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By Niall Cullen | September 3, 2021

Vintage photos on Findmypast

We're excited to welcome the Francis Frith Collection to the site, packed full of amazing old photos. Plus, we’ve opened more 1939 Register records.

We love vintage photos here at Findmypast. They offer a window into the past as nothing else can. That's why we're delighted to grow our family album of photos with the arrival of the Francis Frith Collection. Read on to find out all about this amazing resource and our other new releases.

Francis Frith Collection

Spanning from 1860 to 1970, get a glimpse of Britain and beyond way back when with Francis Frith’s captivating vintage photos.

Young match seller, London, 1884

A young boy selling matches, Greenwich, London, 1884. View full-size photo.

The vast archive covers over 9,000 cities, towns and villages across the UK, as well as special collections featuring the military, artistic pieces, royalty and much more.

Punch and Judy show in Lowestoft, 1952

A Punch and Judy show on the beach in Lowestoft, 1952. View full-size photo.

The Francis Frith Collection is not the only place you’ll find fantastic vintage photos. Rummage through the Findmypast Photo Collection to unearth rare wartime photos, milestone family moments and so much more.

1939 Register

One of our most popular collections has grown again. We’ve opened over 100,000 previously-redacted records and you’ll find them first at Findmypast.

Taken at the outbreak of the Second World War, the 1939 Register is one of the most important documents in modern British history. In it, you'll find the details of 41 million people who were in England and Wales at the time, giving you the chance to discover your family, home and town on the eve of war.


This week, we’ve released 11 new publications including:

Plus, we’ve updated 36 other papers with additional pages:

There are countless secrets hidden in old photos. Learn where you'll find them and how to make the most of them with Findmypast. And if you have amazing vintage photos of your own, we'd love to see them. Post them on social media, tagging @findmypast for a chance to be featured.

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