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We love hearing what you’ve found in our online genealogy records and making some fascinating discoveries of our own. Send your stories to and in the meantime, enjoy perusing all the amazing ‘wow’ moments we’ve already helped create.

Doctor Who season 14: digging into the new Doctor's family tree and more

Sir Ernest Shackleton

Into the ice: the Antarctic expeditions of Sir Ernest Shackleton

The Crown season 5 actors

Family trees of The Crown season 6 actors reveal secrets and surprises

Ancestors that made the headlines: Community discoveries from our newspaper archive

Black History month

This October, connect with Black ancestry with our newspaper collection

Diverting Durham and surprising Salisbury: Here are some of history’s most newsworthy cities...

Acting genes and wartime ancestors: Here's what we've discovered about the family history of The Great Escaper's cast

Unlocking local history with a one place study

Long before Wimbledon and the World Cup, our ancestors played fox tossing and other 'delightful' historical sports...

Who Do You Think You Are? series 20: here's what you missed

Preserving the story of your ancestry: our expert guide to writing your family history

The Battle of Jutland: uncovering the stories of our Royal Navy ancestors

6 famous descendants of Robert the Bruce

Musician traces long-lost family to Ghana after discovering his father's secret life

althorp house

Behind the doors of Princess Diana’s childhood home

Surnames explained: The seven types of last names you should know

The Bloomsbury Group: where were they in 1921?

Religious roots and a surprising culinary connection: Here’s what we discovered about Mary Berry’s family history

A history of struggle and strife: here’s what we discovered about Patrick Stewart’s family tree

Keep calm and carry on: gift-giving during the Second World War

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