Find your ancestors in Canada, Military Honours Index

What can these records tell me?

You can find the following information in these records:

  • Given names and surnames for medal recipients
  • Regiment
  • Rank
  • Date of medal
  • Type of medal

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This index is not comprehensive but does include records from the following collections:

  • Military General Service Medal, War of 1812, Lower Canada (RG9 IIA5, volume 1)
  • Military General Service Medal, War of 1812, Upper Canada (RG8, C series, volume 1202, microfilm C-3519)
  • Military General Service Medal, War of 1812, First Nations Warriors (RG10, volume 264, microfilm C-12650)
  • Canada General Service Medal, 1866-1870, Fenian Raids and Red River Expedition (RG9 IIA5, volumes 2 to 10, microfilms C-1861 to C-1863)
  • Egypt Medal, 1882-1889 (MG13, WO 100, volume 68, microfilm C-12585)
  • North West Canada Medal, 1885 (RG9 IIA5, volume 11, microfilm C-1863)
  • North West Canada Medal, 1885, Transport Service (RG24, volume 5916, file HQ51-4-64,(volume 4)
  • North West Canada Medal, 1885, North West Mounted Police Recipients (RG9 IIA5, volume 12, microfilm C-1863)
  • Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal, 1902-1950 (RG9 IIA5, volume 16)
  • Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal, 1913-1916 (RG9 IIA5, volumes 18 and 19)
  • Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers' Decoration; Victoria Decoration, 1902-1945 (RG9 IIA5, volume 20, microfilm C-6770)
  • Honours and Awards Citation Cards, 1900-1969 (Accession 2004-01505-5, volumes 1 to 75)

In most cases, you will find a series of acronyms and references. Canadian military abbreviations and acronyms can be cross-referenced in the

Manuel of Abbreviations from the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces

You may also find the following publication useful, as it describes the history of the military medals and honours for Canada, both as a British dominion and after federation. It is available for free via the Government of Canada.

Canadian Honours and Awards Bestowed Upon Members of the Canadian Forces (Overview Guide)