New records from Liverpool, Cornwall, Kent and New Zealand

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By Alex Cox | October 31, 2019

New records to fill the gaps in your family tree

1801 Lancashire, Liverpool Census

Discover your Scouse ancestor’s address, occupation and who they were living with in 1801 with over 13,000 new and exclusive early census records. Images will provide additional information about your ancestor’s abode.

The 1801 census was the first official census to be carried out in Britain. It estimated the population of England and Wales to be 8.9 million, and that of Scotland to be 1.6 million. It comprised two parts: the first was related to the number of people, their occupations, and numbers of families and houses. The second was a collection of the numbers of baptisms, marriages and burials, thus providing an indication of the rate at which the population was increasing or decreasing.

Cornwall Burials

Over 75,000 new records covering 52 parishes across the Cornish peninsula are now available to search. These transcripts reveal when and where your ancestor was buried, their age at death, residence and relatives’ names. 

Kent Burials

12,000 new records have been added to the collection this week. The majority of these new additions cover Swanscombe municipal cemetery and will reveal where and when your ancestor was buried as well as the names of their spouse and father.

Our Kent Burials are a valuable resource for researching ancestry in Kent and have been provided in association with Canterbury Cathedral Archives, Kent County Council, the North West Kent Family History Society, Folkestone & District Family History Society and Val Brown.

New Zealand, Women's Suffrage Petition

Was your ancestor involved in the women’s suffrage movement in New Zealand? Discover if your ancestor signed the unsuccessful 1892 women’s franchise petition or the 1893 petition that finally succeeded in granting women the right to vote in New Zealand.

Between the 1880s and 1893, several petitions were created in New Zealand in an effort to give women the vote. The 1892 petition gained around 20,000 signatures but ultimately failed in its objective. The 1893 petition resulted in 23,853 signatures with an additional 7,000, pushing its total to over its target goal of 30,000 signatures. The individual sheets, totalling more than 500 pages, were adhered together and, when unrolled, measured longer than 270 meters (885 feet).

British & Irish Newspaper Update

Over 66,000 new pages have been added this week, including two brand new titles and updates to seven existing titles.

Our two new titles, the Huntly Express and the Highland news, both hail from the Scottish Highlands and date from late 1800s. We have also added new pages to the Aberdeen Press and Journal, Birmingham Daily Gazette, Aberdeen Evening Express, Staffordshire Sentinel, Irvine Herald, Ayrshire Post and the Sandwell Evening Mail.

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