Find your ancestors in Defenders of New Zealand and Maori History


Do you have New Zealand ancestry?

This data set has two components. Firstly, it contains a biographical record of New Zealand colonialist defenders. It briefly examines the lives of many early New Zealand colonialists and gives an account of their role in the Maori Wars. Almost all of the biographies are accompanied by a sketched portrait.

Secondly, it has an account of the war from a native perspective by Lieutenant-Colonel McDonnell, for Kowhia Ngutu Kaka, a Maori Chief. It has many portraits and drawings, and also includes a list of New Zealand medal receivers.

These records provide a very accurate account of early colonisation in New Zealand and the Maori wars from both the colonialist, and the Maori perspectives. If you're building a family tree or just want to know more about your family history, this is a fascinating and extremely useful genealogy tool for anyone researching New Zealand ancestry