New UK burials, monumental inscriptions and more

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By Alex Cox | October 11, 2019

Over 14 million new records to search

Greater London Burial Index

Were your ancestors buried in Greater London? Over 45,000 new records covering 10 parishes across the region have been added to the index and are now available to search. The records in this collection date all the way back to 1399 and will reveal the date and location of your ancestor's burial as well as their occupation, address, denomination and age at death.

The Greater London Burial Index is a collection of the Middlesex Burials & Memorial Inscriptions, South London Burials Index 1545-1905, City of London Burials 1754-1855 and Middlesex Burials 1538-1992. Each record contains the transcription of an original parish record. A small number of records will also provide you with an image provided by The National Archives and created by the College of Arms.

Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions

A further 3,400 records from the parishes of Harefield St Mary the Virgin and Sunbury St Mary have been added to the  collection. Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions spans the years 1485 to 2014 and includes transcripts for each entry. Transcripts may include your ancestor's age at death, death year, burial location and inscription. Inscriptions can reveal the names of relatives as well as other biographical details.

Many of the transcripts will include a document link. Follow the Document link on your ancestor’s transcript to learn more about the church and graveyard your ancestor was buried in. Included in each will be a brief history and image of the church, as well as burial plot maps.

Dorset Memorial Inscriptions

Over 13,000 additional records from 35 burial sites across Dorset are now available to search. Each record contains a transcript of an original inscription taken from gravestones, tombs, monuments and even stained glass windows. The information contained in each record may vary considerably depending on a number of factors such as weathering or the type of memorial.

There are now over 126,000 records in this collection, covering over 250 Dorset parishes. The records were transcribed from all kinds of permanent monuments around the county by volunteers from the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society and the Dorset Family History Society.

England & Wales Government Probate Death Index 1960-2019

Find a probate record from 1960 to 2019 with the England & Wales government probate index containing more than 14 million records. You can now search the government probate index on Findmypast.  The index will give you a person’s death date, probate date, residence, next of kin and more.

Probate is the legal right to deal with a deceased person’s estates; such as property, money and possessions.  The index will explain what type of record is available.  You will find ‘will’ if the individual created a will with his or her wishes for the estate.  If a will was not created, you will find ‘administration’.   A probate record was not created for every person who died. 

British & Irish Newspaper Update

This week we have added 182,823 brand new pages including six brand new London titles to our collection. This week's new additions span the first half of the nineteenth century and include the world’s first ever evening newspaper, the Star (London).

Our most recent update also includes the Statesman (London) and the Express (London). The Statesman (London) was a daily title owned by Robert Wardell, but the newspaper went out of print in 1824 when Wardell sailed to Australia to found the country’s first ever independent newspaper, The Australian. Also now available to search is the Express (London), printed by William Anselm Jones in the mid-1800s, the British Press, a daily newspaper published in London in the early 1800s, and the Press (London), a Saturday paper from the mid-1800s.

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