Find your ancestors in Queensland Horse and Cattle Brands Index 1872-1899


Do you have ancestry in the horse and cattle industry?

If so, animal branding is a great way of finding your past. An Act to provide for the due Registration of Brands on Horses and Cattle [Assented to 22nd January, 1872] required all cattle and horse owners to brand their stock with either two letters and one numeral, or two signs and one numeral. All stock was then registered and tracked.

This database indexes the 60,144 entries appearing in the monthly lists of registrations and transfers of brands published in the Queensland Government Gazette from 1872 to 1899. It lists the brand (except where symbols have been used and it was not possible to reproduce them), certificate number, run or farm where the brand was to be used, nearest postal town, date the brand was listed and page reference in the Queensland Government Gazette.

For each entry, the database indicates whether it was a new registration, transfer, change of residence or correction. In addition, to each entry, the relevant Queensland Government Gazette lists the horse and cattle brands superseded by the current registrations. During this period many registrations were for owners who had not previously used brands.

Points to note:

  • Some New South Wales and South Australian registrations are included
  • Quite a number of registrations were done by trustees or guardians and these are indicated in the given name column
  • Women as well as men registered and transferred brands so do not be surprised to find your female relatives listed
  • In this database, names are recorded as they were published in the Government Gazette - no attempt has been made to correct obvious errors
  • Cancelled brands have not been indexed since these record only the actual brand and certificate number but not the previous holder of the brand

This is a great genealogy tool for anyone exploring their family history or building their family tree!

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