Search more than 63,000 names in a listing of Manchester companies and the men working for those companies who served in some capacity during World War One. Each record includes an image of the original roll and a transcript for the individual entries. The detail in each entry can vary. A small number of men are identified by last name only and many more only by last name and initials.

The transcript includes:

  • Name
  • Year
  • Employer

The images can include additional details:

  • Ranks, service numbers and regiments
  • Killed or missing in action
  • Rejected as unfit for service
  • A very small number of rolls include photographs of the men named

The Rolls of Honour list men who have enlisted in the Army and Royal Navy and mostly relate to companies in and around Manchester. There is a significant number from Yorkshire, however, as well as a few from Cheshire and Derbyshire.

Some 724 companies and institutions are included, of which the most substantial rolls are:

  • Cooperative Wholesale Society Ltd.: 6,815 names
  • Manchester Corporation: 5,529 names
  • Calico Printers' Association Ltd.: 2,965 names
  • Manchester Ship Canal Co.: 3,539 names
  • Manchester Grammar School: 1,304 names