Find your ancestors in Montana County Marriages 1865-1950

Discover new details about your ancestors who were married in the state of Montana, in the northwest region of the United States. Learn their exact date of marriage, their previous marital status, and their parents’ names, essential details for expanding your family history research.

What can these records tell me?

There are more than 670,000 records in this collection documenting marriages in the state of Montana for over 85 years. While the information for each marriage varies, Montana county marriages 1865-1950 usually includes:

  • First and last name
  • Age
  • Birth place
  • Marriage year
  • Marriage date
  • Marriage place
  • Father’s first and last name
  • Mother’s first and last name
  • Spouse’s first and last name
  • Spouse’s age
  • Spouse’s birth place
  • Spouse’s father’s first and last name
  • Spouse’s mother’s first and last name

  • Discover more about Montana county marriages 1865-1950

    These records date back to the middle of the 19th century, before Montana became the 41st state in 1889 and continue up until the middle of the 20th century. While the state of Montana has never had statewide registration of marriages, individual counties have generally recorded this information since their formation, with the earliest seven counties being incorporated with the Montana Territory in 1864.

    Explore these marriage records and uncover new details about the joining of your ancestral families that occurred in Montana. These records provide many of the essential details you need to fill in your family history and continue your genealogical research.

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