Find your ancestors in Pigot & Co., City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory (1824)

This book was Pigot's much-expanded second edition (the previous version dated 1820) and constitutes the first comprehensive commercial directory of Ireland ever published. It includes over 220 urban centres throughout the island, and 58,203 names. It is organised by all four provinces, and has a detailed introduction to each. Entries are then by town, and it lists all the principal office holders, gentry, professionals, tradesmen, hotels, schools, public institutions, churches, and even pubs for the broad district around that town.

All personal and place names in these publications are searchable. Search results give an individuals name and the town or postal district they were recorded for. This is linked to a scan of the original page of the publication that usually contains more precise address information and occupations.

Search tip: places are grouped together into districts named after the main town. When searching this data users should be aware of this, and always look at the image to see the specific address of the individual.