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By Alex Cox | January 2, 2020

New additions from Middlesex and Sussex

Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions

Explore new additions from Hillingdon in Greater London. Discover birth years, death years, and places of burial. Each result will include a transcript that will reveal a combination of the deceased’s birth year, age at death, death year, burial place, monument type, dedication and inscription. Inscriptions are an excellent family history resource that can reveal a range of important biographical details as well as the names of additional family members. Many records will also include a description link that will direct you to a PDF document hosted on an external website that includes histories, images, and burial ground plans for the churches represented in this collection.

The transcripts in this collection have been provided by Hillingdon Family History Society, West Middlesex Family History Society, West Drayton & Northwood, Middlesex and cover the years from 1485 to 2014.

Sussex Monumental Inscriptions

Search new records covering the parishes of Alciston, St Andrew’s in Alfriston and St Mary the Virgin in Willingdon. Each transcript will include a combination of the deceased’s birth year, age at death, location, and inscription.

The transcripts were created by Family Roots (Eastbourne & District FHS) and also cover inscriptions found at Chidingly; East Dean, St Simon & St Jude; Eastbourne, Ocklynge Cemetery; Eastbourne, St Mary, Old Town; Friston, St Mary The Virgin; Herstmonceux, All Saints; Jevington, St Andrew; Litlington, St Michael The Archangel; and Willingdon.

British & Irish Newspaper Update

Over 153,000 new pages and a variety of new titles have been added to the collection since our last update. Recent new titles include the “Truth”, an early Edwardian publication that was known for its exposures of many kinds of frauds and was at the centre of several civil lawsuits. Other recent additions include Liberty, The Christian News, The Aberdeen Weekly News, the Smethwick Telephone, the Daily Review (Edinburgh), the Newtownards chronicle & Co. Down observer, The Western Evening Herald, The Witness (Edinburgh) and the Warrington Advertiser.

We have also made substantial updates to a range of existing titles including the Newcastle Evening Chronicle and Rochdale Observer.

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