Even more new and exclusive English parish records are now online

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By Niall Cullen | August 19, 2022

New parish records on Findmypast

Explore family milestones and so much more with this week's Findmypast Friday new releases.

The largest collection of British parish records online has just gotten even bigger. This week, our long-standing partnership with the Family History Federation sees another huge tranche of baptism and marriage records arrive on the site. If you've got family roots in Staffordshire or Suffolk, this is a release you won't want to miss. Plus, it's all about '90s nostalgia in our newspaper archives.

Suffolk Baptism Index 1538-1911

We've enhanced this set with over 307,000 new records from Suffolk Family History Society. This vast release covers 232 churches from 1813-1900.

Rickinghall, St Mary Church

St Mary's church, Rickinghall Inferior, Suffolk. Wikimedia Commons/Harvey1973.

Baptism records reveal essential information for taking your family tree back further including dates, places and parents' names. To see the expansive list of churches and years covered in this collection, check our updated parish list.

Amongst these newest arrivals, you'll find the baptism records of famous suffragettes Millicent Fawcett and Sophia Singh.

Staffordshire Baptisms

We've added over 141,000 new baptism records from 28 Staffordshire churches and you won't find them anywhere else online. Courtesy of Burntwood Family History Group, the localities, churches and years covered are:

This brings our entire Staffordshire baptisms collection to an incredible 2.1 million records, making Findmypast the go-to destination for exploring your heritage in England's West Midlands.

Staffordshire Marriages

Expand the Staffordshire branches of your family tree even further with over 70,000 new marriage records stretching all the way back to the 1560s.

The records, also from Burntwood Family History Group, include marriages from 19 Staffordshire churches as follows:

If you've got Staffordshire ancestors, you'll find so much more than parish records on Findmypast. Why not peruse monumental inscriptions, see what social history records can reveal or read the fine print in local newspapers? And if you're eager for even more Staffordshire records, keep your eyes peeled to Findmypast Fridays over the coming weeks.

News from the '90s

With thousands of new pages from 1990-1999 added to 64 newspapers, it's time to delve into more recent history.

Stockport Times archives 1990s

Discover what was making local headlines 30 years ago - Stockport Times, 20 August 1992. Read the full paper.

Plus, we've also added six brand new titles. See all the latest releases below.

New titles:

Updated titles:

To dig deeper into the paper that piques your interest, simply filter by title on our newspaper search page and select your favourites.

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