Monarchs since 1485

House of Tudor

Henry VII 1485-1509
Henry VIII 1509-1547
Edward VI 1547-1553
Jane 10-19 July 1553
Mary 1553-1558
Elizabeth I 1558-1603

House of Stuart

James I 1603-1625
Charles I 1625-1649
Charles II 1649 and 1660-1685
James II 1685-1689
Mary II and William III (jointly) 1689-1694
William III (alone) 1694-1702
Anne 1702-1714

House of Hanover

George I 1714-1727
George II 1727-1760
George III 1760-1820
George IV 1820-1830
William IV 1830-1837
Victoria 1837-1901

House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha

Edward VII 1901-1910

House of Windsor

George V 1910-1936

Other Royal Households that appear in the records

Queen Catherine (1638-1705) Wife of Charles II
Prince George of Denmark (1653-1708) Husband of Queen Anne
Queen Caroline of Anspach (1683-1737) Wife of George II
Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-1751) Son of George II and father of George III
Augusta, Princess of Wales (1719-1772) Wife of Frederick, Prince of Wales
Anne, Princess Royal (1709-1759) Daughter of George II
Princess Amelia (1711-1786) Daughter of George II
Princess Caroline (1713-1757) Daughter of George II
Queen Charlotte (1744-1818) Wife of George III
Queen Adelaide (1792-1849) Wife of William IV
Frederick, Duke of York (1763-1827) Son of George III
Edward, Duke of Kent (1767-1820) Son of George III and father of Queen Victoria
Victoria, Duchess of Kent (1786-1861) Wife of Edward, Duke of Kent and mother of Queen Victoria
Ernest, Duke of Cumberland (1771-1851) Son of George III
Augustus, Duke of Sussex (1773-1843) Son of George III
Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge (1774-1850) Son of George III
‘Younger Princes’ Younger sons of George III – usually Ernest, Augustus and Adolphus
Princess Charlotte of Wales (1796-1817) Daughter of George IV
Prince Albert, the Prince Consort (1819-1861) Husband of Queen Victoria
Queen Alexandra (1844-1925) Wife of Edward VII
Queen Mary (1867-1953) Wife of George