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By Alex Cox | May 18, 2017


Over 1.3 million records are available to search this Findmypast Friday including over 1 million parish registers from Nottinghamshire. These new baptisms, banns, marriages and burials mark the second phase of our Six Counties in Six Months initiative. Launched back in April with the release of over five million Wiltshire records, the project will see the online publication of vital records from a further four counties across England over the next four months.

Nottinghamshire Baptisms Index 1538-1917

Over 580,000 records have been added to our collection of Nottinghamshire baptisms. Before civil registration was introduced in 1837, birth, marriage, and death records were recorded with the local parish. The Church of England mandated the keeping of registers from 1538, and until the Religious Toleration Act of 1689, other denominations, such as Methodists and Roman Catholics, registered life events with the Church of England. Many chose to continue this practice after 1689.

The collection now contains over 1.4 million transcripts that will reveal your ancestor's baptism date, baptism location, religious denomination, residence and parent's names.

Nottinghamshire Banns Index 1600-1812

Nottinghamshire Banns contains over 800 records that will allow you to discover whether your ancestors were married via this ancient legal tradition. Banns are proclamations of a couple's intention to marry. The proclamation is made in the resident parish of the couple three months prior to their intended marriage date. If the couple lives in separate parishes, the banns will be announced in each parish. The proclamation is made three times on three separate Sundays. This practice was introduced in order to prevent clandestine marriages and to give the local congregation time to put forward any reasons against the union taking place.

Each transcript will reveal the couple's names, birth years, marital status, residence, where there banns were read and the dates of the readings. It is important to note that the fact that a banns record exists does not confirm that the marriage actually took place.

Nottinghamshire Marriages Index 1528-1929

Over 295,000 records spanning 400 years have been added to our collection of Nottinghamshire Marriages. The records have been transcribed from original parish records and bishop's transcripts by Findmypast and the Nottinghamshire Family History Society.

The collection now contains over 984,000 transcripts that will reveal your ancestor's birth year, residence, marriage date, marriage place, occupation, residence, father's name, whether they were married by banns or licence and corresponding details for their spouse. Some records may also list the names of any witnesses present.

Nottinghamshire Burials Index 1596-1905

Over 423,000 new transcripts of original parish records and bishop's transcripts have been added to our collection of Nottinghamshire burials. Burial records are an excellent way of determining where your ancestors spent their final years.

Each records will reveal where your ancestor was laid to rest, their age at death and religious denomination. You may also find notes on their marital status, cause of death, occupation, or other significant biographical details.

PERiodical Source Index

Over 16,000 images have been added to five titles in the PERiodical Source Index. New images have been added to;

The PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) enables you to easily locate key information about people and places. It contains over millions of entries from thousands of historical, genealogical and ethnic publications and is a simple way of accessing articles, photos, and other material you might not find using traditional search methods. This can help to build the historical context around your personal research, and the world your ancestors lived in.

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