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HMS Buffalo was a store ship of the Royal Navy built in India in 1813 as the merchant vessel Hindostan. On completion of her maiden voyage she was purchased by the Royal Navy in October 1813. She also served as a convict ship to Australia in 1833.

Following service the vessel was paid off in 1835 but re-commissioned in mid-1836. Buffalo sailed from Portsmouth on 23 July 1836, arriving in South Australian waters in December of that year, carrying 176 colonists, including Captain John Hindmarsh, who was to become the first Governor of the new colony with the proclamation on 28 December 1836. As a tribute, a replica of the Buffalo is moored in the Patawalonga River at Glenelg. A fine model is also mounted atop the Pioneer Memorial in Moseley Square, Glenelg.

Although the nominal captain was James Wood during the 1836 voyage, Hindmarsh was in overall command. Wood resumed command and would remain her captain until her loss in Mercury Bay NZ on 28 July 1840.

Voyage 1836
Departed Spithead 11 Jul 1836
Arrived present day Pt Lincoln 24 Dec 1836 then Glenelg 28 Dec 1836

Cabin passengers Nos 1-36
Passengers embarked St Helens 22 Jul 1836 Nos 170-173
Additional passengers listed by Opie (see below) Nos 174-181

Other sources
SA Observer 1 Jan 1887
Purser’s accounts [SA State Records A538/B8] - crew list
Colonial Office report by Hindmarsh [The National Archives (England) CO3/4 pp135/45]
EAD Opie; South Australian records prior to 1841, 1917

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Data provided by Graham Jaunay.