Find your ancestors in Scotland, Buchanan Society Members 1725-1948

What can these records tell me?

We have transcribed the valuable information found in The Buchanan Society published in 1947. Each transcript will include a combination of the following:

  • Name
  • Year of membership
  • Address – at the time of joining the society
  • Member number

Discover more about these records

<p>The Buchanan Society was first instituted in 1725. The society describes itself as, ‘the oldest Clan Society in Scotland, having been instituted in Glasgow on 5 March 1725, under the name of “The Buchanan’s Charity Society, kept at Glasgow.’” The society was founded by a small group of businessmen from Glasgow for the purpose of supporting clan members in education, apprenticeship and other opportunities. </p>

<p>The Buchanan Society was published in 1947. You can browse through the rest of the publication by using the arrows on the either side of the image or the thumbnails at the bottom. Along with lists of members, you will also find lists of individuals who held an office position in the organisation, lists of donors, and lists of boxmasters. You can also read through the constitution, rules and bye-laws. The beginning pages are a great introduction to the society. The society is still in operation today. </p>