Find your ancestors in US Census 1850 Slave Schedule

Uncover new details about your ancestors and the role slavery played in the United States before the American Civil War. Learn where your ancestors lived and the number of people they owned, through this supplement to the 1850 census.

What can these records tell me?

There are over 3 million records in this census schedule, detailing the slaveholders of the United States. While the information for each person varies, US Census 1850 Slave Schedule typically includes:

  • First and last name
  • Slave details, including their gender and age
  • Residence
  • County
  • State
  • Discover more about US Census 1850 Slave Schedule

    The United States issues special schedules to accompany certain censuses to find out additional information about the population. In 1850, this slave schedule was issued to count the numbers of people kept in slavery, where they lived, and who owned these people. While another slave schedule was included in the 1860 census, these records are an important source for recreating what life under slavery may have been like, in the decade before the American Civil war.

    These records provide depth beyond the information recorded in the 1850 federal census and can help you to reach a different understanding of the past.

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