Find your ancestors in New South Wales Public Service List 1934


Do you have ancestry in the NSW public service?

If so, make sure you check this list of over 6000 officers permanently employed on 31 December 1934 by the Government of New South Wales (excluding teachers employed in High, Intermediate High, and Primary Schools). It's a great genealogy tool for anyone building a family tree.

Information given includes:

  • Surname
  • Christian name in full
  • Full date of birth
  • Office (position) appointed to
  • Division
  • Date of first appointment to the service (full date)
  • Date of appointment to the present position (full date)
  • Salary
  • Allowance in the nature of the salary
Other information included in this volume:

  • Index to departments
  • Statistical summary
  • List of officers on whom military decorations have been conferred - name, position and decoration
  • Full index of officers

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