Find your ancestors in Archdiocese of Philadelphia sacramental registers parish list


ParishYear from Year to Number of records
All Saints Chapel (Philadelphia General Hospital)177519227199
All Saints Parish186119213328
Annunciation B.V.M.1833192314829
Ascension of Our Lord188119226058
Assumption B.V.M.1849192212017
Assumption B.V.M., West Grove187219211571
Blessed Virgin Mary, Darby19131921442
Cathedral of Ss Peter & Paul1847192224506
Church of the Gesu1856191810806
Corpus Christi190719221221
Epiphany of Our Lord188719219669
Holy Angels19001923750
Holy Child19101922742
Holy Cross189019221895
Holy Family188519212638
Holy Name of Jesus190219222057
Holy Saviour, Linwood19151921285
Holy Saviour, Norristown190019225226
Holy Spirit, Sharon Hill18981921747
Holy Trinity1790192210299
Holy Trinity, Morrisville19001922594
Holy Trinity, Phoenixville19021921853
Holy Trinity, Pottstown190119221361
Immaculate Conception (Front & Allen)1869192310475
Immaculate Conception (Germantown)189819223995
Immaculate Conception, Jenkintown186419213433
Immaculate Heart of Mary (Chester)187319216872
Incarnation of Our Lord190119221214
Mater Dolorosa190819211620
Maternity B.V.M.18691921963
Most Blessed Sacrament190119224319
Most Precious Blood of Our Lord189419222861
Nativity B.V.M.1882192211362
Old St Joseph1758192133331
Old St Mary1831192110595
Our Lady Help of Christians188519213409
Our Lady of Angels190819222177
Our Lady of Consolation19011922539
Our Lady of Consolation, Parkesburg19021921292
Our Lady of Good Counsel1896192342146
Our Lady of Grace, Penndel19081922242
Our Lady of Lourdes189419211075
Our Lady of Mercy188919225984
Our Lady of Mount Carmel189619224743
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Doylestown185019222037
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Morton18871921363
Our Lady of Pompeii19141921865
Our Lady of the Assumption, Strafford19031922915
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament19071923727
Our Lady of the Holy Souls19101922987
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Chapel19091922274
Our Lady of the Rosary188619225970
Our Lady of the Rosary (Germantown)189719212729
Our Lady of the Rosary, Coatesville19101921451
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Hilltown1919192227
Our Lady of Victory188919224858
Our Mother of Consolation (Chestnut Hill)184519223289
Our Mother of Good Counsel (Bryn Mawr)189219211780
Our Mother of Mercy Chapel1918192131
Our Mother of Sorrows1854192215748
Presentation B.V.M. (Cheltenham)18711921997
Resurrection of Our Lord (Chester)19111921715
Sacred Heart (Hungarian)19131922799
Sacred Heart of Jesus1632192114848
Sacred Heart, Clifton Heights19101921394
Sacred Heart, Oxford1915192122
Sacred Heart, Phoenixville189719221547
Sacred Heart, Swedesburg190419211051
Seven Dolors, Wyndmoor1916192199
Ss Cosmas & Damian, Conshohocken19121921697
St Adalbert190419228530
St Agatha1865192211682
St Agnes190719221623
St Agnes, Sellersville1919192255
St Agnes, West Chester185119224488
St Aloysius189419221248
St Aloysius, Pottstown184619223149
St Alphonsus182219218515
St Anastasia, Newtown Square1915192151
St Andrew, Drexel Hill1916192171
St Andrew, Newtown18821921820
St Ann (Bristol)190519212341
St Ann, Phoenixville19071921402
St Anne1846192130492
St Anthony of Padua188619229670
St Anthony of Padua (Ambler)188619211245
St Anthony of Padua (Chester)190319222178
St Augustine1801192123599
St Augustine (Bridgeport)189219222100
St Barnabas19191922311
St Bartholomew19191923107
St Bonaventure186219214625
St Boniface1866192117634
St Bridget185519225771
St Carthage19081921809
St Casimir181219226981
St Catherine of Siena19141921160
St Cecilia19111922174
St Cecilia, Coatesville185719213291
St Charles Borromeo1869192215783
St Charles Borromeo Oakview (Drexel Hill)185419213935
St Charles Borromeo, Bensalem (Cornwells Heights)18671921721
St Clement186419226448
St Colman (Ardmore)19071921691
St Columba189519228475
St David, Willow Grove1919192164
St Denis, Havertown (Merwood)184419211955
St Dominic184919222694
St Donato191019222474
St Edmond191219213172
St Edward the Confessor1844192112210
St Eleanor, Collegeville1911192290
St Elizabeth1873192216020
St Francis de Sales189019213690
St Francis de Sales, Lenni18941922626
St Francis Xavier1821192222068
St Gabriel189419237198
St Gabriel, Norwood19141921115
St George190319212098
St Gertrude, West Conshohocken188419211389
St Gregory187419224490
St Hedwig190719212859
St Hedwig (Chester)190219223133
St Helena (Center Square)1919192118
St Henry19161921416
St Ignatius of Antioch, Yardley1920192136
St Ignatius of Loyola189319211245
St Isidore, Quakertown18941921453
St James the Greater1854192112572
St Joachim184719229311
St Joan of Arc19191921160
St John Cantius189219229177
St John Nepomucene190419221242
St John the Baptist1831192110134
St John the Baptist, Haycock Run180319213312
St John the Evangelist1830192118261
St Josaphat189819224245
St Joseph (Ambler)19201922102
St Joseph, Collingdale19121921136
St Joseph, Downingtown185319222550
St Joseph, Spring City1919192237
St Katharine of Siena, Wayne189319221021
St Ladislaus189119222885
St Laurence, Highland Park19171921117
St Laurentius1853192212345
St Leo180419213446
St Lucy189819221360
St Ludwig189119213079
St Luke the Evangelist, Glenside19051921826
St Madeline, Ridley Park19091921340
St Malachy1850192113455
St Margaret Mary Alacoque, Essington1921192111
St Margaret, Narberth19011921400
St Mark (Bristol)185419224971
St Martin of Tours, New Hope18801921375
St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi1853192126367
St Mary of the Assumption184919215808
St Mary of the Assumption, Phoenxville184019227252
St Mary of the Eternal191019222137
St Mary, Conshohocken189519211874
St Matthew, Conshohocken185119217318
St Matthias (Bala-Cynwyd)19061921244
St Michael1844192229162
St Michael (Chester)184519217955
St Monica189119226265
St Monica (Berwyn)18971922625
St Nicholas of Tolentine191019226549
St Patrick1830192226798
St Patrick, Kennett Square18931922540
St Patrick, Malvern19151922209
St Patrick, Norristown183919229879
St Paul1843192325295
St Paul (Later Most Blessed Sacrament)17871799545
St Peter Claver188719212091
St Peter the Apostle1843192140500
St Philip Neri1841192124890
St Philip Neri, East Greenville1919192149
St Philomena, Lansdowne18981921921
St Raphael19051922996
St Rita of Cascia1907192112715
St Rosa of Lima1921192226
St Rose of Lima, Eddystone189119221276
St Rose of Lima, North Wales1919192120
St Stanislaus1891192211231
St Stanislaus Kostka, Coatesville190719211334
St Stanislaus, Landsdale19081921607
St Stephen184419229739
St Teresa of Avila1838192212961
St Teresa of Avila, Valley Forge19001921231
St Thomas Aquinas1864192214336
St Thomas of Villanova, Villanova184819222557
St Thomas the Apostle (Chester Heights)180919212595
St Veronica187919236839
St Vincent de Paul1851192213920
St William1898192228
St. Francis of Assisi189919222715
Transfiguration of Our Lord190519223084
Visitation B.V.M.1873192214410


ParishFrom yearTo year
All Saints Chapel (Philadelphia General Hospital)18781917
All Saints Parish18611917
Annunciation B.V.M.18531917
Ascension of our Lord18991917
Assumption B.V.M.18491917
Assumption B.V.M., West Grove18731917
Blessed Virgin Mary, Darby19131917
Cathedral of SS Peter & Paul18471917
Church of the Gesu18291917
Corpus Christi19101917
Epiphany of Our Lord18181917
Holy Angels19001917
Holy Child19101917
Holy Cross18911917
Holy Family18851917
Holy Name of Jesus18191917
Holy Saviour, Linwood19151917
Holy Saviour, Norristown19061917
Holy Spirit, Sharon Hill19001917
Holy Trinity18061917
Holy Trinity, Morrisville19021917
Holy Trinity, Phoenixville19031917
Holy Trinity, Pottstown19051917
Immaculate Conception (Front & Allen)18101917
Immaculate Conception (Germantown)19021917
Immaculate Conception, Jenkintown18651917
Immaculate Heart of Mary (Chester)18851917
Incarnation of Our Lord19011917
Mater Dolorosa19081917
Maternity B.V.M.18691917
Most Blessed Sacrament19021917
Most Precious Blood of Our Lord19081917
Nativity B.V.M.18331917
Old St Joseph17581917
Old St Mary18291917
Our Lady Help of Christians18851917
Our Lady of Angels19081917
Our Lady of Consolation19171917
Our Lady of Consolation, Parkesburg19001917
Our Lady of Good Counsel18111917
Our Lady of Grace, Penndel19081917
Our Lady of Lourdes18941917
Our Lady of Mercy18741917
Our Lady of Mount Carmel18961917
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Doylestown18501917
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Morton19081917
Our Lady of Pompeii19141917
Our Lady of the Assumption, Strafford19121917
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament19071917
Our Lady of the Holy Souls19041917
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Chapel19091917
Our Lady of the Rosary18861917
Our Lady of the Rosary (Germantown)18121917
Our Lady of the Rosary, Coatesville19161917
Our Lady of Victory19001917
Our Mother of Consolation (Chestnut Hill)18561917
Our Mother of Good Counsel (Bryn Mawr)18921917
Our Mother of Sorrows18101917
Presentation B.V.M. (Cheltenham)18721917
Resurrection of our Lord (Chester)19111917
Sacred Heart (Hungarian)19101917
Sacred Heart of Jesus17911917
Sacred Heart, Clifton Heights19101917
Sacred Heart, Oxford19161916
Sacred Heart, Phoenixville18871917
Sacred Heart, Swedesburg19071917
Seven Dolors, Wyndmoor19161917
SS Cosmas & Damian, Conshohocken19121917
St Adalbert19061914
St Agatha18001917
St Agnes19081917
St Agnes, West Chester18511917
St Aloysius18181917
St Aloysius, Pottstown18501916
St Alphonsus18181917
St Anastasia, Newtown Square19161917
St Andrew, Drexel Hill19161917
St Andrew, Newtown18801917
St Ann (Bristol)19061917
St Ann, Phoenixville19071917
St Anne18461917
St Anthony of Padua18191917
St Anthony of Padua (Ambler)18861917
St Anthony of Padua (Chester)19111917
St Augustine18011917
St Augustine (Bridgeport)18211917
St Bonaventure18441917
St Boniface18161917
St Bridget18121917
St Carthage18731917
St Casimir18041917
St Catherine of Siena19151917
St Cecilia19121917
St Cecilia, Coatesville18561917
St Charles Borromeo18181917
St Charles Borromeo Oakview (Drexel Hill)18541917
St Charles Borromeo, Bensalem (Cornwells Heights)19051917
St Clement18961917
St Colman (Ardmore)19071917
St Columba18951917
St Denis, Havertown (Merwood)18441917
St Dominic18491917
St Donato19101917
St Edmond19121917
St Edward the Confessor18361917
St Eleanor, Collegeville19121917
St Elizabeth18741917
St Francis de Sales18911917
St Francis de Sales, Lenni18941917
St Francis Xavier18081917
St Gabriel18951917
St Gabriel, Norwood19141917
St George19031917
St Gertrude, West Conshohocken18891917
St Gregory18081917
St Hedwig19001917
St Hedwig (Chester)19171917
St Henry19171917
St Ignatius of Loyola18941917
St Isidore, Quakertown19081917
St James the Greater18531917
St Joachim18141917
St John Cantius18921917
St John Nepomucene19041917
St John the Baptist18311917
St John the Baptist, Haycock Run18031917
St John the Evangelist18321914
St Josaphat19131917
St Joseph, Collingdale19161917
St Joseph, Downingtown18531917
St Katharine of Siena, Wayne18931917
St Ladislaus19061917
St Laurence, Highland Park19171917
St Laurentius18821917
St Leo18601917
St Lucy19051917
St Ludwig18911917
St Luke the Evangelist, Glenside19061917
St Madeline, Ridley Park19091917
St Malachy18501917
St Margaret, Narberth19011917
St Mark (Bristol)18131917
St Martin of Tours, New Hope18851917
St Mary Magdalen De Pazzi18081917
St Mary of the Assumption18431917
St Mary of the Assumption, Phoenxville18621917
St Mary of the Eternal19101917
St Mary, Conshohocken19061917
St Matthew, Conshohocken18511917
St Matthias (Bala-Cynwyd)19061917
St Michael18181917
St Michael (Chester)18151917
St Monica18901917
St Monica (Berwyn)18971917
St Nicholas of Tolentine19121917
St Patrick18081917
St Patrick, Kennett Square18931917
St Patrick, Malvern19151917
St Patrick, Norristown18391917
St Paul18401917
St Paul (later Most Blessed Sacrament)17871819
St Peter Claver18141917
St Peter the Apostle18431917
St Philip Neri18411917
St Philomena, Lansdowne18981917
St Raphael19051917
St Rita of Cascia19021917
St Rose of Lima, Eddystone18911917
St Stanislaus18911917
St Stanislaus Kostka, Coatesville19071917
St Stanislaus, Landsdale19081917
St Stephen18431917
St Teresa of Avila18211917
St Thomas Aquinas18171917
St Thomas of Villanova, Villanova18541917
St Thomas the Apostle (Chester Heights)18051917
St Veronica18791917
St Vincent de Paul18081917
St. Francis of Assisi19001917
Transfiguration of Our Lord19051917
Visitation B.V.M.18201917