 1829-1919
Queensland Deaths
Queensland deaths 1829-1964
Queensland funeral records
Queensland funeral records
Queensland Intestacies, Insolvencies & Wills 1859-1900
Queensland Intestacy Returns Index 1896-1916
Queensland marriages 1829-1939
Queensland, Albany Creek Columbarium
Queensland, Alberton Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Anglican Cemeteries and Columbaria, Brisbane, Volume 2 & 3
Queensland, Anglican Church of Australia, Parish of Sherwood (Brisbane) Cemetery and Columbarium Wall Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Beenleigh Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Bethania Lutheran Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Brookfield Cemetery, Brisbane, Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Bulimba Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Cleveland Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Coleyville, Engelsburg (Kalbar), Boonah & Highfields Baptist Cemeteries Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Cooloola Coast Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, divorces 1861-1894
Queensland, Eagleby Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Goomeri Cemetery Index
Queensland, Mackay, Funeral notices and funeral director records
Queensland, Minden, Tarampa and Vernor Baptist Cemeteries
Queensland, Moggill Cemetery (Brisbane) Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Mt Cotton Cemeteries Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Mundubbera Cemetery Index
Queensland, Pimpama Island Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions 
Queensland, Pine Rivers District Cemeteries – Bunya, Dayboro, Lawnton, Samford & Samsonvale
Queensland, Ravenswood Cemetery Headstones Index
Queensland, Redland Bay Cemeteries Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, South Brisbane Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Taroom Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Toowong Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Queensland, Wandoan Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
South Australia Cemetery Inscriptions 1836-2005
South Australia, Catholic Baptisms 1840-1863
South Australia, lonely graves 1837-2005
South Australia, Pre-civil births 1836-1842
South Australia, Pre-civil deaths 1836-1842
South Australia, Pre-civil marriages 1836-1842
South Australia, remote deaths 1851-1965
South Australia, unregistered deaths 1840-1970
Victoria births
Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Victoria divorce cause books 1861-1938
Victoria Marriages 1836-1942
Victoria wills & probate
Victoria, Cemetery Burials and Memorial Inscriptions for Victoria 1835 -1997
Victoria, Funeral Notices 1981-1997
Western Australia birth index
Western Australia death index
Western Australia marriage index

Newspapers, Directories & Social History

Aldine History of New South Wales
Aldine History of South Australia
Australian Almanac & Sydney Directory 1834 (O'Shaughnessey)
Australian Almanac 1831-1873
Australian Dictionary of Dates & Men
Australian Handbook 1889, 1900, 1904
Ballarat & Ballarat East Directory 1865-1866
Ballarat & District Directory 1904
Barrier Miner Business Directory 1891
Blairs Cyclopaedia of Australasia
Border Watch Almanac and Directory 1934
Brief History of Canberra 1927
Chronicles of Early Melbourne 1835-51
Civic Record of South Australia 1936
Cook's Interstate Business Directory 1937
Cyclopedia Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Cook Islands
Cyclopedia of New South Wales
Cyclopedia of New Zealand Volume 1-6
Cyclopedia of South Australia 1907-1909
Cyclopedia of Tasmania 1900
Cyclopedia of Victoria
Cyclopedia of Western Australia 1912-1913
Dictionary of Australasian Biography
District Directory of Albury and Regions Around 1901
Fords Australian Almanac 1852-1853
Founders of Australia
Foxs History of Queensland 1919-1923
Geelong & Western Directory 1866-1867
Glance at Australia in 1880: Embracing a Squatters and Farmers Directory of the Whole of Australia
Handbook to Australasia 1859
Hawkesbury & Shoalhaven Calendar, Directory, Guide & Historical Record
History of West Australia
Hue and Cry Police Gazette Index
International Genealogical Research Directory 1981-1993
Johns Notable Australians 1906
Letters from Victorian Pioneers
Men of the Time in Australia: Victorian Series
Names in Government Gazettes, Victoria 1858-1900
National Directory of South Australia 1867-68 (Butler)
New South Wales Almanac and Country Directory 1921, 1924
New South Wales Almanac and Hand Book 1854, 1857
New South Wales Commercial Directory 1947 (Wise)
New South Wales Country Directory, 1895 - 1929
New South Wales Country Trades Register 1898
New South Wales Directory 1867, 1928
New South Wales Government Gazette 1832-1850
New South Wales Government Gazettes 1832-1863
New South Wales PO Directory 1875-1936
New South Wales Pocket Almanac 1820
New South Wales Telephone Directory 1913-1953
New South Wales, Sydney Directory 1847-1913
New South Wales, Sydney PO Directory 1857 (Cox)
New Zealand Directory 1866-1867 (Stevens)
New Zealand Gazette 1876-1886
New Zealand PO Directory 1890-1933
New Zealand, Early History of New Zealand 1890
New Zealand, History of Otago: Origins and Growth
New Zealand, Industries of New Zealand 1898
New Zealand, Women’s Suffrage Petition 1893
Northern Territory Almanac Directory 1887-1890
Northern Territory Section of the Adelaide Almanac & Directory for South Australia 1908-1930
Northern Territory Section of the Queensland Post Office Directory 1920-1921
NSW Calendar and PO Directory 1833
NSW Telephone Directory 1934-1935 Sydney
Official Municipal Year Book & Shires Directory New South Wales 1907
Otago Settlement Jubilee 1898
Port Phillip Government Gazette 1847
Pughs Moreton Bay Almanac 1859
Queensland Government Gazette 1859-1905
Queensland Government Gazette Consolidated Index 1859-1919
Queensland PO Directory 1868-1915
Queensland Telephone Directory 1931-1959
Queensland, Brisbane Directory & Squatters guide 1876 (Shaw)
Queensland, Brisbane Directory 1878-1879, 1919
Queensland, Brisbane PO Directory & Country Guide 1885-1888
Queensland, Darling Downs Almanac and Directory 1900
Queensland, Pughs Almanac & Queensland Directory 1860-1927
Radio Call 1937-1956
Representative Men of South Australia
Six Colonies of New Zealand 1851
Slaters Queensland Almanac 1882,1887 & 1903
South Australia PO Directory 1903 (Wise)
South Australia, Commercial & Trades Directory SA 1882-1883
South Australia, Notable South Australians
South Australia, Pastoral Pioneers of SA
South Australian Almanac & Directories 1839-1883
South Australian Directory 1902-1930 (Sands)
South Australian Government Gazette 1841-1870
Stewarts Handbook of Pacific Islands 1921 & 1922
Strays Collection Australasia 1987-1998
Tasmania PO Directory (Wise) 1890-1947
Tasmania Telephone Directory 1953
Tasmania, Hobart Gazette 1903-1906
Tasmania, Hobart Town Gazette 1827-1880
Tasmania, Jubilee History of Tasmania
Tasmania, Walch’s Tasmanian Almanac 1891-1915
Tasmanian Cyclopedia 1931
Tasmanian Directory 1867-68, 1887
Tasmanian Government Gazette 1907-1919
Tasmanian Royal Kalendar & Almanack 1849 & 1850
Teggs New South Wales Pocket Almanac 1842
The Scottish Australasian 1910-1918
Victoria and its Metropolis 1888
Victoria and Riverina Traders Directory 1937
Victoria, Annals of Bendigo v1 1851-1867 & v3 1892-1909
Victoria, Melbourne Almanac and General Intelligencer 1858 (Williams)
Victoria, Melbourne Directory 1854-1893
Victorian Directory 1904 (Sands)
Victorian Government Gazette 1851-1901
Victorian PO Directory (Wise) 1888, 1904, 1914
Victorian Year Book 1873-1878
Western Australian PO Directory 1905-1942
Wragge's Australasian Weather Guide and Almanac 1898, 1903

Travel & Migration

Aliens Registered in the Northern Territory 1916–1921
Calais Lacemaker immigrants to South Australia 1848
Convict Transportation Registers 1787-1870
Convicts in South Australia sentenced to transportation 1836–1852
Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia 1850-1879
Emigrants seeking free passage to South Australia 1836–1841
Emigration: Where to Go
Genealogical Index to Australians and Other Expatriates in Papua New Guinea
New South Wales and Tasmania: Settlers and Convicts 1787-1859
New South Wales assisted passenger lists
New South Wales unassisted passenger lists
New South Wales, Convict Arrivals 1788-1842
New Zealand Emigration and Gold Fields
New Zealand for the Emigrant 1890
Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960
Passengers to South Australia on board Buffalo 1836
Queensland Assisted Immigration 1848-1912
Queensland Customs House Shipping 1852-1885: Passengers and Crew
Queensland Early Pioneers Index 1824-1859
Queensland Immigration Registers 1922-1940
Queensland Naturalisations 1851-1904
Queensland Nominated Immigrants 1908-1922
Queensland passports index 1915-1925
Queensland Ship Deserters 1862-1911
Queensland, Brisbane Register of Immigrants 1885-1917
Queensland, Maryborough Registers of Rations Issued to Immigrants 1875-1884
South Australia Naturalisations 1849-1903
South Australia, immigrant agricultural workers 1913-14
South Australian ex-convicts
Victoria coastal passenger lists 1852-1924
Victoria Inward Passenger Lists 1839-1923
Victoria Inward Passenger Lists 1839-1923
Victoria Outward Passenger Lists 1852-1915