Find your ancestors in The Grazier's Review Volume 13: April 1933 - March 1934

The Graziers’ Review was the official organ of the United Graziers’ Association of Queensland. It included much information of particular relevance to graziers – on the weather, meat market, live stock market, stud stock, stock movements and much more. Importantly, it also mentioned the people involved – a “personal” section, engagements, weddings, obituaries, lists of estates for which probate has been granted, lists of shearing contractors, and reports from the various district meetings. As well, it has good information, in the advertisements, about many of the properties.

Example entry:

Mrs. Mary Anna McManus, who died at Toowoomba recently in her 90th year, was one of the earliest settlers in the Roma district. She was a daughter of the late Mr. Stephen Spencer, who purchased Mount Abundance in 1857, and in the following year travelled by road with his family and 1000 head of cattle and 60 horses from Barraba, N.S.W. The journey of 400 miles took four months. Mrs. McManus lived at Mount Abundance (then known as Bungeworgorai) until 1873, when her father purchased Armadilla, near Morven. Shortly after her father’s death in 1890 she married the late J. C. McManus, who was the original holder of Tyrconnel Downs, near Mungalla, and who at one time managed Thylungra. After her husband’s death, Mrs. McManus lived for some years at Mitchell, and later went to Toowoomba.
[September 16, 1933]