Queensland Deaths

Discover your ancestors in the Queensland Deaths records. The records will tell you where your ancestor is buried, when your ancestor died and his/her parents’ names, including your relative’s mother’s maiden name. Not all records includes the maiden name of the mother, which makes these a valuable asset to your family history collection.

The records includes a transcript of the original records. The details in each transcript can differ but most will include:

  • Name
  • Death date
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Particulars
  • Exhumed from
  • Block
  • Corner
  • Grave peg
  • Reinterred at
  • Bcc (refers to which cemetery in the Brisbane City Council’s jurisdiction)
  • Queensland BMD reference number
  • Source
  • Country
  • Record set

Discover more about the Queensland Deaths

The Paddington Cemetery operated during the early days of Brisbane from as early as 1830 until it was officially closed in 1875. The cemetery was divided into sections based on religious denominations: Episcopalian (Anglican), Wesleyan (Methodist), Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Congregational and Jewish. In 1911 the Paddington Cemetery Act was passed which authorised the government to reoccupy the land and relocate the remains. The site was redeveloped for recreational use. Part of the site today is the Lang Park, also known as the Suncorp Stadium. The Queensland Deaths records includes those who were exhumed from Paddington Cemetery and re interred into different cemetery. The records do not include every person who was removed and reburied.