Find your ancestors in The Parish Register Society of Dublin, The Registers of St. Patrick, Dublin, 1677-1800, 1907

Published by the Parish Register Society of Dublin in 1907, the Register of St. Patrick's, Dublin, comprises the baptisms, marriages and burials in the Collegiate and Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, from 1642 to 1703. The Parish Register Society of Dublin was formed in 1905 with the aim of publishing early Church of Ireland parish records. After merging with the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, in 1915, the Parish Register Society continued to publish registers in the Association's journal until 1934.

St. Patrick's became a Cathedral Church in 1219 and the ground occupied by the church was continually growing owing to the increasing need for space for burials. The list of people buried there is an impressive one. It includes Jonathan Swift, at least fourteen Archbishops of Dublin, ten other Archbishops and bishops, three Lord Chancellors, Lord Deputy Skeffington, as well as numerous other great legal and political officials. The majority of the records here are burial records as the area was a poor one and never held as many baptisms or marriages. It is also worth pointing out the Cathedral also catered for the French Huguenot Congregation in Dublin, who worshiped in the Lady Chapel and were buried in the French Churchyard.