Find your ancestors in Queensland Immigration Registers 1922-1940

What can these records tell me?

Each record includes a transcript. The amount of information listed varies, Queensland Immigration Registers 1922-1940 records usually include the following information:
  • Name of passenger
  • Age
  • Birth year
  • Year of arrival
  • Date of arrival
  • Ship name
  • Ship number
  • State and country

Discover more about Queensland Immigration Registers 1922-1940

This index was compiled from the Registers of Passenger Lists of Immigrant Ships 1922-1940. These records were created and used by the immigration department of the Australian state of Queensland.

The Queensland Immigration Registers 1922-1940 provide an index to volumes of passenger lists of immigrant ships that were bound for Queensland. Every passenger list contained the ship’s name and number, as well as its date of departure and arrival.

Passengers were listed by what type of migrant they were – for instance, whether they were agricultural settlers, civilian nominees, or belonged to a different category. Other details listed included the passenger’s name, age, sex, marital status, occupation, nationality, religion and whether or not they were juveniles or infants.

Interestingly, the remarks or comments column often contains the name of a contact or nominator in Queensland who was sponsoring their passage, as well as passage loan amounts.

Note that some passengers are recorded as having “Arrived by train”, which means that they disembarked at Sydney and came to Queensland by train.

Another thing to note is that references to “Canon Garland’s boys” refer to a man who encouraged many young men to immigrate when he was an immigration officer for the Church of England.

Remember to check all possible spelling variations, and keep in mind that all first names are abbreviated as they appeared in the original records.

Ordering copies of the original documents

This index was sourced from Queensland State Archives; to learn more about how to use the index to order copies of the original documents follow the link to the archive in Useful Links & Resources. To order, you must complete an index order form on the archive’s site. Note that charges apply for these copies.

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