Find your ancestors in Guy's Limerick Directory, 1912

There are over 4,500 names in this record set, which includes both transcripts and images of the original directory. While the amount of available information varies, most transcripts include the following:

  • First name(s)
  • Last name
  • Year
  • Town
  • County

Images often include additional information, such as your ancestor’s occupation, society and club membership, and residence.

Discover more about these records

Published in 1912, Guy's Limerick Directory is an essential resource for researching early 20th Century Limerick. Not only does it have a comprehensive business listing but also includes a postal directory for the city and suburbs. Like many other directories it also includes details of public bodies, educational and religious institutions, listings of all the fairs for the province of Munster, and uniquely a comprehensive listing of the Postal and Telegraph services in Ireland.

Supplementing the business listing, the directory is liberally sprinkled with advertisements, providing further information on the local businesses. There is also information regarding currency exchange rates, income and property taxes, and land duties.


These records were sourced from Eneclann.