Find your ancestors in Aliens Registered in the Northern Territory 1916–1921


Do you have ancestry that settled in or may have passed through the Northern Territory?

This is an index of Aliens registered in the Northern Territory and not only contains people who eventually settled in the Northern Territory, but also those who transferred to other places. In some cases there is a date of death, or a notation that the person “returned”. It's a terrific genealoigy tool for anyone exploring their family history or building their family tree.

Examples of entries:
• Ah King registered at Darwin on the Montoro - China on 12 June 1919, Remarks E13-06-1919
• Julius Nicholas registered at Darwin, transferred to Brisbane, Nationality Spanish Remarks 15-04-1920
• John Nicolen registered at Darwin transferred to Brisbane – Montoro – 05-09-1918 Russian Remarks 12-10-1919
• Peter Frederick Nielson Registered at Vesteys (it was a Meatworks in Darwin also owned cattle stations), transferred to Sydney Montoro 11-04-1920 Danish Remarks 16-04-1920
• Louis Della Pona Registered at Marble Bar 21-05-1915 – Italian
• Simonidon Poulkhirca – transferred to Sydney – To/From St.Albans l9-02-1920, Greek, Remarks 20-02-1920

Agency controlling:

Police Branch CA 1112 Police Inspector’s Office 1 Jan 1916 – 31 Dec 1921 CA 2660 N.T Dept of Chief Minister 1 July 1978 CA 8618 Dept. of Transport & Regional Services, Central Office 21 October, 1998 CA 8933 Dept of Immigration and Multi-Cultural & Indigenous Affairs, N.T Office. 26 November, 2001

"What information can I find in this index?"

• Registered number
• First name
• Last name
• Registered at (location)
• Transferred to or from
• Date of registration
• Remarks, (mainly nationality) include “AE” (which possibly means Alien Entry into the Northern Territory jurisdiction)

Some entries have additional information such as date/place of death. Researchers are advised that to avoid likely errors in the spelling of foreign names, this transcribed listing in alphabetical order needs to be checked with the handwritten Register listing.

Data provided by Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory Inc.